Spring 2017
We are excited to tell you about our activities this quarter spring_flowers_field.jpg
in our Spring 2017 edition of the Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy's newsletter!
business_finance_research.jpg The ISHRS submitted a proposal on February 21, 2017 to MCSS for Phase 4 funding (April 1, 2017 - March 31 2018).
We will be sharing an update on the Steering and sub-committee priorities with the sector via our website
Behavioural Competencies Implementation Guide
In early March, the Behavioural Competencies Sub-Committee sent out their Implementation Guide to senior management across the sector. The document contains information and guidelines to support agencies as they introduce and implement behavioural competencies within their respective organizations, and includes the following:
      • Overview and description of implementation phases;
      • Timelines;
      • Roles and responsibilities;
      • Training programs and requirements;
      • Communications; and
      • Names and contact information for additional resources and support
The Behavioural Competencies Sub-Committee will be reaching out to agencies this spring to request feedback on the implementation guide and to check in with progress on implementation. Congratulations to those organizations that have started the implementation process!
Senior management across the sector are encouraged to contact Beverly Morris:   Beverly.Morris@cnib.ca  to express their interest in implementing the behavioural competencies for intervenor services and/or confirm any questions about implementation.

Behavioural Competencies - getting familiar with them

In each edition of the quarterly newsletter, we have been introducing innovative ways to  become familiar with the behavioural competencies with your teams.  We encourage you to share the latest activity and the Behavioural Competency Corner with your teams! 
Behavioural Competency Corner: BE YOUR BEST SELF
Act with Integrity
  • The ability to demonstrate and be sensitive to the core values of the profession, agency and sector. It includes using sound ethical judgment in an ethically complex work environment, and interacting respectfully, professionally and honestly with consumers, families and the community at large.
  • The ability to adapt to, and work effectively within, a variety of situations and with various individuals or groups. It involves being open to and flexibly responding to different needs and perspectives, as well as easily accepting changes in tasks, responsibilities or job requirements.
Commit to Personal Growth and Development
  • The commitment to continually develop and enhance one's personal and professional skills, knowledge and abilities. This involves regularly reflecting on your performance and abilities, seeking feedback from others (e.g., manager, colleagues, consumers), and taking action in light of that feedback.
Demonstrate Self-Management and Resilience
  • The ability to display commitment, self-discipline, determination and enthusiasm despite challenges, setbacks, and in the face of routine or repetitive tasks. It includes bouncing back from disappointments or confrontations, and not letting them negatively influence ongoing interactions with others.
Print out this crossword puzzle and share it with your teams to help them learn the behavioural competencies.
Behavioural Based Interviewing
make_it_happen_torn_paper.jpg Thanks to our amazing facilitators - Alyssa Young, Deafblind Ontario Services and Susan Paulley, Community Living Wallaceburg (members of the Best Practices in Human Resources Sub-Committee)  for delivering 5 training sessions on behavioural based interviewing across Ontario between January and March 2017!
Feedback received from a survey filled out by participants confirmed that it was a very interactive training session! Feedback on what participants liked most included:
  • "It was interactive and had lots of discussions, participation and exercises"
  • "good examples given, group work was beneficial to the materials, good discussion between group"
  • "comfortable environment, sharing stories/challenges, good/open discussions, guidelines provided"
  • "I enjoyed the training; learning new experiences; I liked the mock interviewing; good handouts"
On behalf of the ISHRS, Jayne Leang (Chair, Best Practices in Human Resources Sub-Committee) and Elaine Bennett (ISHRS Project Coordinator), presented at the annual Developmental Services Forum on February 8, 2017. They shared: information how the strategy was created; the list of behavioural competencies for intervenor services and clusters; and, work to date on the HR toolkit.

concept_global.jpgThe Forum was a great opportunity to continue strengthening the relationship with the developmental services sector and provide them with an update on the strategy.

As we look ahead, we will be finalizing the Best Practices in HR for the Intervenor Services toolkit.
Technical Competencies
Between March and April 2017, the Education and Training Sub-Committee  will be collecting feedback from agencies, smartphone_notebook.jpgas well as from individuals who are deafblind and their families on a draft set of technical competencies for intervenor services.
Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new information.
Marketing and Communications
Have you reviewed the ISHRS Glossary of Terms recently? It's a living document created to capture common language often referenced in the intervenor services sector. It is consistent with the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) policy framework for intervenor services. Visit www.intervenorservices.com  for the most up to date definitions.
Have you checked out the new Intervenor Organization of Ontario (IOO) website lately? They have refreshed their look and we encourage you to visit them for information on the profession of intervenors.
notebooks-pen-sm.jpgThe Marketing and Communications Sub-Committee is creating a marketing strategy for intervenor services. This plan will: support recruitment of highly skilled intervenors; and, help attract professionals to intervenor services as a new and emerging profession. They are also planning a recruitment video for intervenor services that can be used across the sector to support agency efforts.
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* Intervenor Organization of Ontario Website:
* Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy: http://www.ontariodevelopmentalservices.ca/about-us/dshr-strategy
* George Brown College
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