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  KID marks National Safety Month
Ban on supplemental mattresses passes in NJ
1-Year anniversary of IKEA recall
On February 14, 2016, 22-month-old Ted died when an IKEA Malm dresser fell on top of him. In the months following his death, Ted's family and others worked to pressure IKEA to recall these dangerous products. June 28 marked the 1-year anniversary of the IKEA recall of 29 million dressers due to tip-over hazard -- the largest furniture recall in US history. KID and other safety advocates wrote to CPSC Chairman Buerkle to urge the CPSC and IKEA to take stronger action on hazardous IKEA furniture. The vast majority of these dressers remain unaccounted for, and continue to pose a risk to children and families. If you have a recalled IKEA dresser, click here for information about receiving a refund.
labelKID urges caution when buying hoverboards
Hoverboards made the news a year ago when hundreds of incident reports led to recalls by 10 manufacturers. Even after these recalls, hoverboards continue to pose a fire risk to consumers. KID, Safe Kids Worldwide, and the Consumer Federation of America recently released a statement urging consumers to take certain precautions when purchasing, using, storing or charging hoverboards. Specifically, look for hoverboards that are UL 2272 certified -- the most updated and complete safety standard for e-Mobility devices.  Check out KID's blog post for more information.
updateAdvocacy update: toy safety and recall effectiveness
June was a busy month for KID and the larger world of product safety. Executive Director Nancy Cowles attended the ASTM Toy Standard meeting in Toronto, Canada, where experts talked about harmonizing standards used in the US and Canada. 

Nancy also travelled to Albany, New York to  join New York State Senator David Carlucci as he  released a new report  showing that even after a recall, products can turn up for sale on online marketplaces.   Learn more about our ongoing advocacy efforts on  KID's blog
shawnShawn Kasserman elected as KID president
KID is excited to announce the election of our new President, Shawn Kasserman, Partner at Tomasik Kotin Kasserman. In 1998, Shawn served as counsel to co-founders, Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar, in their lawsuit against the manufacturer and licensor of the portable crib that killed their son, Danny.  

Outgoing President, Linda Ginzel, and her husband, Boaz Keyser, have led KID from the beginning and will continue to work closely with the organization. "I am confident Shawn will lead KID admirably into our 20th anniversary and strengthen our role as a champion for children's safety," stated Ginzel.
communityKID marks National Safety Month
June was National Safety Month, and KID used the opportunity to reach out to caregivers and childcare providers to spread our life-saving safety messaging on product safety and safe sleep. Check out KID's calendar to see the child safety workshops and community events we have coming up throughout the summer. If you're hosting a community event, and would like KID to attend, contact us today. 
jerseyBan on supplemental mattresses passes in New Jersey
In a victory for child safety advocates, the New Jersey Senate voted to ban the sale of supplemental baby mattresses. These supplemental mattresses are readily available to consumers, regardless of federal warnings against their use. A child can suffocate if they get stuck between the mattress and the play yard's wall.  

Joyce Davis, whose son died while using a supplemental mattress, was a driving force behind the successful bill. She founded the organization Keeping Babies Safe to raise awareness for safe sleep environments. Before the bill goes into effect, it must be signed by NJ Governor Chris Christie. Click  here for more information.