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January 2013




Welcome to IASO's January Newsletter. We are pleased to share our latest news with you and our first projects for 2013, please see our highlights below:     


  • New 2013 events programme;          
  • Updates on data in Burundi, Gabon, Poland and Zambia available from our Obesity Data Portal;    
  • IOTF launches project to monitor food environments;
  • Preventing obesity in kindergarten children: symposium at ISBNPA; 
  • Alcohol policy: a small amount may not be cardio-protective for overweight people;
  • Download the latest papers from our leading journals; 
  • Latest articles of Obesity in the News;
  • Member Association News.  


2013 will be another busy year for the IASO events team. We are delighted to announce that we will be holding two Hot Topic Conferences, the first, entitled, 'Obesity, Physical Activity and Cancer' will be held in London from 16th - 17th April. The second will be held in Boston and is entitled, 'Obesity and Pregnancy'. Details on how to register for each of these conferences will be released later this month.


IASO will once again be holding two Stock Conferences in 2013. The aim of these meetings is to bring together a small group of specialists, including a number of junior researchers, to discuss a focused obesity-related topic. The first, entitled, 'Functional body composition and related aspects in research on obesity and cachexia' will be held in Germany in September. The second, entitled, 'Metabolically Healthy and Unhealthy Obese' will be held in the Dominican Republic in October. Details on how to register for both conferences will be available on the IASO website in February.


Details of the SCOPE Summer School will also be released over the coming weeks.


As well as our extensive events programme in 2013, the events team will be busy working on ICO (International Congress on Obesity) which is being held in Kuala Lumpur from 17th - 20th March 2014.


For more information on any of our events please contact the events team - events@iaso.org.


Obesity Data Portal 

This month we have updates on data in Burundi, Gabon, Poland and Zambia. To view updates and explore the other resources that are now available please visit our obesity data portal page.

Member request for data analysis this month focuses on overweight and obesity in young African women aged 15-24 years.

The chart presents % overweight BMI (25-29.9 kg/m�) and obesity (BMI ≥30 kg/m�) in countries with appropriate available data in the African region. The countries are selected on the appropriateness and availability of the data. View the chart directly here

IOTF launches project to monitor food environments


IASO's policy think-tank, the International Obesity TaskForce (IOTF), has launched a collaborative project to identify and monitor indicators for obesogenic food environments. The project is designed to support the World Health Organization's development of targets and indicators for non-communicable diseases.


Titled INFORMAS (International Network for Food and Obesity/NCD Research, Monitoring and Action Support) the project is being coordinated by IOTF co-chairman Professor Boyd Swinburn and colleagues at Deakin University, Melbourne. Individual modules are led by separate research teams internationally, addressing topics which include food marketing, food pricing, food composition, menu labelling, food trade and investment, public food services, government food policies, and food and beverage companies' food policies.


More details from Tim Lobstein (tlobstein@iaso.org) or Gary Sacks (gary.sacks@deakin.edu.au).

Preventing obesity in kindergarten children: symposium at ISBNPA

The European Union-funded ToyBox project will be hosting a symposium on interventions to prevent overweight and obesity in younger children at the forthcoming 23rd annual meeting of the International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA). The symposium is being coordinated by IASO, one of the partners in the ToyBox project consortium. The ISBNPA meeting will be held in Ghent, Belgium, from 22nd - 25th May, 2013. Further details of the ISBNPA meeting are available here. Further details of the ToyBox project are available here. For details of the symposium, contact Tim Lobstein (tlobstein@iaso.org).


A second symposium to disseminate the latest results from the ToyBox intervention will be held at the
IUNS 20th International Congress on Nutrition, Granada, Spain, from 15th - 20th September 2013.

Alcohol policy: a small amount may not be cardio-protective for overweight people   

Research by IASO's Tim Lobstein and Curtin University's Mike Daube has raised questions about the common assumption that a small amount of alcohol can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Writing in the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, the authors present data from the Framingham study suggesting that overweight people may not show the traditional 'J-shaped' curve linking alcohol to heart disease risk. They note that most studies showing the J-shaped curve were undertaken at times when population mean BMIs were lower, and that current populations with higher average BMIs may not show the same evidence for beneficial effects from alcohol, and that the concept of 'responsible drinking' should not be part of government health policy. For a copy of the article, contact Tim Lobstein (tlobstein@iaso.org).


Clinical Obesity...


A message from Professor Nick Finer, Editor-in-Chief...

 Clinical Obesity Journal

Clinical Obesity is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality translational and clinical research papers and reviews focussing on obesity and it's co-morbidities. We would like to welcome you to submit your best work to Clinical Obesity.  


