China News Digest for June 6 - July 11, 2016
Chinese Heavy Transport Aircraft Completes Maiden Military Flight

The Y-20, China's home-grown heavy transport aircraft, officially entered military service on Wednesday in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The versatile plane has a maximum takeoff weight of around 200 tonnes, and is ideal for carrying cargo and personnel over long distances. Describing the flight as a historical turning point, Wang Mingzhi, professor with the Air Force Command College, said the Y-20 is the first alternative for the Chinese Air Force to buying transport planes from abroad.
Xinhua (English)

China Aviation News (Chinese)


Chinese Large Freighter Plane Enters Military Service

People's Daily (English)

What Does a 200-Ton Transport Aircraft Mean to the China Air Force?
Digital Paper (Chinese)

China's Second Space Lab Tiangong-2 Reaches Launch Center

China's second orbiting space lab Tiangong-2, which may enable two astronauts to live in space for up to 30 days, has been delivered to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Assembly and tests will begin at the center ahead of the lab's launch scheduled for mid-September, said a statement issued by China's manned space engineering office.

People's Daily (English) (Chinese)

Chinese Government to Promote PPP to Boost Private Investment

Xinhua  (English)

New Momentum for the National High-Tech Zones in 2020
Digital Paper (Chinese)

Chinese Scientists Have Proposed Jupiter Exploration Plan
Digital Paper  (Chinese)

Ma Kai: Strengthen Research and Development and Promote Sustained and Healthy Development of the New Energy Automotive Industry
马凯:加强技术研发 确保质量安全 促进新能源汽车产业持续健康发展 (Chinese)
China's First Server for Cloud Computing Becomes Available
Digital Paper (Chinese)

AVIC Report: China's Taihang Engine Widely Deployed in Military

People's Daily (English) 

China's Self-Designed Deep-Sea Exploration Vessel Sets Sail

People's Daily (English)

China Issues First Report on Command and Control

people's Daily (English)

Report: China Maintains Position as World's Largest Robot Market

People's Daily (English)

Insight-China's Innovation Economy a Real Estate Bubble in Disguise?

The New York Times (English)

Huawei Sues Samsung, T-Mobile to pPotect its IPR

People's Daily (English)

Chinese Tech Disrupters Now are Working More Closely with the System

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