FCA Action Alert

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

     The Florida Legislature has not released its proposed state FY 2018-2019 budget yet. So, we do not know what the final appropriation recommendations will be for the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) matching grants' programs.

     Yesterday at the end of House Session, Speaker Corcoran said that "a deal could not be reached Tuesday, which will delay Sine Die until Saturday at best or more likely Monday, or even trigger a Special Session."

     Since our position is "never give up," we encourage you to continue to email and call the Senate and House leaders regarding the importance of restoring appropriation investments in these DCA matching grants' programs.  

     Legislative leadership might have already resolved these DCA matching-grants' appropriation issues;  HOWEVER, until we see the proposed FY 2018-2019 state budget, we believe we need to continue to demonstrate that we're engaged, paying attention, and asking for what our industry needs to support jobs, educational programs, tourism, economic development, and quality of life.
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     Please continue to call these four legislative leaders' Tallahassee offices and email them NOW and until we ask you to stop:

Senate President Joe Negron
Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran
Senate Chairman of Appropriations Rob Bradley
House Chairman of Appropriations Carlos Trujillo

     Their Tallahassee phone numbers and email addresses are on pages 1 and 2 of this  leadership  document.

     Ask them to please RESTORE the appropriations needed to invest in these Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) matching grants' programs.

     You decide which of the grants' programs mean the most to you and to your community and ask for restoration of its appropriation:

Cultural and Museum Matching Grants or
Culture Builds Florida Matching Grants or 
Cultural Facilities Grants

     Let them know this investment provides meaningful connections for adults and children, supports jobs, and generates a 9 to 1 return to local and state government treasuries.

     Be respectful and thank them and their staff for their time and consideration.


     Again, here is our two-page  2018 Statewide Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture with details and links to recommended DCA matching grants for 2018-2019.

     Thank you for your continued advocacy efforts.  Please do not give up.  It's not over until it's over.  Keep the communications going with both Senate and House leadership listed above.  As soon as we hear any news regarding the budget, we'll let you know.

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