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Preservation Action Alert!
IBA Report Exposes Plaza de Panama Naming Rights Gambit

The Office of the Independent Budget Analyst Report is out for the Plaza de Panama project. There are may significant problems the IBA's report has revealed, as you will read. We would like to bring your attention to a bombshell, that will shock but not surprise many, and that is that it is indeed a naming rights agreement designed for Irwin Jacobs.

We draw your attention to  1.19 Donor Recognition (beginning on page 9)
The City agrees that the Committee will shall be entitled to naming rights for multiple Project elements.
2012 Agreement did not grant the Committee naming rights for completed Project elements.
From the Plaza De Panama Cooperation Agreement 2016 Supplemental Information Related to Section 1.19 Donor Recognition
"As discussed in the body of our report, the November 2016 Plaza de Panama Cooperation Agreement includes a new clause-1.19 Donor Recognition-which was not in the 2012 Agreement. This clause entitles the Committee to naming rights for the Centennial Bridge, Centennial Road, the Rooftop Park, and physical features within the Rooftop Park. Per this section the naming rights would be subject to Mayoral approval ("which shall not be unreasonably withheld") and "the design and location of donor recognition features shall be subject to City approval." No other guidelines, criteria, processes, Park and Recreation Board or City Council role are discussed in the agreement."

Do we want our great national landmark, our Balboa Park, defaced forever and irreparably after 100 years, all for one man's ego? Really? San Diego, we are better than this.

Fight for Balboa Park. Call, email, and come down to city hall if you can.
  • Write to the City Council HERE to oppose their approval of this project.
  • Attend and testify before the City Council on Monday, November 14 at 2pm (202 C Street, 12th Floor). If you do not wish to speak, you can cede your comment time to SOHO, but you must be present to do so.
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