Summer 2016
sunny-tree-boughs.jpg Welcome to the Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy's summer newsletter! I t has been a very busy and productive few months and we're excited to share our progress with you!
IOO Launches Southwest Division
Our mission to connect continues! Beverly Morris, chair of the Core Competencies Sub-Committee joined the Intervenor Organization of Ontario (IOO) as they launched their Southwest Division in May.
Beverly shared an update on the ISHRS' goals and progress. Congratulations on the launch!
Piecing the Puzzle Together Event 2016
The ISHRS event held on May 26 & 27, 2016 was a huge success! 175 attendees had  opportunities to make valuable connections with their colleagues across Ontario through networking session and interactive learning activities.
The Piecing the Puzzle Event revealed the new behavioural competencies for the sector and provided training for agency representatives to bring back to their organizations.
Intervenors, Supervisors and Managers from the sector participated.    
Hay Group
On the first day of the event, the Hay Group presented the behavioural competencies for Intervenor Services.
These competencies were created with the help of valuable feedback from across the sector, gathered through surveys, interviews and focus groups over the past year.                                                                                                                                Rick Lash
Behavioural Competencies are the behaviours a person demonstrates in applying their knowledge and skills on the job.
Check them out on our website: 

Stephen Shedletzky
Keynote speaker Stephen Shedletzky spoke about how leaders can harness the natural drivers that exist in us all to create an environment that attracts the right people, inspires their engagement and loyalty, and encourages them to work together to create remarkable results.

  Stephen Shedletsky

Stephen's presentation was well received by delegates. For more information, check out Stephen's website and his YouTube video on leadership.
David Baum
The closing presentation on day two featured David Baum with a keynote on "Better is Better." David spoke about how happy people encounter more positive experiences in life which can come from spending just 30 minutes a day doing an activity that requires 100% of your attention.                                                                                                                              David Baum
Audience members enjoyed his use of colourful stories to emphasize his main points and left the session newly inspired.
For more information about David, check out his website:

W e would like to thank Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Community and Social Services, for joining us and sharing a few encouraging words with the sector on behalf of the ministry. The ISHRS is pleased to partner with MCSS on this initiative. Thanks for joining us!

Dr. Helena Jaczek (MCSS) 

"Train The Trainer" Session
As part of the implementation of the Competencies for Intervenor Services, agencies across the sector were asked to select a maximum of three employees to receive training on the competencies at the Piecing the Puzzle Together event. Participants were given opportunities to practice through interactive session with their peers.
These representatives will also attend a "Coaching for Competencies" training session on October 17, 2016. Once fully trained, these individuals will then be equipped to deliver training on the competencies across the sector.
An Implementation Guide to additionally support the trainers and agencies through the process of launching the competencies with their teams is being developed. We look forward to sharing it for use.
We are excited to see the Implementation Guide and training sessions come together to promote the Competencies for Intervenor Services.
Meet your Competencies Trainers:
-       Beverly Morris                     CNIB
-       Leah Cameron                     CDBA Ontario
-       Jennifer Kapin                     CDBA Ontario
-       Sue Hall                                 CDBA Ontario
-       Holly Floyd                           CDBA Ontario
-       Tammy Taylor                      CNIB
-       Jessica White                       CNIB
-       Tina Sarkar-Thompson      CNIB
-       Melinda Allen                     CNIB 
-       Allan Wareham                   CHS
-       Laura Proudfoot                  DeafBlind Ontario Services
-       Theresa Merrifield              DeafBlind Ontario Services
-       Alyssa Young                        DeafBlind Ontario Services
-       Renee Toninger                   CHKC
-       Lee Simpson                         CHKC
-       Melanie Gauthier                CHKC
-       Marta Zaharia                      CHKC
Thank you to the event planning team, event volunteers, guest speakers, interpreters and all who attended that made the event a huge success!
Check out some great pictures from the event:
Welcome Tori Bellar

The ISHRS welcomes summer student Tori Bellar. Tori is a second year student at Nipissing University studying Criminal Justice. Tori will be working with us until August 12, 2016.  
Welcome to the team Tori!

Interested in learning ASL?
Do you want to learn ASL or improve your ASL skills? The Canadian Hearing Society is hosting summer courses for all ASL levels at their Toronto location.
Check out the following link for more details:
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