"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." - Voltaire
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PersonalmessagePersonal Message: Tomer Harel, CEO

Dear MacRepertory users and colleagues,

During 2016, Synergy Homeopathic continued its tradition as a leader and groundbreaking member in the field of homeopathic innovation. Following an entire year of concerted effort, we launched the HOPE educational portal of which we are very proud. Those who have chosen to make use of HOPE have benefited from hundreds of hours of unique videos dedicated to all approaches and streams of thought from basic to advanced topics. I warmly invite you to sign up for free and begin enjoying classes.
2017 is going to be no less exciting. Synergy is enjoying a great period of surging creativity and innovation. MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks users will be able to upgrade to a brand new library, Lib H, the most extensive digital library of Homeopathic software ever compiled.

In the coming months, Synergy will release a number of unique new repertories and Synergy and its partners are planning the next generation of homeopathic software.  I promise we'll keep you updated on our progress and will welcome the opportunity to solicit your input as part of the evolution of our innovative software

Let me conclude with a personal greeting to each and every one of you and your loved ones. May 2017 be filled with satisfaction and success, with perfect health accompanied by personal and professional growth on all levels. 

But there is one more thing... 
There's no point denying it any further. The rumors are correct. Synergy and its partners are in the middle of a project of planning the next generation of homeopathy software. We believe that everything we are doing now is designed to allow you, the faithful users of our software for over 30 years now, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, to continue benefitting from the most advanced, stable and reliable homeopathic work tools for many years to come.

I promise you we shall keep you up to date at the project's various stages and will enable you to impact the development of our innovative software and to take part in the process.

With my highest respect and esteem,

Tomer Harel 
Tomer Harel 
CEO, Synergy Homeopathic 
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Botanical Repertory by Michal Yakir
$89 /  €83 / £71
(Reg $129 / €121 /  £103)

Developed by former botanist and models ecologist, Michal Yakir, this revolutionary new repertory utilizes the developmental order found in nature and the homeopathic implications of this dynamic natural order as it relates to the plant kingdom. 
By investigating this relationship over many decades, Dr. Yakir's understanding evolved gradually like the pieces of a puzzle. 
Clinical observation, late-night studies of materia medica, provings, new homeopathic ideas and conversation with colleagues were synthesized into a comprehensive model incorporating homeopathic, botanical, psychological, Kabbalistic and Jungian ideas.

Contact your local Synergy Dealer to order or click the ORDER button below for more details and to order online.
Repertory of Mental Qualities 2nd Ed. by Jeremy Sherr & Rafi Neu
$89  /  €83 / £71

This 2nd Edition (2017) of Q-Rep which was originally published in 2014 is now available for purchase. If you already own the original version, it will automatically replace your 1st Edition free of charge when you update MacRepertory. You can verify this in the Introduction section of the new version; it will say "You are using the 2nd Edition of Q Repertory for MacRepertory". The German version will be available in the coming weeks. Please contact your Dealer to order it. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you made any additions to your old copy of Q Rep you will need to incorporate the changes again to recapture them in the 2nd Edition.

This 2nd Edition includes the following changes/additions:
  • More than 100 remedies were added to existing rubrics.
  • Three new rubrics were added: Fear Disease, Birds & Flying and Judgemental
  • The following new remedies have been added to the program
Pavo cristatus Peacock egg
Lithium Mica
Psittacus erithacus - African Grey Parrot
Paracanthus hepatus- Blue Tang Fish
Boswellia socotrana
Argentum (Families)
All Nosodes
and  for  online orders please click on ORDER button below

Boennighausen's Innominate Repertory (1846)
$49  /  €46 / £39 on sale! 
(Reg $79  /  €71 /  £63)
The Boenninghausen's Innominate is a translation from German of the 1st edition of the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Clemens Maria Franz von Boenninghausen 1846. 
The addition of the word "innominate" in the title means the translator is unknown. 
The original translation included mistakes, some corrected by the author in later editions as well as some translation mistakes, therefore imperfect compared to the scholarly version by George Dimitriadis ($325) who used this this version as the basis for The Therapeutic Pocketbook, 2nd Edition (TBR2). 
Our copy is by a translator that chose to remain anonymous and has not been edited or corrected from the original. 
The book, designed to be used with MacRepertory, has two parts, a repertory with 7 sections and a keynote file.

Joachim Stürmer
Minimal Materia Medica

NEW ADDITION to MacRepertory German Library!
Joachim Stürmer presents some of the most important homeopathic medicines in a precise and compressed format. Compiled with the help of representatives from different schools, the Materia Medica is essential for both for the homeopathic student as well as for everyday practice and should be in your MacRepertory library.

