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July 2012



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Welcome to IASO's July Newsletter. We are pleased to share our latest news with you, please see our highlights below:   


  • Obesity and Mental Health Conference exceeds expectations;  
  • NEW Scope School in India;   
  • New 'Resources' tool;
  • SCOPE Podcasts;    
  • Dr Matt Sabin joins the Clinical Obesity team as Deputy Editor;
  • Outstanding Impact Factors for our journals;  
  • IOTF definitions of child obesity;   
  • Europe - Immigrant families suffer high risk of child obesity;  
  • Latest articles of Obesity in the News; 
  • World Cancer Research Fund International Grant Applications.   
IASO Events 

IASO and the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) presented their first joint event, a Hot Topic Conference on Obesity and Mental Health. The conference was a great success held over 3 days from 26th June which attracted over 160 delegates from 10 different countries. IASO would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us in Toronto.    


View the Speaker Presentations 



  (L-R, Chris Trimmer, Executive Director, IASO, Dr Arya Sharma, Scientific Director, Canadian Obesity Network, Professor Nick Finer, Chair, Education and Management Task Force, IASO) 


Coming up next for IASO is our Scope School Cambridge which is taking place from Friday 31st August - Sunday 2nd September. The 2012 Scope Schools will educate Healthcare Professionals in the management of patients suffering with obesity and associated comorbidities. The programme features essential information on very low calorie diets, measures to maintain weight loss, bariatric surgery, pregnancy and how to manage weight loss before and after, obesity in children and strategies to motivate patients will also be addressed.


Places are currently still available but they are limited so if you wish to register please do so before the closing date on 10th August. Please view the programme and download the registration form here.   


IASO are delighted to announce the launch of our Scope School India! The provisional programme will be launched on the IASO website in the coming weeks. The event is being held at the Hilton Janak Puri, Delhi from 22nd - 24th November 2012. We hope you can join us in India! 


Applications are still being accepted for our 10th and 11th Stock Conferences. To apply, please send us your CV and application form, which can be found here.  


For further information on all IASO events, please visit our website - http://www.iaso.org/events/ 


New 'Resources' tool

For those of you that missed it last month please visit our new resources pages. Our aim is to make this portal as useful and interactive as possible and researchers wishing to submit data for publication can do so this within the portal. Recent additions to the portal include an updated table on Global Obesity prevalence and a new map of Global Obesity prevalence outlining the top 5 from each WHO Region.  


Please visit our new 'Resources' page - http://www.iaso.org/resources/ 


SCOPE e-learning


SCOPE video podcast available!


SCOPE has launched a new online learning product - SCOPE Podcasts are a series of short, informative, expert presentations perfect for health professionals on the go.


Join Dr Alain Golay for the first podcast in our series as he explores how to facilitate behavior change in your obese patients. In just a few minutes you'll learn to improve weight loss outcomes in your patients and establish more effective patient-practitioner relationships.




Clinical Obesity...



IASO are delighted to announce that Dr Matt Sabin has joined the Clinical Obesity team as Deputy Editor. As a consultant in Paediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne Dr Sabin brings a wealth of experience to the team. Dr Sabin will work alongside our Editor-in-Chief Prof Nick Finer to solicit the submission of high quality contributions to the journal and manage the reviewing process. IASO would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dr Sabin to this new and exciting role. 


Submit your paper to Clinical Obesity today! 





Obesity Reviews Volume 13 Issue 7...


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...



Great news on the 2011 Impact Factor which increased to 7.038 from 5.862 the previous year. We remain the top journal in Obesity.


In the July issue of Obesity Reviews there are 6 reviews in the areas of Etiology and Pathophysiology, Obesity Prevention, Obesity Comorbidity and Public Health. The first manuscript (Klingenberg et al) confronts the observational evidence that short sleep duration is associated with weight gain. These authors were unable to identify any clear relationship between sleep duration and multiple aspects of energy expenditure at least in the short term. The second paper (Strasser et al) considers the relationship between resistance training, visceral fat and the inflammatory response while Soares et al review the mechanisms through which calcium and vitamin D might regulate body weight highlighting effects on fatty caid oxidation and insulin sensitivity respectively. This is followed by a review of Consumer responses to the recommendations for healthy eating, physical activity and weight regulation (Boylan et al) and highlights the consumers difficulty in understanding these guidelines. Cohen and Bhatia review the rationale for developing nutritional performance standards for away from home foods in light of the association between frequency of consumption of such foods and obesity and its associated comorbidities. The final review (Butterworth et al) is a systematic review of the association between BMI and musculoskeletal foot disorders highlighting the association with non specific foot pain as well as specific chronic plantar heel pain. This edition of Obesity Reviews also includes 24 abstracts from the 9th Metabolic Syndrome Symposium held in April in Turkey.

