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IFNA Response to the Recent Executive Order in the
United States Regarding Immigration and Refugees 
The world is experiencing a significant time of political instability and divisiveness. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the United States with the recent executive order barring people from designated countries entry into the United States. The executive order created chaos and suffering for families, which concerns the International Family Nursing Association.

The International Family Nursing Association is a community of family nurse clinicians, teachers, and scholars who value the uniqueness of each and every family. Our mission is to transform family health globally by serving as a unifying force and voice for family nursing; sharing knowledge, practices, and skills to nurture family nursing practice; and, providing leadership in relation to all aspects of family nursing. Honoring diversity is a cornerstone of family nursing.

We support nurses worldwide who care for, teach about, and learn from families, particularly those families experiencing the trauma and uncertainties of displacement and separation. The following resources may be useful to you as you undertake this critically important work.

IFNA Response to the Global Refugee Crisis: Caring for Refugee Families:   This initiative was requested by IFNA President Carole Robinson and is meant to serve as a toolkit of resources for family nurses around the world who are caring for refugee families: "Family nurses have always been in a unique position to assist families who are experiencing physical, psychological, relational, and/or spiritual distress of forced migration and displacement due to armed conflict, violence, persecution, poverty, and disaster."

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