Bruges, Belgium
SAVE THE DATE: Oct 13-15, 2017

The Homeopathy Event You Wouldn't Want to Miss!

Leaders of the profession will share their respective approaches in an unprecedented show of unity in diversity. Dialogue between the speakers will be an intrinsic part of the conference set up.

The following world class homeopaths and teachers have agreed to present:
  • Frederik Schroyens (Belgium)
  • Jan Scholten (Netherlands)
  • Jeremy Sherr (Tanzania)
  • Jonathan Hardy (England)
  • Marcelo Candegabe (Argentina)
  • Massimo Mangalavori (Italy)
  • Michal Yakir (Israel)
  • Rajan Sankaran (India)
  • Master of Dialogue: Misha Norland (England)
  • Live case taken by Laurie Dack (Canada)

For more information and online registration click

March 4, 2017
Join us in San Diego for a one day MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks live training & lunch with Kim Elia. From 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM and will be helpful for the beginning novice to the most advanced users of our software.

Atlanta Training
April 3, 2017 
Please join us in Atlanta immediately following the 2017 Joint American Homeopathic Conference on Monday, April 3, 2017 for a one day MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks live training with Kim Elia. 
The training will be from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM and will be helpful for the beginning novice to the most advanced users of our software.
For more information or to register, please go to:
TORONTO, Ontario, Canada
May 30, 2017 1- 4 PM
Join us in Toronto for a one day Advanced Training. MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks live training & lunch with Kim Elia. There will be a review of basic functions in the morning followed by more advanced features in the afternoon.

Free Webinar Class
March 15, 2017 
Join us this March 23rd from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM Pacific for a special 90 minutes free Webinar on Bönninghausen's 
1846 Innominate Therapeutic Pocketbook Repertory. During this class, Kim Elia will discuss both the 1846 English translation as well as George Dimitriadis' translation of the same work - known as the TBR2. In addition to providing historical background for these two translations, this class will teach you how to use both of these repertories in the MacRepertory software. A number of paper cases will be presented during this free session.
To register, please go to:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.   

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  
Get inspired!
Come visit our booth at this year's
2017 Joint American Homeopathic Conference
MARCH 31- APRIL 2, 2017 
The Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is the can't-miss meeting for homeopathic practitioners and students in North America.  
The 2017 JAHC-with its 20-plus speakers, special sessions on building and improving your homeopathic business, exciting exhibit hall, and opportunities for renewing old friendships and forging new ones-promises to be the best one yet.
For more information or to register, please go to:

SIGN UP for the MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks 
Training Workshop on April 3rd in Atlanta!
Exactness and Completeness: 
The Secret to Success

UK: Darbyshire, England
May 6-9, 2017
Contact: The Sophia School

For more information: Click Here


USA: San Francisco Bay Area
June 1- 4, 2017
Contact:  Beth Niles

For more information: Click Here
Munich, Germany
May 12-14, 2017
"Trauma and Sensation"
Contact: Dr.med Jürgen Hansel
For more information: Click Here
2017 Joint American Homeopathic Conference
MARCH 31- APRIL 2, 2017 
The Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is the can't-miss meeting for homeopathic practitioners and students in North America. The 2017 JAHC-with its 20-plus speakers, special sessions on building and improving your homeopathic business, exciting exhibit hall, and opportunities for renewing old friendships and forging new ones-promises to be the best one yet. For more information or to register, please go to:

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"Searching and Changing Patient Session
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"Changing Clipboards in ReferenceWorks"
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BeInspiredBe inspired and inspire...
Kristina Kolley
Kristina's Story
by Beth Niles
Last summer we received an email from Kristina Kolley. She mentioned that she was a blind student at the Ottawa College of Homeopathy, (Director: Dr. Shahram Ayoubzadeh)  and then gently petitioned us for funding assistance to adapt MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks to enable it to be used with a text to speech screen-reader called JAWS for Windows. 
She even provided us with a scope for the project from a contractor in the UK, Brian Hartgen, http://www.hartgen.org who specializes in scripting for JAWS. All she needed was the funding and the programs, hopefully at a student discount.  
Of course, being mid-summer, our developer was away on vacation so I said we would have to wait until he came back in a few weeks before we could determine how we might proceed and commit, if at all, to helping with the scripting and funding. 
Precisely 30 days later, we got a follow up note asking if we had discussed her proposal. All of our resources were being used for other projects and so, unfortunately, we had to turn her down.  
Fast-forward 4 months to mid-December. Undeterred, Kristina put a Fundrazr crowd-funding campaign together to raise the money she needed to buy the programs and pay for the scripting. By week's end she had managed to raise about $350. A good start, but it seemed like a long haul to reach her goal of nearly $8000. We were so impressed with her tenacity and vision, we decided to donate the software and free her funds for the scripting of her newly minted Professional Edition.
Curious to know more about the project, I called Kristina to give her the good news. I asked if we could talk briefly about her story and what had brought her to this point.  

