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March/April 2016 - In This Issue:

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Thank you to the community at large, who support the vision of IPALC and the leaders who devote their time, talent and treasure to keep goals in focus.  Without the patients of Lee County, the Physicians of Lee County wouldn't matter!

Raymond Kordonowy, MD
Welcome IPALC readers!

IPALC has accomplished a significant change in our local hospital admissions process. Within 3 months of bringing an issue that not only failed to get resolved but actually only got worse for the past 9 years, we helped the system confront this massive care issue to improve patient access and service for hospital admissions. 

In this issue of our newsletter you can read about it  as it was reported in our local News Press. I also provided an IPALC President's opinion piece to further raise awareness to both patients and doctors. To help us monitor for ongoing problems or poor hospital service we have provided a link on our website and would request you provide us details about what you are experiencing. Positive feedback is welcome as well!

At the end of this year we lost our project manager Amber Brennan- she needed to increase her time with her family as the primary caregiver of her disabled veteran husband. With this unexpected development IPALC had to abandon our plans for our second annual patient health fair. I apologize for this and hopefully we can plan this next year. If anyone out there is available to be considered for our project manager position, please reach out to us.


As I enter the 3rd year as IPALC president I am excited how more and more people are becoming aware of our association. Like minded independent third party insurance administrators are approaching us with the concept of creating more cost effective and customized health claim and insurance management. It is my goal to help create a more transparent and much more user friendly health care market for our local citizens. 


I have for years provided price transparency and recently developed a direct patient care program for individuals to access me and my office practice. I am leading the way in our town with such openness and am ever hopeful more doctors will catch on. If more of us do businesses will find that providing customized health benefits or claims management for their employees with only partial risk insurance as the most affordable and least limiting way to get their health care services. For those who missed last month's newsletter follow the link to learn about Liberty HealthShare as a way to avoid Obamacare without paying a penalty.


Tell your friends about the Independent Physicians Association of Lee County. We are a 501c6 organization whose mission is to be champions for patients. Consider donating to our cause.   

Humbly submitted,

Raymond W. Kordonowy MD  ABIM ABCL, President of IPALC


  • Many of our IPALC Physicians are posting blogs on a regular basis. We have even been enjoying some posts from new physicians.  Please be sure to check the News & Articles section of the IPALC website on a regular basis.
  • Dr. Raymond Kordonowy has published a FREE RECIPE E-BOOK on the IPALC website.  It is full of recipes that are not only healthy, but delicious too!  Please take a moment to download the e-book and encourage your friends to do the same.
  • Dr. Kordonowy, president of IPALC encourages businesses to explore self-funding as a model of providing health benefits for your employees. Using the IPALC doctors for your outpatient services can allow predictability into your and your employees health normal health expenditures.Taking that cost out of your insurance premium and having a third party administrator help you with a self-funded modified back-up insurance could save you tens of thousands of dollars annually. MORE INFO HERE
  • IPALC informs and reminds the public that we are looking out for patients  and individuals. We have successfully gotten significant concessions to  smooth patient transitions from the office to the hospital for acutely ill  patients. This process will allow your doctors to be more comfortable  assessing your acute problems in the office.


IPALC is seeking a new project manager.
25-30 hours per week. Interested individuals, please submit your information HERE


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