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October 2013



Welcome to IASO's October Newsletter. Please see this month's highlights below:     


  • News update from IASO's Executive Director;   
  • Registration is now open for ICO 2014;  
  • Discounted travel with Qatar Airways and Lufthansa for ICO 2014;
  • Diabetes, Obesity and You conference is still open for registrations;
  • IASO policy conference in New York City;
  • ToyBox symposium attracts over 240 participants at ICN, Granada;   
  • IOTF supports Mexican struggle to tax sugary beverages; 
  • SCOPE e-learning courses upgraded;   
  • Obesity data updates in Cote d'Ivoire, Cyprus, Gabon, Haiti and Honduras, Jamaica, Peru and Zambia;
  • Download the latest papers from our leading journals; 
  • Latest articles of Obesity in the News;
  • Prevention, Information and Evidence (P.I.E) - new eLibrary.  


News from IASO's Executive Director 

As we head into the last few months of the year it is time to start thinking about all those things you want to get done before the end of December. Now is the time to submit your abstract to the International Congress on Obesity to present your latest work at an international level to your peers. You can submit your abstract here, submission closes on the 7th November. Registration is also open
and you can register online at the early rate until Wednesday 11th December saving yourself �125. Remember if your organisation is a member of IASO then you are too and you qualify for the discounted membership rate.


As well as the news about ICO we have had a busy month here at IASO HQ, with our SCOPE e-learning courses upgraded and a number of new modules going live to an exciting policy event championed by IOTF that was held in New York City and supported by Aetna Foundation. Read on for more details and lots more news.

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Chris Trimmer
Executive Director


International Congress on Obesity (ICO) 
Registration for our 12th International Congress on Obesity is now open! Register before the 11th December to take advantage of the Early Bird discounted rates. Complete your registration here.  


Registered participants can enjoy discounted travel with Qatar Airways and Lufthansa, our airline partners. Find out about their special packages and promo codes here.  


Lastly, don't forget to submit your abstract. The deadline for abstract awards is Monday 14th October and the deadline for all abstracts is Thursday 7th November. Please see here for submission guidelines.  


Keep an eye on our website here for exciting ICO 2014 updates in the coming weeks. Further information will be available including details on accommodation, airport transfers, social programme, satellite meetings and industry sponsored symposia.



Diabetes, Obesity and You - Hot Topic Conference

Registration is still open for our next Hot Topic Conference, 'Diabetes, Obesity and You' in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing. This conference will be of interest for nurses working in all settings in addition to those working in primary care and managing obese patients.


Interesting session topics will include, 'Motivating the obese diabetic to lose weight' and 'Why are obesity and diabetes so closely linked'. The afternoon session will feature a variety of interactive workshops such as 'Managing childhood and adolescent diabesity' and 'Diet and lifestyle interventions for weight loss'. For more information and to register for this event please visit the website here.


Functional Body Composition and Related Aspects in Research on Obesity and Cachexia - 12th Stock Conference

IASO would like to thank everyone that participated in the 12th Stock Conference 'Functional Body Composition and Related Aspects in Research on Obesity and Cachexia'. This was enjoyed by all attendees, including speakers and corporate delegates. An impressive 83% of delegates rated this conference as 'Excellent' and 87% would attend another IASO event in the future.


We would like to thank our sponsors, Competence Network on Obesity, COSMED, EchoMRI, SECA and Zinsser Analytics.


Missed out on the 12th Stock Conference? Sign up for our 13th Stock Conference taking place in Punta Cana later this month.   


For more information on any of our events please contact the events team - events@iaso.org.

IASO policy conference in New York City 

With support from the Aetna Foundation, a US philanthropic organisation, IASO held a two-day conference on tackling the drivers of NCDs and obesity, with a focus on the commercial and economic determinants which shape food environments around the world. Speakers described the UK Responsibility Deal, the Mexican popular struggle against government collaboration with beverage companies, the moves by New York City authorities to improve food supplies for low income neighbourhoods, and the ambition by WHO and the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition to make agriculture more nutrition sensitive world-wide. Over 100 leading public health experts and non-governmental organisations attended the meeting, held at the New York Academy of Medicine. Further details and follow-up material will be posted on the IASO website.


