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 IFNA GLOBAL CONNECTIONS                                           February, 2016 
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Family Nursing in Finland

The development of family nursing science in Finland has been led by faculty at the School of Health Sciences, University of Tampere for over 20 years. Family issues are the central focus of research and teaching with an emphasis on family health, well-being, and family health care nursing across the lifespan. The program of research at the University of Tampere began with descriptive studies and, over time, has included instrument development, theory formulation and testing, and intervention studies using a variety of research methods.

Despite this intensive work, family-focused health care in Finland needs to become even more visible. Stronger collaboration is needed between researchers, educational institutions, managers, and practicing professionals. Research and teaching collaboration within the European Union and with the Nordic countries is ongoing and will strengthen the strong foundation of family nursing science in Finland that already exists.
Dr. Päivi Åstedt-Kurki,  PhD, RN, Professor, University of Tampere leads
the development of family nursing science in Finland.
Photo credit: Jonne Renvall


In September 2015, IFNA President,  Dr. Carole Robinson (Canada), called IFNA members to respond to the global refugee crisis.  A document called, Caring for Refugee Families, was developed by the IFNA Practice Committee  and includes resources to guide family nursing practice with refugee families.

Please help grow these resources by sending your additions and suggestions to Dr. Kathryn Anderson, co-chair of the IFNA Practice Committee.

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 Dr. Colleen Royle (USA), leads simulation education in family nursing at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  She was recently chosen as one of the twenty individuals to participate in the 2016 National League for Nursing Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators. [Read more]

You tell a friend, and I'll tell a friend and so on...The IFNA Education Committee, co-chaired by Dr. Lorraine Holtslander (Canada) and Dr. Kristin Lutz (USA), have developed several creative strategies to disseminate the two IFNA Position Statements on Family Nursing Education and Family Nursing Practice with nursing leaders and key health care and educational organizations. [Read more]  

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Dr. Anne Grant (Ireland) recently began a 2-year study, commissioned by the Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland, that will examine examine health and social care professionals' family focused practice with families who are experiencing parental mental illness. [Read more]

Dr. Joel Anderson (USA) focuses his research on symptom management and caregiver support, with a particular interest in patients with dementia and their family caregivers. He recently received the 2016 University of Virginia Health System Martin Luther King, Jr. Award. [Read more]

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Save the date for the 13th International Family Nursing Conference (IFNC13) in June 14-17, 2017 in Spain.

IFNA members, Kathleen Knafl (USA), Marcia Van Riper (USA), and Janet Deatrick (USA) will be offering a Family Research Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill June 20-23, 2016. 
IFNA members will receive a 10% registration discount.

Current IFNA Membership is 445 from 34 Countries. 

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