January 22 , 2016
How to be heard 1/26
Come early, around 5:30, to sign up for the public comment.  Each person signed up will be given a standard number of minutes to address the Commissioners (usually 3 minutes).  If sufficient time remains after all those that signed up have spoken, the Chairperson may allow additional input from members of the public that have not yet spoken.  If you plan to speak we suggest having specific or unique information to share, or simply letting the Commissioners know you support someone else's statement or presentation.  All statements must start with your name and address.  If you do not think you can fit your statement in a 3 minute presentation, you should be able to provide a hard copy of your statement to the staff for distribution to the Commissioners later.  ACCDAN, in addition to several other groups, has been invited to make a 10 minute presentation to the Commissioners following the staff presentation, and before the public comment period begins.  
County staff can assist with wheelchair access, hearing assistance and the provision of a document reader.  Please ask prior to the start of the hearing if you need their assistance.

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Important County Hearing, Please Attend
Stop Oil and Gas Drilling in Neighborhoods 

Tuesday January 26 at 6:30 p.m.
Adams County Government Center
4430 S. Adams County Parkway,  Brighton CO

Get there early to get a seat and to sign up for public comment.

The Adams County Commissioners have called for a public hearing on oil and gas drilling in anticipation of signing agreements - known as MOUs - with multiple oil and gas operators in the county.  Join ACCDAN in asking the commissioners to rewrite the current MOU to better protect public health and safety PRIOR to signing any other MOUs.  We need more public input and strong air and water monitoring standards.  The Adams County Commissioners need to hear it from you.
Commissioners Must Rewrite the MOU Now
Oil and Gas operators must either sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the county or go through the county special use permitting process before they can drill a well.  Currently most operators in AdCo prefer to use the MOU.  However, when the MOU was written, no one expected large oil and gas facilities to be located in and near neighborhoods. The current MOU is not protective enough of health and safety, and provides no opportunity for public comment.  Given the incredible number of permitted and planned wells in and near neighborhoods right now (see article below), ACCDAN is requesting that the Commissioners revise the MOU prior to signing any other MOUs.  Many of the wells described below have already received their permits from the COGCC and require only a signed MOU from the county before they begin drilling.  
Ask the Commissioners to require the following:
  •  a site-specific MOU when large operations are in or near neighborhoods
  • a formal public hearing and comment period
  • strong air and water monitoring standards
  • Increased distances from homes and schools
Many Well Permits NEAR YOU Already Approved
Adams County neighborhoods are on the frontline for new oil and gas developments.  With many permits recently approved or pending approval by the COGCC, the County is going to face an increase in large scale oil and gas facilities, close to neighborhoods.

Here is a list of some of the projects:
  • 19 wells at the Ivey pad, northwest corner of 152nd Ave and York, have been approved by the COGCC. Plans call for 26. (operated by Synergy Resources Corporation.)
  • 14 wells on 2 separate well pads (Alicia with 6 wells and Afton with 8 wells) are nearly all permitted at 151st Ave and Colorado, just north of the Wadley Farms III neighborhood,  (operated by Mendell Finistere). One of the Afton well's permit is pending and is currently open for public comments on the COGCC website through 1/29/2016.
  • 8 wells have been approved for the Willow Bend pad at the southwest corner of Colorado and 152nd Ave. (operated by Great Western)
  • 24 wells have been approved at the Kortum pad, south of 144th Ave between Quebec and Yosemite. (operated by Great Western)
  • 16 wells, split between 2 well pads, are to be located at the southeast corner of Colorado and 168th Ave; 8 well permits have been approved at the Corncilius pad and 8 well permits are pending at the Rio pad (operated by PDC Energy.)
  • 9 well permits are currently on hold at the Cundall location, north of 156th Ave and east of York, (operated by Bayswater Exploration)
  • many more approved and pending permits east of Yosemite and beyond.
Some of the operators do not have a signed MOU with the County and, for the most part, cannot begin drilling until they do. Adams County needs to update their MOU prior to signing agreements with these operators in order to better protect residents from the health, safety and property value risks associated with large oil and gas operations.

Per county data, Adams County has signed MOU agreements with the following operators:  Bill Barrett (1/2015), Great Western (1/2015), ConocoPhillips (1/2015), and Ward Petroleum (6/2015).
Yard signs can be purchased from Chris Nyholm at 13789 Franklin Street (Wadley Farms).  Please call her at 303-451-7762 to schedule pick-up or delivery.
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