Spring 2016
spring_forest_sunrise.jpg Welcome to the quarterly edition of the Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy (ISHRS) newsletter. As we close off Phase 2 of the strategy, we are excited to share that all of our key deliverables have been accomplished! After an energy-packed Steering Committee planning session held in January, we look forward to the start of Phase 3. 
Core Competencies
abstract-mouse.jpgHats off to our Core Competency Sub-Committee and their leader - Beverly Morris! The voluntary Core Competency models have been finalized and will be presented to the sector at the May 26 & 27, 2016 event, "Piecing the Puzzle Together." Having clear, consistent competency models that take into consideration the unique and specialized nature of Intervenor services will result in broadly accepted expectations for these roles and their functions.
A hearty "thank you" to everyone who invested their time and expertise to inform these models through:  interviews;  focus groups; expert panels; and, questionnaires!
Research Benchmarks
  business_finance_research.jpg Our research benchmark report is complete and moving forward, we will be using the information from the document as a resource in the next phase. Our report is the culmination of information gathered from management leads and Intervenors through a survey sent to the 21 agencies receiving Intervenor Services funding across Ontario.
Survey questions were grouped into sections that mirror ISHRS Sub-Committee areas covering: core competencies; education and training; best practices in human resources; and, marketing and communications.
As the first ever sector-wide survey in Ontario, it provides insight on the current state of the sector, like how many Intervenors there are in the province. Stay tuned for highlights in future communications. 
We are Looking for Champions!
We have been sending out "Save the Date" emails in anticipation of our upcoming event "Piecing the Puzzle Together," scheduled for May 26 and 27, 2016.
One of the activities planned by the Core Competency Sub-Committee is an introduction to core competency models. To ensure the models can be effectively implemented across the province the Core Competency Sub-Committee, in collaboration with consultants from the Hay Group, will also lead a "train the trainer" session.
Agencies are asked to nominate a limited number of employees or "champions" (who fulfill specific criteria) to attend the "train the trainer" session by completing and submitting forms to pcishr@deafblindontario.com by April 29, 2016. These forms were sent out to all 21 agencies on March 11, 2016. If you missed the email and are interested in completing a nomination form, please send your request to pcishr@deafblindontario.com.
These specialized training modules will empower sector-wide "champions," equipping organizations with the tools and coaching to successfully implement core competencies in their own organizations.
See You at the May Event
We are excited to be finalizing our agenda, including the list of speakers, and will be sharing details in the weeks ahead. This event will provide you with a chance to make valuable connections with your colleagues across Ontario through networking opportunities and interactive learning activities to help you "piece the puzzle together." 
Don't miss out, our early bird rate ends April 29, 2016! movie-tickets-red.jpg
Visit the website at www.intervenorservices.com for more details. Group registrations can be completed by sending an email to the ISHRS Project Coordinator at pcishr@deafblindontario.com.
Finding the Gaps
business-presentation.jpg Earlier this year, the Education and Training Sub-Committee invited designated representatives from each agency as well as from George Brown College to make short presentations outlining their programs with an emphasis on initial and ongoing employee training.  
pencils.jpgMost recently, they have been busy analyzing the material and reviewing the different examples. Next steps will include locating any gaps that may exist, identifying ideal learning environments, and putting together recommendations for best practices in employee training to help Intervenors build for success.
Connecting with the DS Sector 
In early February, we had the pleasure of making a presentation at the Developmental Services Sector HR Forum titled "Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy: Another Piece of the Puzzle". The annual forum focused on sharing information and provided examples of how the DS HR Strategy is being used across the sector to provide high quality support to people living with developmental disabilities. It offered us wonderful opportunities to build and strengthen relationships, expand our understanding about the DS sector, and share the progress of our strategy.
We look forward to future opportunities to connect with our colleagues across this sector! colorful_bags_many.jpg
Connecting with the IS Sector
In mid-March Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks, Co-Chair of the Steering Committee along with Elaine Bennett, Project Coordinator of the ISHRS, presented at the Intervenor Organization of Ontario (IOO) Annual General Meeting (AGM).
This meeting provided a great chance to:  introduce the work of the ISHRS strategy; discuss challenges for the sector; as well as, explore opportunities to collaborate with the IOO going forward.!  
colorful-tulip-field.jpg Interested in sharing some great news with our sector?

We are interested in hearing about your news and special events.  Please email us at pcishr@deafblindontario.com if there is something you would like us to help you share! 

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