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November 2012




Welcome to IASO's November Newsletter. We are pleased to share our latest news with you, please see our highlights below:     


  • Register NOW for SCOPE School Delhi 2012;          
  • Updates on data in Malaysia and Uganda available from our Obesity Data Portal;    
  • New obesity management tools available from CON and IASO;
  • IASO features on Turkish TV feature on Obesity;
  • How should WHO deal with non-governmental organisations?;
  • And how should WHO define the targets for reducing the NCDs?; 
  • Is food addictive?;
  • Preventing obesity in kindergarten children: symposium at ICN;
  • Download the latest papers from our leading journals; 
  • Latest articles of Obesity in the News. 
News from IASO's Executive Director

Chris Are you interested in attending a SCOPE School? These events are intensive three-day courses led by experts in their fields and essential for all health professionals providing an in-depth understanding of effective patient management and the role of professionals in tackling obesity.


The next SCOPE School in Delhi covers how to assess your obese patient; motivating your patient; the psychological aspects of obesity, activity and exercise, pharmacotherapy, bariatric surgery; and comorbidities including diabetes.


All IASO members qualify for a discounted registration rate and as a member of IASO all AI AARO members that register will receive a discount of 2,000 INR.


For more information and how to register please visit the IASO website.


We look forward to seeing you in Delhi!


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Chris Trimmer

Executive Director 

IASO Events



Last month we held our 10th Stock Conference in Prague from 12th-14th October. We have also just held our 11th Stock Conference over the weekend in Montreal. Both conferences attracted a large number of experts in the field to discuss 'Harnessing the Beneficial Properties of Adipogenic Microbes for Improving Human Health' and 'Brown Adipose Tissue'. We are currently finalising details for two further Stock Conferences to be held in 2013. Details will be made available in the coming months and applications will be taken in the new year.  


For more information on any of our events please contact the events team - events@iaso.org 


Obesity Data Portal 

This month we have updates on data in Malaysia and Uganda. To view updates and explore the other resources that are now available please visit our obesity data portal page.

Member request for data analysis - Obesity and Pregnancy

The chart focuses on the potential number of females at increased risk of adverse outcomes in pregnancy through overweight and obesity. The chart presents the estimated number of females of reproductive age either overweight or obese by region around the world.   
View the page here.

SCOPE e-learning

New obesity management tools available from CON and IASO  


In partnership with the Canadian Obesity Network (CON), SCOPE has launched an excellent learning tool to guide practitioners in obesity counseling and management: The 5As of Obesity Management. A CON 5As e-learning module has been created, addressing key steps in the process including:


1.       ASK for permission to discuss weight and explore readiness for change

2.       ASSESS obesity related health risk and potential "root causes" of weight gain

3.       ADVISE on obesity risks, discuss benefits treatment options

4.       AGREE on realistic weight-loss expectations and on a SMART plan to achieve behavioral goals

5.       ASSIST in addressing drivers and barriers, offer education and resources, refer to provider, and arrange follow-up


The CON 5As module is now available in the  SCOPE e-learning portal!


If you have a subscription to SCOPE e-learning, you have already been granted complimentary access to CON 5As, and you can find it under the "Management" section of the course catalogue.


CON has also made available a toolkit with practical resources including a desktop tool, practitioner guide, practitioner checklists and patient resources, all available here.


IASO features on Turkish TV feature on obesity

A feature-length programme on obesity in Turkey featured an extended interview with IASO's Policy Director, Tim Lobstein, broadcast on October 14th (available on YouTube here). Turkish children have shown a steep rise in overweight prevalence, from around 10% in the late 1990s to 25% of girls and 40% of boys by around 2010. In 2006, the Turkish government hosted the World Health Organisation's ministerial meeting to launch the European Charter on Obesity, and in the TV programme Dr Lobstein urged Turkey to keep up its pressure internationally to fulfil the Charter and especially to reduce children's exposure to advertising of foods and beverages.


How should WHO deal with non-governmental organisations?

The World Health Organisation is currently consulting on how it should relate to non-governmental bodies such as IASO and other public health non-profit organisations. IASO is an officially recognised NGO at WHO, and to maintain this status IASO must undertake active work cooperating with WHO in the realm of nutrition, and a work programme is reviewed every three years. New questions are arising about the opportunities for other NGOs to participate in the WHO processes and World Health Assembly meetings, and how to define the purposes of NGOs (some may have high level of dependence on commercial sponsors within the sector they advocate).


A short consultation response was sent by IASO and other organisations to the consultation - see here.


How should WHO define the targets for reducing the NCDs?

The World Health Organisation is also consulting on its actions following the United Nations High Level Meeting in September 2011. Among these actions is the development of a set of targets for member states to aim for, in reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases. In the draft for consultation, a target for obesity was set as 'no further rise in adult obesity after 2025' and was among the top ten, but not the top five, of those being recommended. A response from IASO has been submitted (see here). 


In IASO's response we point out the importance of obesity as a risk factor for a large number of non-communicable diseases and the importance of having targets for children and for pregnant women, and for setting operational targets for monitoring obesity prevalence. We also recommend targets for modifiable risk factors, such as food supply patterns and dietary intake trends, and children's exposure to food and beverage marketing.


Is food addictive?

A new book Food and Addiction: A Comprehensive Handbook, edited by Kelly Brownell and Mark Gold, suggests that certain foods can hijack the brain in ways similar to alcohol and drugs, and the effect is sufficiently strong to contribute to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. IASO's Tim Lobstein contributed a chapter on Global policies affecting diet and obesity, for the section on Legal and Policy Implications. Further details here.  

