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June 2012



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Welcome to IASO's June Newsletter. We have had lot's of developments and exciting news to share with you, please see our highlights below:  


  • SCOPE School Kuala Lumpur is huge success;  
  • Registration is closing for our Obesity & Mental Health Conference;   
  • New 'Resources' tool;
  • New project staff coming to IASO; 
  • IASO-IOTF statement read out at World Health Assembly;   
  • Nordic Nutrition Conference debate on Obesity; 
  • Free access to key articles in Clinical Obesity; 
  • New articles published in Obesity Reviews and Pediatric Obesity;
  • SCOPE Fellows;
  • Latest articles of Obesity in the News; 
  • News from our Member Organisations.  
First SCOPE School in Kuala Lumpur 
Firstly IASO would like to say a huge thank you to all of those who attended the SCOPE School Kuala Lumpur half day on Saturday 2nd June. The session was a great success and we are so pleased to be bringing ICO to Malaysia in 2014. This was the first time we have taken the SCOPE School format outside of the UK and we now plan to hold worldwide SCOPE Schools in the future. In November 2012 we will be taking SCOPE School to Delhi, India. Further information on this 3 day course will be published on our website over the coming weeks.  


Registration for SCOPE School Cambridge is open, don't miss out and confirm your place today -
For further details on any of our SCOPE Schools, please contact scopeschools@iaso.org.  
Obesity & Mental Health Conference

Hot Topic




June sees IASO and CON host the Obesity & Mental Health Hot Topic Conference in Toronto, Canada from 26th - 28th. Registration will close tomorrow, Friday 8th June, so if you would like to attend, please submit your form today - http://www.iaso.org/events/hot-topics/mental-health-obesity/registration/. We are looking forward to what we are sure will be an exciting and informative event. For further queries please contact - hottopics@iaso.org.   

New 'Resources' tool

IASO have now developed a number of resources available on our website to the public and our members. This tool will provide comprehensive current data on our World maps of obesity for children and adults including full references and details for each country with data. Within the Obesity data portal we provide a number of charts, tables and slides available for review and download. Our aim is to make this portal as useful and interactive as possible. Researchers wishing to submit data for publication can do so within the portal. 


Please visit our new 'Resources' page - http://www.iaso.org/resources/. 


New project staff coming to IASO 

This summer we will be welcoming two new staff members to join IASO, thanks to support from our grant-funded projects.


The first newcomer will be a research worker helping on a project to consider the economic and health benefits of moderate weight loss, based on systematic reviews, micro-simulation modelling and trial data analyses.  This is a one-year project which will be reporting in the second half of 2013.


The second new appointment will be a research and advocacy worker joining IASO for a two-year period, to develop methods for monitoring food supplies and food and beverage industry activities across the globe, as part of the support for the non-communicable diseases monitoring being promoted by the World Health Organisation.


For more details please contact Tim Lobstein - tlobstein@iaso.org.


IASO-IOTF statement read out at World Health Assembly

The annual World Health Assembly in May included a flagship debate on non-communicable diseases, following the UN High Level Meeting at the General Assembly in New York last September. At the debate, a statement from IASO-IOTF was read out, urging governments around the world to strengthen their actions to prevent diet-related ill health.


The statement recognised the work WHO was doing to promote controls on marketing of junk food to children, to increase actions to monitor and regulate food and nutrition environments, and to develop global governance structures for comprehensive food policies across the UN agencies. The statement attracted support from fellow non-governmental organisations: Consumers International, the World Cancer Research Fund, the UK National Heart Forum, World Action on Salt and Health, and the World Public Health Nutrition Association.


The full text of the statement is available on the IASO website: http://www.iaso.org/site_media/uploads/WHA_Statement.pdf 


Nordic Nutrition Conference debate on Obesity  

Early June saw a 400-strong Nordic Nutrition Conference in Iceland debate the need for policies to prevent obesity in the region.


Although having relatively low levels of overweight and obesity compared with other parts of Europe, Nordic countries have seen recent rising prevalence levels and are concerned that they need to do more to prevent obesity and especially to protect children.  Speaking at the event, IASO's Dr Tim Lobstein urged delegates to support ministries of health in developing stronger powers to confront risk factors, and cited the Public Health Act of British Columbia which gives ministers powers to act against 'health impediments' which are 'actions, things or conditions which raise the risk of chronic disease' and include transfats, marketing to children and the location of fast food outlets.


Dr Lobstein also suggested that the claims by the large food companies to be an essential part of the solution should be challenged. 'These companies do not manufacture essential food items,' he suggested. 'They produce branded, mass-produced, processed snacks and beverages which are not necessary in a healthy diet. Such companies should not be claiming a right to be included in policy decisions, and should not be displacing producers of healthier foods, such as fruit and vegetable growers, who are a legitimate part of the solution.' The topic was hotly debated by an audience which included several food company representatives.




Clinical Obesity...



