April 2017
The Quarterly Chronicle
International Manufacturing Services is the primary source for innovative passive components. We meet and exceed customer expectations with our quality, value, service and industry leading delivery.
IMS Announces New Sales Representatives
Fahrner-Miller Associates
Electron Marketing

International Manufacturing Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Fahrner-Miller Associates (FMA) as the exclusive sales representative for northern California and northern Nevada.  As well as the appointment of Electron Marketing representing Illinois and eastern Wisconsin.        

Metal Foil Chip Resistor
 The MLI series offers a high stability metal foil technology with single sided or full wraparound terminals. Features include high stability metal foil technology, 100% tin over nickel barrier for solder attachment, RoHS compliant and Halogen free. Offering resistance values from 0.001Ω to 0.500Ω. Applications include: power sources, smartphones, automotive electronics, servers.
Packaging Page

IMS has updated its' Packaging Page with details on MOQ's and per piece packaging standards. If you have any questions about our packaging procedures please give us a call 401-683-9700.

IMS Announces New Hires
IMS is pleased to announce the addition of Barbara McDonagh as Business Systems / Office Manager  and Jeff Guiggey as Quality Coordinator.
IMS Throwback
Henry Liiv of International Manufacturing Services, Inc. (IMS) shows Portsmouth Town Council members a demonstration model of one of the company's electronic products. The model was 200 times the size of the actual product. The council ultimately granted the company permission to build a plant on Schoolhouse Lane, which remains in operation today. This photo appeared in the March 31, 1977 issue of The Sakonnet Times.
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