Clinical Obesity is now only available via a subscription; don't lose your access, ask your Librarian to subscribe now!


Obesity Reviews... 


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...

Happy New Year to everyone from the Editorial Board of Obesity Reviews. We start the new year with an excitin
g new initiative. We publish the first, in what I hope will be a regular series, of side by side invited Pro versus Con manuscripts on a specific controversial topic. The first papers in this series focus on the important possibility that "food may be addictive". Nora Volkow and colleagues of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at NIH provide the evidence for this proposal in identifying the major neurobiological overlaps in the responses to food and addictive drugs. The counter argument is presented by Paul Fletcher and H Ziauddeen from the University of Cambridge who argue that there is as yet insufficient evidence for this concept in humans but suggest research directions that will provide more insight. I would welcome suggestions for future Pro v Con articles from readers. There are 4 additional reviews in the January edition. The first two focus on Obesity Prevention and Treatment. Shiriki Kumanyika and colleagues present a systematic review of family-focused interventions in African-American girls for the prevention and treatment of obesity; the second (Brzozowska et al), reviews the impact of bariatric surgery on bone health and considers the potential mechanisms involved in the bone loss that frequently occurs while giving considerable insight into the complex interrelationships between obesity, fat mass and bone homeostasis. The fifth manuscript is a review of the differing national guidelines for gestational weight gain despite the recognition of the adverse effects of both high and low gestational weight gains. The final manuscript (Cameron et al) is another systematic review that provides insight into the benefits of including both waist and hip circumferences in assessing the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mortality. Also remember to go to the website www.obesityreviews.net to see manuscripts in press and the virtual supplements.

Submit your paper to Obesity Reviews today...




Pediatric Obesity...


A message from Professor Michael Goran, Editor-in-Chief...


In the current issue of Pediatric Obesity we have 10 new articles including a review on the potential role of fatty liver in pediatric metabolic syndrome (see here). There is also a few papers of note including a study showing that Hispanics and blacks in the US have different trajectories to childhood obesity (see here) and a study showing increasing association between NPY promoter polymorphism and obesity during the course of development (see here).  


Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the Journal in 2012 including our authors, reviewers, Associate Editors and staff at IASO and Wiley. Thanks to everyone for a great year! 


In the Spring of 2013 we will be launching a special issue on Dietary Sugars and Childhood Obesity and will be releasing this to coincide with the European Association for the Study of Obesity congress which will be in May 2013.   


Submit your paper to Pediatric Obesity today... 




International Journal of Obesity...


IJO Cover

The International Journal of Obesity (IJO) provides a multi-disciplinary forum for basic, clinical and applied studies focusing on obesity and related disorders, including a quarterly pediatric highlights issue.  


Author benefits at a glance include:

* Quick and easy online submission

* Online supplementary material allows you to add greater depth to your article

* Fast editorial turnaround

* Advance Online Publication within 25 days of acceptance

* Open Access option: You now have the option to make your article freely available immediately  

upon publication.

* Increased article visibility through inclusion in the Table of Contents e-alert received by

over 55,000 recipients, selected press releases, and promotion alongside related content from

other NPG journals.

* Inclusion in the leading abstracting and indexing services.


Submit your paper to IJO today...   


Obesity in the News 

Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


US: Physical activity requirements at Universities at all-time low (January 7th, 2013)

A study by Brad Cardinal, Professor at Oregon State University found that physical activity requirements during four year courses are at an all-time low. In the 1920's 97% of these courses required students to undertake physical activities, however today that has dropped to 37%.       


Animal study discovers relationship between a protein activity and fat accumulation (January 6th, 2013)

Researchers found that inhibition of the protein TRIP-Br2 stops fat accumulation and related negative co-morbidities. Researchers found the removal of this protein prevented mice gaining weight regardless of diet. Mice with the protein TRIP-Br2 fed on an identical diet gained weight, became insulin resistant, developed type II diabetes and had raised cholesterol when fed the high fat diet.      


UK: Labour propose tough new limits on processed food (January 5th, 2013)   

'Labour has urged the government to consider introducing legal limits on sugar, salt and fat content in food.'


Click headlines to read the full story.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/resources/obesity-news/

Member Association News
aiaaro logo
The All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity (AIAARO) will be holding their 8th Annual National Conference in Pune, India, from 9th - 10th February 2013. This conference offers a great platform and a unique opportunity to meet health professionals and experts from various fields, share your knowledge and experiences and learn and update yourself with the latest trends in treatment and management of obesity. For more information please visit the AIAARO conference website here.  


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