Have you read these key articles? Click the links below for FREE access:


In his  Editorial, our Editor-in-Chief, Nicholas Finer, questions whether weight loss is the best clinical end point for trials of anti-obesity drugs.


T. Handjieva-Darlenska et al. present 'Predictors of weight loss maintenance and attrition during a 6-month dietary intervention period: results from the DiOGenes study'. 


Michael Turner asks 'The measurement of maternal obesity: can we do better?' in his commentary.


Submit your paper to Clinical Obesity today! 

The next issue of Clinical Obesity will be online next month, view the latest updates here.





Obesity Reviews Volume 13 Issue 6...


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...



The June edition of Obesity Reviews contains 7 reviews and a case report that provide a wide range of topics. There are 4 systematic reviews; the first (Gray et al) is on pharmacological treatment of obesity highlights the unfortunate fact that the 2 most successful drugs in terms of weight loss have been withdrawn from the market because of side effects and highlights the need for better drugs. The second (Knowlden and Sharma) is a review of family and home-based interventions for pediatric obesity that highlights the variations in such programs and the need for future studies to identify the efficacy of these approaches. The third systematic review focuses on the positive impact of extended care on optimizing the long term maintenance of weight loss. The final systematic review (Lehnert et al) looks at the cost effectiveness of obesity prevention interventions excluding bariatric surgery and pharmacotherapy, identifying those that are cost saving, good value for money and not cost effective. In addition to these systematic reviews, other reviews cover the relationship between maternal BMI during pregnancy and schizophrenia in the adult offspring (Khandaker et al), the night eating syndrome and obesity (Gallant et al) providing further insight into the role of epigenetics and circadian imbalances as major influences on the development of obesity or a Comorbidity. Atanasova and colleagues review the ways that the news media addresses the obesity epidemic, the impact this has on readers and the multidimensional influences that determine if a story on obesity is news worthy. Finally, Stephens et al present a case report of adrenal insufficiency that followed bariatric surgery.


Before finishing, let me remind all readers that the 2 new virtual supplements on outcomes of bariatric surgery and Childhood obesity are now freely available on the Wiley website - www.obesityreviews.net 



Obesity Reviews June 2012 Issue 




 Pediatric Obesity...




Have you viewed our June issue online? The following papers have been selected by our Editor-in-Chief, Michael Goran, for FREE access to all:

'Family-health professional relations in pediatric weight management: an integrative review'
B.-C. Farnesi, G. D. C. Ball and A. S. Newton

'The effect of a short message service maintenance treatment on body mass index and psychological well-being in overweight and obese children: a randomized controlled trial'
J. de Niet, R. Timman, S. Bauer, E. van den Akker, H. Buijks, C. de Klerk, H. Kordy and J. Passchier

'Branded food references in children's magazines: 'advertisements' are the tip of the iceberg'
S. C. Jones, P. Gregory and L. Kervin 

Submit your paper today to Pediatric Obesity...


SCOPE Fellows



IASO is thrilled to announce our newest SCOPE International Fellow - Dr Joseph Proietto. Congratulations!    


Read more information on SCOPE Fellowship...  


New e-learning modules launched!


Check out the SCOPE e-learning site to see the latest additions to our repertoire of modules:

  • Clinical Management of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity by Dr Matthew Sabin
  • Obesity in pregnancy: risks and management by Dr Georgios Valsamakis


Stay tuned for video modules coming this summer!

Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


US: Walt Disney firm says it will ban junk food ads on its TV, radio and online programmes  (June 6th, 2012)

The firm said it was setting new nutrition standards which will come into effect in 2015.


Rising female obesity rates linked with rising rates in endometrial cancers (June 6th, 2012)  

The rising rates of female obesity has been blamed at an International conference of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in Malaysia. They identified that 50% of all womb related cancers are linked to obesity.    


Canada: Weighing up the cost of inactivity (June 6th, 2012)

The study found that the estimated direct, indirect and total health care costs of physical inactivity in Canada in 2009 were $2.4 billion, $4.3 billion and $6.8 billion respectively.


Click headlines to see the full story.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/news/obesity-news/ 


News from our Member Organisations

The Canadian Obesity Network - R�seau canadien en ob�sit� (CON-RCO) have developed a new toolkit for health practitioners which provides a roadmap for obesity management.


The toolkit - called the 5As of Obesity Management - provides health practitioners with five steps to better manage their patients' weight and related health issues:

  • ASK for permission to discuss weight and explore readiness
  • ASSESS obesity related risks and 'root causes' of obesity
  • ADVISE on health risks and treatment options
  • AGREE on health outcomes and behavioural goals
  • ASSIST in accessing appropriate resources and providers

The 5As of Obesity Management includes a desktop tool to facilitate discussions on weight with patients, as well as a practitioner's guide to incorporating the 5As into daily practice. They are available for a nominal fee from the Canadian Obesity Network at www.obesitynetwork.ca/5As.




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