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December 4, 2017

February 6-7, 2018
Policy Summit
December 15

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INCOMPAS Policy Summit Registration Now Open
Reps. Welch and Eshoo to
Deliver Keynote Speeches

The 2018 INCOMPAS Policy Summit will bring together Congressional leaders and members of industry to discuss policies that will continue promoting growth, innovation and competition in the communications and technology economy.

Registration for The INCOMPAS Policy Summit is now open. Register today!

Rep. Peter Welch
Headlining the summit are Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA), who will deliver keynote addresses. In addition, there will be panel discussions on a variety of topics, including:
  • Competition Comes
    Rep. Anna Eshoo
    Home: How Connected Devices and the Internet of Things Will Shape the Future
  • Building the Future: Deployment Solutions for Fiber & Wireless Infrastructure
  • Streaming Revolution: Content and Services in an Over-the-Top World
  • CTOs' Perspective on the Technology of Tomorrow: The Future of Business Strategy
The INCOMPAS Policy Summit will take place on Wednesday, February 7 at the Newseum, in Washington, D.C. Sponsors include Granite Telecommunications, Microsoft, Facebook, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, FirstLight Fiber and Windstream.
The Policy Summit will be preceded by INCOMPAS members' only meetings in Washingtion, D.C., on Tuesday, February 6. For more information, email Jenny Gilbert. 
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INCOMPAS offers a membership to both vendors of cutting-edge technology and providers of competitive communications, broadband, mobile and fixed wireless, wholesale, backhaul, video, cloud, over-the-top, streaming and content services. The two membership categories include:
  • Service Provider (Voting) Member - Service providers with annual revenues of less than $70 billion; eligible to vote on association matters and serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Marketplace Member - A newly created category for companies engaged in the provision of communications facilities, back office systems, equipment and services, and professional services to communications service providers. This category offers companies membership and a variety of trade show benefits for a flat rate. 

As a member of INCOMPAS you can benefit from:


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INCOMPAS Addresses FCC Order Ending Bipartisan Policy of Individual Internet Freedom 
On November 27, INCOMPAS met with staff for FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on the draft net neutrality order, in which Chairman Ajit Pai "propose that the Commission abdicate its responsibilities and end the open internet as we know it." INCOMPAS noted in its ex parte that "this fundamental policy shift takes control of the internet experience from each American and hands it over to AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Charter - ending a successful, bipartisan policy of individual internet freedom that has grown the internet economy and is the envy of the world."

"Over the past decade, the Internet has had a powerful impact on the economy and on the lives of American citizens. We have witnessed the fruits of increased innovation, entrepreneurship, and competition that this technology has helped deliver," INCOMPAS added in its ex parte. "As policymakers, any rules of the road in this area must maintain an open and dynamic Internet that will allow it to continue to be an engine of productivity and innovation that benefits all Americans."

Last week, Chairman Pai also attacked INCOMPAS member Twitter in a speech, attempting to deflect criticism for his effort to end open internet protections.

"Chairman Pai's attack on Twitter is like a boxer losing a fight and taking wild and erratic swings," said INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering. "Preventing hate speech and bullying behavior online is not the same thing as allowing cable companies to block, throttle and extort money from consumers and the websites they love. Twitter is an amazing platform for left, right and center. Donald Trump might not be President without it, and Chairman Pai's plan to kill net neutrality will put Comcast and AT&T in charge of his Twitter account. The ISPs are monopolies, over two-thirds of Americans are stuck paying more for terrible service because they are denied choice and competition. Chairman Pai's plan to kill net neutrality makes matters worse. It will block consumers access to over-the-top streaming competition that enables them to cut the cord for a better deal."