Kristina was ecstatic! She had hoped her campaign would be a success, but she never anticipated that anyone would come through with such a generous donation, or that her campaign would catch anyone's attention so soon after it had been launched.

Kristina was born blind in 1981 and grew up in Toronto. Languages have been her passion since her teens, and so it seemed only natural that she would study linguistics but she soon realized that translation was not really her cup of tea.
As is often the case, homeopathy was a fortuitous but accidental discovery. Kristina went to an alternative medicine clinic to see a specialist for a foot problem. The intake receptionist started asking her mental health questions and so she was prompted to ask them what else they had to offer. " I went to a talk given by the clinic homeopath and was BLOWN AWAY- he was asking us to describe symptoms in ways I had never been asked to do before and it intrigued me. Now, he's my homeopath! As I saw improvements in my own health, he took me deep, to the sensation level. I think that was when I got hooked!"
One thing lead to another. A year ago Kristina started studies at OCH and wondered how she would be able to facilitate her studies as a blind person. When the software required for your profession is JAWS-friendly it is not an obstacle. She had finally found her calling but homeopathy was uncharted territory with no clear path or JAWS-friendly resources. Unwilling to accept the status quo Kristina was determined to find a way forward.
Kristina is keen to help other blind people to pursue the dream of becoming a homeopath and consider the profession in the first place. "I was unable to find anybody to help me with my specific inquiries, namely a blind homeopath. The OCH staff, as well as my classmates, have been wonderful in this regard, especially since this was a first for all of us. The search to find a scripter was initiated and I found someone in the UK who was receptive and willing to take this on."
How did you you figure out your options for selecting the right software for this project? My teacher, Mokhtar  Akbari, and I had a consultation with Brian Hartgen via Skype to determine which program was the best and scriptable, and more critically, who could provide us with a demo.  Not all programs are even scriptable.  We only evaluated three products, Complete Dynamics which didn't work out and MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks which proved they could be scripted. Mokhtar's role, during the consultation, was as a knowledgeable homeopath who could explain the intricacies of the software to Brian who was connected remotely and is blind himself.
How has your college responded to students using homeopathic software? Homeopathy just became a regulated profession in Ontario. The school is very responsive to students. They support the students using software. In the very beginning they would show us Kent's Repertory on paper and assigned exercises. As we began to repertorize our cases, people started using software.  I should also mention two concrete challenges that I was facing:
1. Access to books both repertories and Materia Medicas are limited to the public domain (Works predating 1940's, deceased authors primarily)
2. No access to a current, updated repertory, and once into the sections, you can't enter key words, you have to scroll through dozens of pages to get to the correct sub-rubric. It's pretty horrendous.  Synergy's donation removes both of these obstacles.
Have your other senses become more acute as a result of being blind? Are you more aware?   Not sure if that is true in general. Some people are more or less aware. I can see colors and contours.  We all have the potential to develop our senses. Sight is like a distraction. I don't want to make it sound like blind people are more aware. Being blind allows me to access other awareness. I do focus on the patient's voice. It would be interesting to research the voice. More of my first impressions come from the person's voice. It's part of what I notice, patterns and kinds of voice quality. The tone of voice might be just as much of an aid to me as other bodily cues.  
What are your dreams and aspirations beyond this current project? To get credentialed and start a practice and to be an advocate for the profession as well as raise awareness about homeopathy's life-changing benefits to the general public, and, encourage blind people to consider homeopathy as another new career option. Thanks to homeopathy, my debilitating migraines are almost completely gone. It's amazing! It's spiritual thing- I actually want put it out there that homeopathy can change the world! So many of the world's problems are due to people needing a remedy. 
I would also like to thank the team at Synergy Homeopathic for their generosity and for believing in my endeavour, as I take the leap into uncharted territory, hoping to open up the wonderful world of homeopathy and its practice to an untapped segment of the population. Your kind donation of the software makes reaching my goal much more attainable!

If you would like to offer assistance for the scripting project or donate to Kristina's crowdfunding campaign you can access her site by pressing the DONATE button below.

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