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Thank you to the community at large, who support the vision of IPALC and the leaders who devote their time, talent and treasure to keep goals in focus.  Without the patients of Lee County, the Physicians of Lee County wouldn't matter!

Raymond Kordonowy, MD
Greetings IPALC followers!
We are moving into the holiday season and on behalf of our IPALC members I want to wish you a joyful and happy holiday season.  We will not be sending another newsletter out until after the New Year.

The recent November election seems to have sent a message to our Federal Leadership that Americans want their traditional values upheld.  This means we want our individual liberties supported and enforced.  It has been consistently demonstrated that most Americans have not been in favor of OBAMACARE and the president elect made it very clear during the campaign that getting rid of this law is a top priority.

The good news is the  I
ndependent Physicians Association of Lee County i
s open for business to serve our local patrons with excellent and cost effective health care. I am hopeful that we can provide a forum for our IPALC  members to post their prices for services.

While I have been posting my prices for years most doctors don't do this.  The reasons are several. One is contractually.  For some doctors who sign insurance contracts they are forbidden to request direct cash payment from patients.  If we change our health legislation to enhance free market and individual choice, then doctors and patients can begin true price discovery.  If we know what routine care costs and see that it is affordable we can stop insuring for routine services. This is how we get our insurance premiums to go down.  Surrendering all market control to a few monopoly entities like large health insurance companies and large hospital systems is un-American and assures higher costs.

Instead of insuring for what is called "first dollar coverage" (our present health insurance products) we could have health care "credit" - we could further cut back on our insurance premiums and insurance claims.  I truly wish the federal government would create the regulatory environment to allow this type of product to compete for health insurance.

Humbly Submitted:

Raymond W. Kordonowy MD IPALC President

Physician Spotlight

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Surgical Healing Arts Center

Rich Ramlogan, M.D.  General & Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Ramlogan treats patients with a broad range of bariatric, laparoscopic and general surgery concerns.

His special areas of interest include laparoscopic gastric bypass, gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, revisional bariatric procedures, hernia surgery and anti-reflux surgery.

Dr. Ramlogan, who was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, received his Medical Degree from the University of the West Indies. He completed his internship and began residency at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Cabrini) program in Manhattan. Dr. Ramlogan was named the most outstanding intern of his class followed by the most outstanding resident in the program. 

Dr. Ramlogan then completed his residency at the New York Medical College (Sound Shore) program where he went on to serve as chief resident.
In 2011, Dr Ramlogan completed a fellowship in advanced laparoscopy and bariatric surgery at Danbury Hospital, CT. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS).

The Editorial Guest Opinion That Didn't Make The Grade At Our Fort Myers NewsPress- offered prior to the November Election

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