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Early Bird Deal Extended!
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Great News for those who missed the Early Bird deadline! Early Bird registration has just been extended to February 28th! Yes, if you register now through the end of February, you can still save $50 off the 2017 IMGC registration fee!

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WE WANT YOU at the 2017 International Master Gardener Conference!

Oregon State University Extension Service and Oregon Master Gardeners™ want you to be part of this huge gathering of amazing minds in the horticultural world where you can learn the latest and best thinking in the science and art of gardening.

So, get moving!

Register now to save while securing your space before popular sessions fill up.

Be sure to check out these Money Saving Tips to make the most of your investment.
Need more motivation? Review Five Reasons to Attend the 2017 IMGC.

Not familiar with Portland? Travel Portland can help.
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Blue-Gray Tanager 
In addition to a myriad of speakers, trade show, film series and social events, Oregon's farm-to-table connections will be part of your conference experience. Consider signing up for our "Taste of Oregon" reception Monday evening featuring appetizers made from fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients. Locally grown food continues to be the star of daily lunches, included with registration, Tuesday through Thursday.

For a fuller experience, try our tours. How We Get from Seed to Supper tour takes you to meet innovative breeders, growers, and crop scientists investigating methods for developing crops with superior culinary qualities.

Portland is at the northern tip of the 150-mile Willamette Valley where 170 different crops thrive. Our full day tour, Welcome to the Willamette Valley, takes you on a journey through this bountiful region.

Finally, History and Harvest to Table is designed for the food connoisseur! Enjoy a dinner at Meriwether's - one of only a handful of restaurants in the US that grow their own produce. Visit the restaurant's 5-acre Skyline Farm AND the exclusive, private garden of Meriwether's owners. (Psst! Even well-known horticultural publications are sometimes denied a visit to this special garden.)

When you are ready to register, peruse Becoming an Early Bird for step-by-step instructions.

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Take advantage of the extended Early Bird benefit! Come for fun, learning, and unforgettable experiences.

Bird photos in this issue were taken by Sherry Sheng, Clackamas County Master Gardener, during a trip to Costa Rica.
Key dates for the 2017 IMGC:

Save during Early Bird registration  through February 28

Sign up for overnight tours through February 28

Sign up for day tours through May 19 

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