China News Digest for June 28 - July 5, 2016
Chinese Leaders Emphasize Efforts to Deepen SOE Reform

Chinese leaders have urged continued efforts to propel reforms of state-owned enterprises (SOE) to enhance their competitiveness. President Xi Jinping said SOEs are an important foundation for national development and guarding people's interests, demanding efforts to enhance SOEs' vitality, competitiveness and risk resistance capacity, according to a statement released Monday after a symposium on SOE reform.
Xinhua (English)

PLA Daily (Chinese)


China's SOE Speed Up Going Abroad: Report

Xinhua (English)

Installation Complete on World's Largest Radio Telescope

Installation was completed on the world's largest radio telescope on Sunday morning as the last of4,450 panels was fitted into the center of the big dish. The project has the potential to search for more strange objects to better understand the origin of the universe and boost the global hunt for extraterrestrial life, said Zheng Xiaonian, deputy head of the National Astronomical Observation (NAO) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which built the telescope.

People's Daily (English)


China Expanding Capacity of Dark Matter Detector
People's Daily (English)

China Announces Success in Technology to Refuel Satellites in Orbit

China has successfully completed the in-space refuel of orbital satellites following last week's launch of a new generation carrier rocket, the National University of Defense Technology announced on Thursday. Developed by the university, Tianyuan-1 is the country's first in-space refueling system for orbital satellites.

People's Daily (English)

Official Operation of Gaofen IV Will Significantly Enhance China's Ability of Earth Observation
高分四号卫星正式投入使用 将显著提升我国对地观测能力

14 New Satellites in Orbit Will Help Warn of Disasters
People's Daily  (English)
S&T Daily (Chinese)

China Launches 2nd Shijian-16 Satellite

People's Daily  (English)

China's First Regional Jet Takes Maiden Flight
People's Daily (English)
95 Years on, Xi Wants CPC Motivated, Confident, Clean
Xinhua (English)

CDefense Science, Technology and Innovation Conference Was Held in Beijing
SASTIND (Chinese) 

MIIT Issued "Small and Medium Enterprise Development Plan (2016-2020)"
工业和信息化部关于印发促进中小企业发展规划(2016 2020 年)的通知

Li Keqiang's Visit: Take Full Advantage of the Multiplier Effect of "Double Innovation"
The State Council (Chinese)

China Committed to Manufacturing Upgrade: Premier 

People's Daily (English)

Huazhong CNC Made Breakthroughs in Advanced Manufacturing Systems
华中数控:"8 型大脑"实现重大突破

Development of Exascale E-Class Supercomputer Prototypes Starts
S&T Daily (Chinese)

Midea Reaches Binding Investment Agreement with Kuka
People's Daily (English)

Qualcomm Files 17 New Complaints in China Courts Against Smartphone Maker Meizu
The New York Times (English)

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