China News Digest for July 12 - July 19, 2016
Shake-Up of SOEs Set to Continue, Says Watchdog

China will further push ahead with its restructuring of State-owned enterprises this year, cutting overcapacity and keeping the total number of key SOEs under 100, the country's top State assets watchdog said in a statement on Thursday. A total of 10 State enterprises are currently in the middle of mergers and acquisitions, and several others are in the pipeline for similar restructuring in the second half of this year.

People's Daily (English)

China Aviation News (Chinese)


China Can't Afford to Delay Reforms

The Wall Street Journal (English)

China's Large State-Owned Enterprises See Better Financial Performance
Xinhua (English)

China Launches Space Tracking Ship Yuanwang-7

China's new generation of space tracking ship, the Yuanwang-7, which will perform maritime tracking of manned spaceflight Shenzhou-11 and other space missions later this year, was formally launched on Tuesday after a 60-day trial period. The vessel, designed by China, marks a new high for China's space tracking technology, said a statement.

People's Daily (English) (Chinese)

2016 Defense Science, Technology and Industry Important Work Promotion Conference Was Held in Beijing
2016 年国防科技工业重点工作推进座谈会在京召开
China Aviation News  (Chinese)

Nuclear Power Important in China's Future Energy Mix: Report

People's Daily (English)

Experts Refute Rumors of Chinese Satellite Freefall

People's Daily  (English)

China Focus: China Developing Water Cycle Observation Satellite

People's Daily (English)
China's ARJ21 Gets Largest Single Commercial Order, Leases to Indonesia

People's Daily (English)

China's Midea to Hold Over 70 Percent Stake in German Robotics Firm

People's Daily (English) 

China Vows Investment, Financing Reform

People's Daily (English)

The Year China Inc. Bet Big on the U.S.

China Commissions New Guided-Missile Destroyer Yinchuan

People's Daily (English) (Chinese)

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