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Raymond Kordonowy, MD
Hi Everyone!

I wanted to thank you for reading our patient newsletter. Please encourage your friends and family to get familiar with our website and newsletter. We are working hard to provide you with fun, relevant and current health related content.

This month the hard fought direct patient admissions task force effort has come to formal policy. The community doctors are being informed of the process and phone numbers needed for the doctors and their staff to follow if/when a patient needs admission to the hospital. The idea here is to improve service and access for patients. As many of you may know the culture for the past 9 years regarding patients with new onset/unexpected illness or problems is to send them either to the ER or an urgent care center, rather than inconveniencing the doctor's office. The reason this has been so is that after Lee Memorial Health Care System became a monopoly the loss of hospital competition created a culture of indifference regarding service to your doctor. Since getting a direct admission became essentially impossible as a result of poor policies and procedures, when a patient called potentially ill enough to result in a disposition plan that involved admission, the doctor "was trained" to refer you to the emergency room, whether that was truly in your best interest or not.

Recently we changed our website and are considering further enhancements. We now have an active physician/doctor membership list which you can easily access. We are inquiring about a phone number for referral requests as well. Remember we are archiving our newsletters and our blog site gets contributions nearly daily from our member doctors.

Feel free to provide us feedback positive, negative or otherwise. If you want a topic covered, have a medical referral question or want to recommend website enhancements, feel free to contact us.


Raymond W. Kordonowy MD President IPALC

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As you begin reading our newsletter, if there is a specific group or physician in Lee County you wish to know more about,  send an email to  info@ipalc.org so that we may feature that physician or group.

South Florida Eye Care

Dr. F. Rick Palmon is board-certified in ophthalmology and is fellowship trained in corneal surgery.
Dr. F. Rick Palmon has been providing medical and surgical eye care for more than 19 years. He received his medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine.
Dr. Palmon and the staff at Southwest Florida Eye Care perform Lasik and cataract surgery as well as care for those with glaucoma, corneal disease and pediatric patients. They have three convenient locations for Southwest Florida patients, Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral. Scheduling an appointment is easy. Call them at 239-768-0006 or request an appointment online. 


  • Many of our IPALC Physicians are posting blogs on a regular basis. We have even been enjoying some posts from new physicians.  Please be sure to check the News & Articles section of the IPALC website on a regular basis.  


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Imagine- actually insuring for unexpected high health costs only. Imagine knowing and planning normal health maintenance expenses by price transparency.  A Third Party Administrator can/could put providers and patients together to assist both parties in matching price, quality and services for "routine consumption".  The result would be seeing the cost of health care payments go down.  For as long as I have been in practice I have witnessed the cost of health insurance go up by annual double digits (the past 2 decades). Things have got to change.

Patients are likely unaware that a law passed last year is and will have profound impact on the efficiency and accessibly of doctor services. Independent physicians are advocating that this bureaucratic nightmare be rescinded. is a scheme to keep your doctors from actually being efficient and unbiased in our evaluation and management.


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