Preventing obesity in kindergarten children: symposium at ICN  

The European Union-funded ToyBox project will be hosting a symposium on interventions to prevent overweight and obesity in younger children at the forthcoming IUNS 20th International Congress on Nutrition. The symposium is being coordinated by IASO, one of the partners in the ToyBox project consortium. The ICN will be held in Granada, Spain, 15th-20th September 2013. Further details of the ICN are available here. Further details of the ToyBox project are available here. For details of the symposium, contact Tim Lobstein (tlobstein@iaso.org).



Clinical Obesity...


A message from Professor Nick Finer, Editor-in-Chief...


Clinical Obesity Journal

Volume 2 Issue 3-4 is now available to download - all papers have free access!! Highlights include:


- Better measures of fat mass - beyond BMI 

- Comparative assessment of change in fat mass using dual X-ray absorptiometry and air-displacement plethysmography

- Routine group and save unnecessary for gastric band surgery: a retrospective case review audit of 1018 bariatric patients

- Realistic first steps for effectively managing obesity in Canada

- Stagnation in the clinical, community and public health domain of obesity: the need for probative research  


Submit your paper to Clinical Obesity today...





Obesity Reviews... 


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...


OBRThe November issue of Obesity Reviews contains 6 reviews. The first review (Park et al) is a systematic review that considers the impact of childhood obesity on morbidity and mortality in adulthood and concludes that there is, as yet, insufficient evidence to establish effects on cardiovascular outcomes that are independent of adult BMI. Accurate prediction of an individual's resting energy expenditure (REE) would be beneficial to everyone involved in the treatment and prevention of obesity. Heymsfield and colleagues review new approaches to account for the individual variations in REE through predictive models that take into account imaging of metabolically active tissues. The third review by Sleddens et al critically evaluates the physical activity questionnaires used by parents to evaluate physical activity in children and recommends the development of new multidimensional approaches. The potential role of dietary fiber, in this case the specific fiber provided by psyllium, on weight and metabolic syndrome risk factors is reviewed by Pal and Radavelli-Baagatini. Santos et al present a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials of low carbohydrate diets on cardiovascular risk factors. They identify beneficial effects but question the long term efficacy of this approach. Finally, there is a focus on public health as Dinsa et al present a systematic review of obesity and socioeconomic status in developing countries, identifying changing associations dependent upon the level of income within countries. This topic also draws a letter to the editor. Again, there is lots of interesting and stimulating reading for everyone. Also remember to go to the Wiley website (www.obesityreviews.net) where you can see all the manuscripts for forthcoming issues as well as the virtual supplements.  




Pediatric Obesity...


A message from Professor Michael Goran, Editor-in-Chief... 



The October issue of Pediatric Obesity is currently available online and all papers are available as pdf for a limited time. 


Also, we have many papers available by pdf in our early view. These are papers that have been accepted and fully formatted and are waiting to be published. Click here to access all of our early view papers.  


We are also planning a special hot topic issue to be published in 2013 under the theme of dietary sugars and childhood obesity. Please submit manuscripts to be considered through the regular channels by December 1st 2012.


Submit your paper to Pediatric Obesity today... 





International Journal of Obesity...


IJO Cover

A pick of our top cited articles published this year:


Multicenter evaluation of an interdisciplinary 52-week weight loss program for obesity with regard to body weight, comorbidities and quality of life-a prospective study


Sex differences during the course of diet-induced obesity in mice: adipose tissue expandability and glycemic control  


Neural correlates of the volitional regulation of the desire for food  


Changes in eating behaviour and meal pattern following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass  


Body mass index classification misses subjects with increased cardiometabolic risk factors related to elevated adiposity  


Is the burden of overweight shifting to the poor across the globe? Time trends among women in 39 low- and middle-income countries (1991-2008)


The International Journal of Obesity (IJO) provides a multi-disciplinary forum for basic, clinical and applied studies focusing on obesity and related disorders, including a quarterly pediatric highlights issue.


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Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


Programmes aimed at reducing screen time may improve nutritional intake (November 5th, 2012)

Programmes aimed at reducing screen time in children, failed in their aim to reduce screen time but they did reduce the number of meals consumed in front of a screen. Foods consumed in front of a screen are invariably unhealthy.      


Australia: Generation X on way to becoming more obese than 'baby boomers' (November 4th, 2012)

"At the same age, Gen X males have nearly double the prevalence of obesity: 18.3% compared with 9.4% for boomers. There is a smaller but still significant difference in females, with 12.7% of Gen X women being obese in 2008 and 10.4% of boomer females obese in 1989." Baby Boomers were born from 1946 to 1965 (inclusive). Generation X were born from 1966 to 1980 (inclusive).     


Avoid mentioning weight, the difficulties faced by parents of overweight adolescents (November 4th, 2012)   

A recent study suggests that focus on non-weight related interventions should be implemented by parents of overweight adolescents. Focus on exercise and healthy eating should dominate discussion rather than numbers on a scale. Parents are found to be fearful of the psychological damage that discussions relating to weight may have on their children.


Medic training fails to tackle obesity (November 3rd, 2012)  

A recent US study found that Medical training in the US does not sufficiently address issues surrounding obesity nor equip the students to tackle the problem.  


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To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/resources/obesity-news/ 


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