The Aetna Foundation is based in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, and supports projects to promote wellness, health and access to high quality care for everyone. The views presented here are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Aetna Foundation, its directors, officers or staff.


ToyBox symposium attracts over 240 participants at ICN, Granada 

The European Commission-supported ToyBox project, looking at obesity prevention among pre-schoolers in kindergartens across six European countries, held a well-attended symposium to announce the baseline findings from a survey of over 7000 children, at the International Congress on Nutrition, Granada, Spain. IASO is a partner in the project and the symposium was chaired by IASO policy director, Dr Tim Lobstein. The final phase of the project will be reported in spring 2014.

IOTF supports Mexican struggle to tax sugary beverages

IASO's policy group, the International Obesity TaskForce (IOTF) is supporting the Mexican consumer movement El Poder del Consumidor, in their bid to persuade the Mexican government to pass legislation taxing soft drinks. A public letter from IOTF was published in two leading Mexican national newspapers. Meanwhile, advertisements from the consumer group are being aired on several TV stations, but have been refused by three national stations. The Mexican lower house of Congress is due to vote on the issue on October 20th.

SCOPE e-learning 

We are delighted to welcome a new International Fellow, Dr Nadim Haboubi, Consultant Physician at Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, Wales. Dr Haboudi is Chairman of the National Obesity Forum in Wales and honorary professor of medicine at Basra Medical School in Iraq.


After receiving feedback from our users, we have decided to upgrade our e-learning courses from 0.25 to 0.5 points. As a result you can now obtain SCOPE Certification, the only internationally-recognised qualification in obesity management, solely by taking our e-learning at home. Register today for SCOPE and receive a free course from Dr Arya Sharma.



Obesity Data Portal 

This month we have updates on adult data in Cote d'Ivoire, Cyprus, Gabon, Haiti and Honduras, Jamaica, Peru and Zambia. We also have updates on children in Scotland and the USA. Please note we also have a new 2013 analysis on % overweight and obesity by region and and age of children. To view updates and explore the other resources that are now available please visit our obesity data portal page here. If you have any data that you would like to see presented please send your requests to obesity@iaso.org.   


Clinical Obesity...


A message from Dr Matt Sabin, Deputy Editor...


Clinical Obesity Journal

Clinical Obesity is receiving more and more high quality manuscripts relating to improving the clinical care of obese persons. In the October issue, there are many interesting papers including comparisons in behaviour between those who maintain weight loss and those who regain it following a weight-loss intervention, weight loss in type 2 diabetes patients in the community using very-low calorie diets, and self-reported symptoms of adult ADHD in those seeking bariatric surgery. We are keen to continue to receive papers which compare obesity interventions, examine clinical outcomes, and influence practice in the area of obesity. In addition, we are now also specifically interested in running a series of special topic issues relating to 'pediatric weight management', 'pregnancy-associated weight gain and its influence on weight and body composition in the offspring', and 'optimising obesity management in the elderly'. Please consider sending us your manuscripts and highlight in your cover letter if you feel that it falls within the boundaries of one of these topics.


Submit your paper to Clinical Obesity today...  


Obesity Reviews... 


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...


