China News Digest for October 16-25, 2016
Shenzhou-11 spacecraft docks with Tiangong-2 space lab

The Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft successfully completed its automated docking with the orbiting Tiangong-2 space lab at 3:31 a.m. Wednesday Beijing Time, according to Beijing Aerospace Control Center.

Xinhua (English)


China launches 2 astronauts on its longest space mission
The New York Times (English)

Rocket men: The people behind the Shenzhou 11 launch
Sixth Tone (English)

China's new research ship starts maiden trip to Indian Ocean

Xinhua (English)


China's Chang'e-5 Moon sample return mission on course for 2017 launch

GB Times (English)


China's space lab Tiangong-2 successfully launches micro satellite

Hindustan Times (English)


Xi urges greater military-civilian cooperation for strong army

PLA Daily (English)


China has now eclipsed us in AI research

Washington Post (English)

New Chinese commercial spaceflight provider makes debut

Chinese firm admits its hacked products were behind Friday's DDOS attack

Computer World (English)


MOST launches construction of first group of national science and technology achievement transfer demonstration zones


China's second domestic ARJ21 makes maiden flight


13th Five Year Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation focuses on six major tasks


2016 World Robotics Conference begins in Beijing


Chinese robots wow at conference in Beijing

China Daily (English)


Robots are key in China's strategy to surpass rivals

CBS News (English)


China to develop 600 mph high-speed maglev, other projects


Quark Venture and China-Based GF Securities establish $656 million health science fund in Vancouver (English)


China's tech giants will shape international blockchain standards, with Beijing's backing (English)


Military warns Chinese computer gear poses cyber spy threat

The Washington Free Beacon (English)


The decline in Chinese cyberattacks: the story behind the numbers

MIT Technology Review (English)

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