I Am A Texan
Sales Tax Holiday Weekend Event!
Dear Fellow Texan,
This weekend Texans are able to save during the Sales Tax Holiday on clothing and back to school items under $100. IAmATexan.com is taking that one step further. In addition to not paying sales tax, we have slashed our Texas T-shirt collection by 15%. Our Texan-Designer Tees are now only $16.96 for most sizes! We are selling out fast, so get yours as soon as you can! They are available at our GENERAL STORE.

Texas Tees ($16.96-$19.95)

Other shirts are available too.
Several new local Texas businesses have joined our campaign to create 340,000 jobs in Texas. This means that they have signed and sworn to a pledge that they:

1. Are owned and operated by Texans in Texas
2. Employ Texans (if applicable)
3. Get as many supplies from other Texas business as possible.

You can learn more about these great companies at the PARTNER page on www.IAmATexan.com.


Jon Williams 
I Am A Texan
Offer Expires: Sunday August 19th at 11:59 MOUNTAIN TIME