Again let me remind readers to view the virtual supplements available on the Wiley website - www.obesityreviews.net including new ones on outcomes of bariatric surgery and Childhood obesity.


Obesity Reviews July 2012 Issue 





 Pediatric Obesity...



The 2011 Impact Factor for Pediatric Obesity has also increased from 2.654 to 2.986. IASO are delighted to share this news with you and would like to thank all of our Editor-in-Chiefs, editorial boards and publishers for their hard work in achieving such outstanding results across the board.  


View the latest issue of Pediatric Obesity...    


Submit your paper today to Pediatric Obesity... 






International Journal of Obesity...


IJO CoverThe International Journal of Obesity (IJO) provides a multi-disciplinary forum for basic, clinical and applied studies focusing on obesity and related disorders, including a quarterly pediatric highlights issue.  


Impact Factor: 5.125


Official Journal of IASO 


Editors: Richard Atkinson and Ian McDonald 


Author benefits at a glance include:

* Quick and easy online submission

* Online supplementary material allows you to add greater depth to your article

* Fast editorial turnaround

* Advance Online Publication within 25 days of acceptance

* Open Access option: You now have the option to make your article freely available immediately  

upon publication.

* Increased article visibility through inclusion in the Table of Contents e-alert received by

over 55,000 recipients, selected press releases, and promotion alongside related content from

other NPG journals.

* Inclusion in the leading abstracting and indexing services.


Submit to IJO today and get your research the recognition it deserves.  


IOTF definitions of child obesity

An expanded set of cut-offs for defining child thinness and overweight based on the IOTF methodology (Cole et al BMJ 2000) have been published. The new tables give cut-offs for boys and girls aged 2 years to 18 years in one-month steps, for a range of BMI values equivalent to BMI 16, 17, 18.5, 23, 25, 27, 30 and 35 in adults.


The tables of cut-offs can be downloaded from the IASO website here


The paper describing the cut-offs was published online on 19th June 2012 in Pediatric Obesity, view the paper here. A reprint is also available by request from  tlobstein@iaso.org.  


Europe - Immigrant families suffer high risk of child obesity

Children in families with non-native ethnicity are more likely to become overweight and obese, according to the results of a survey in seven European countries published this week in the journal Pediatric Obesity.


The findings are based on a survey of seven countries, and over 1000 children in each country, as part of the EU-funded ENERGY Project.  IASO is a partner in the ENERGY Project.


While obesity levels are rising among children across Europe, the researchers found the levels are generally higher among children who have a non-native mother tongue, or whose parents who were born in another country.


'We have found several possible causes of the difference between native and non-native families,' said project leader Professor Johannes Brug, of the VU University Medical Center of Amsterdam. 'The consumption of soft drinks tends to be higher in children from non-native families, and regular meals such as breakfast may get skipped more often. The children also watch more television and participate in less sporting activity. However, they do walk or cycle to school more often.'


'Lower educational status is a risk factor for obesity in all communities, and is a contributory factor for these families,' he said. 'We should also recognise that the differences between native and non-native families are not consistent across Europe, and they are generally smaller than the differences between families in southern and northern Europe, showing that national factors may matter more than immigration status.'


Please view the paper here. A reprint is available on request from tlobstein@iaso.org.



% children overweight and obese

























Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


South Africa: Experts encourage Government to act against 'Big food' (July 3rd, 2012)

The experts highlight that 'Big Food' are large companies that are taking over the retail sector in South Africa. The authors state "We suggest that this action should include a combination of accelerated efforts to educate the public about the adverse consequences of consuming easily available but unhealthy foods and greater regulation of Big Food and the strategies it employs to increase the availability, affordability, and acceptability of foods associated with unhealthy diets."


BMJ asked to retract 'Atkins style diet' statement (July 2nd, 2012)  

The BMJ have been asked to retract the statement "Atkins-style" diet causes increased risk of cardiovascular disease among a specific female population in Sweden. The researchers in the study did not use the term 'Atkins style' nor did the diet used in the study resemble the Atkins diet.  


Wales: Ministers encourage families to move with the Olympics (July 2nd, 2012)

The anti-obesity campaign is using the Olympics to inspire families to get 'moving'. The campaign includes an activity book of ideas based on using everyday household objects to create games so should be accessible to everyone.


Click headlines to read the full story.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/resources/obesity-news/ 


Other News

The World Cancer Research Fund International Grant Applications


WCRF International is inviting applications for grants to fund research into the effects of food, nutrition, physical activity and body fatness on cancer.


Investigator Initiated Grants: A maximum of �250,000 for up to four years. Applications are accepted from anywhere in the world, except the Americas.


Regional Seed Grants: A maximum of �60,000 for up to two years. Applications are accepted from WCRF International member organization countries (France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and the UK), excluding the USA.  


Closing date for outline applications is 12th October 2012. 


For more information, see the Grant Application Package online: http://wcrf.org/apply



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