The October issue of Obesity Reviews  contains six reviews covering a wide range of topics. In the first review, Coimbra et al discuss the role of adipocytes in the regulation of iron metabolism in the obese highlighting the modulating influence of hepcidin in erythropoiesis. The second review (Jatasinghe et al) addresses the use of mesotherapy, the local injection of substances into subcutaneous adipose tissue as an approach to local reduction of fat deposits. This is followed by a systematic review (van der Pligt et al) of lifestyle interventions that limit postpartum weight retention. The pregnancy focus is continues with a review (Lopez-Arana et al) of the relationship of educational level on overweight in middle income countries, highlighting the benefits of older age at first birth, longer breast feeding and lower parity in reducing the overweight. The effects of school based interventions to increase physical activity on fitness and cardiometabolic risk factors in the young is reported in a systematic review by Sun et al. Finally, there is a systematic review and meta-analysis of BMI and the risk of pneumonia by Phung et al that indicates different relationships for community-acquired, influenza-related and nosocomial pneumonia with BMI.  
This month also sees the publication of an important supplement by the International Network for Food and Obesity/Non-communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Advocacy for Action Support
(INFORMAS). This is is a global network of public-interest non-government organisations and researchers that aims to monitor and advocate for public and private sector actions to create healthy food environments and reduce obesity, non-communicable diseases and their related inequalities, under the auspices of IASO's International Obesity task Force (IOTF). The supplement, coedited by Boyd Swinburn, Gary Sacks and Shiriki Kumanyika, includes 14 articles. The supplement can be viewed in the Wiley online library for Obesity Reviews here.


To read articles online or find out more visit Obesity Reviews on Wiley Online Library here


Pediatric Obesity...


A message from Professor Michael Goran, Editor-in-Chief...


View the October issue of Pediatric Obesity here.


Submit your best work to the leading journal in the field, via our online peer-review system.

Follow Pediatric Obesity's Editor (@michaelgoran) on Twitter!

Submit your paper to Pediatric Obesity today... 




International Journal of Obesity...

IJO Cover

Did you know that IJO publishes a quarterly Pediatric Highlights issue? In January, April, July and October the front half of the journal is dedicated to the leading pediatric research and review articles submitted to the journal as chosen by the Editors. See a pick of recent articles below:
Obesity in the News 

Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.

Researchers looking at medical records of over 11,000 patients who underwent bariatric surgery found that opioid use did not decrease following surgery and in fact the situation worsened with a 13% rise in opioid use in the year following surgery.


Excessive weight gain in pregnancy associated with overweight and obesity in offspring (October 1st, 2013)

The study reviewed records of over 40,000 mothers and 90,000 children. They found that the amount of weight a mother gained in pregnancy predicted her offspring BMI at age of 12. Researchers suggest that 'for every additional kg the mother gained during pregnancy, the children's BMI increased by 0.022. The children of mothers who put on the most weight had a BMI that was on average 0.43 higher than the children whose mothers had put on the least weight'. The authors note that pre-pregnancy weight were not available and this is a limitation of the study. 


Animal study identifies potential 'on/off' hunger switch (October 1st, 2013)

In a recent animal study researchers found that by activating or deactivating cells in certain parts of the brain (bed nucleus stria terminalis), scientists were able to control when mice would become hungry. They believe this could be useful to help resolve issues with obesity and eating disorders.


Exercising in free time may aid keeping blood pressure under control (October 1st, 2013)

A recent study found that blood pressure levels in those who exercised during leisure time were lower than those who didn't. The meta analysis reviewed 13 studies and found that those who did more than 4 hours exercise per week during leisure time (not during work time) had a 19% lower risk of high blood pressure than those that did less than 1 hour per week. This lower risk was not found in those that exercised in a work capacity.   


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit our news page here.  

Other News 

Prevention Information and Evidence (P.I.E)


Prevention Information and Evidence is a new eLibrary and briefing service provided by the UK Health Forum. The eLibrary is free to search and contains thousands of records for government reports, statistical releases, publications from third sector and NGO organisations and much more. The eLibrary covers areas including obesity and nutrition as well as related topics such as built environment and physical activity/active travel.


You can subscribe to receive weekly alerts of the latest content added to our eLibrary through the P.I.E Briefing. The Briefing also includes the latest weekly news in public health, and can be tailored so that you only receive information on topics of interest to you.


Search the eLibrary and subscribe to the Briefing on the UK Health Forum website here



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