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I am very pleased to let you know we now have released our iPhone Native Apps and Web Apps.

Yipee! - from a personal perspective,



iPhone and iPad Apps
  You can now have an iPhone version of your SehMobile App. This week we released our iPhone and iPad app.

Here is a link to a page with a few images and more information about our iPhone app.


You can call us at 800-768-0907 and tell us to go ahead with creating an iPhone app for you - if I am here I will be glad to help, but if I am not here please let either Lisa, Strickland or Calvin help you.


you can log on to your account and select purchase web app.


We built the iPhone apps as a web app first. Web Apps are written in HTML 5 and run through the phone's browser. This is actually a better experience on the iPad than running a iPhone native app on the iPad.

But Apple needs apps in the Apple App Store to be published in a native file format. So we re-compile the HTML 5 into Apple's format to give you a Native iPhone app also.

You get both for the price of adding a Web App.



Web apps run great on iPhones, so they give you an iPhone app immediately. But they can not be published in the Apple App Store.


Please read the next article down the page to learn about getting your app into the App Store. 




We will be charging an additional one time fee of $200 - but we are discounting all existing users by $100. on that fee.


Having both Apps will increase your monthly fee by $20. 

How to Get Published in the Apple App Store
To be published in the Apple App Store, each of you - or your business - must sign up for an Apple Developers Account.

Here is the link to do that...

I know you are not going to be the developer - we are. But Apple wants to control the quality of the apps in the App Store and this is part of their process to do that.

Here is my experience signing up:
  1. I filled out the pages to be an iOS developer. I submitted those pages.
  2. Apple sent an email acknowledgement of my submission immediately.
  3. Three days later I received another email asking me to Fax some proof of identity information to them. I did this.
  4. Three days later they called me at the phone number I used to register to tell me another email was on its way. The email came almost immediately.
  5. From that email I linked to the Apple Store and completed a little additional information and purchased a one seat license developers kit for $99.  This license is renewable annually.
  6. I then was able to submit my app to the App Store- we will be able to help you with this step.
  7. After a few days the app was approved.

Each of you will need to do this same process before your app can be submitted to the Apple App Store.

You can do this first and then tell us to build your app, or we can build the app so you have the web app version for iPhone users until your app is published in the App Store.


I appreciate your patience in waiting for this version. We have lots of new features we will be adding soon, but this is a milestone to remember.




Duke Williams

800-768-0907 - office

919-740-5035- mobile 
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