Winter 2018
As the count down continues on  thesnow-heavy-trees.jpg Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy, we encourage you to check out our latest updates in this edition of the newsletter!
The strategy is entering its final quarter and selected ISHRS Sub-Committees members are being recruited to serve on a standing committee under the Deafblind Network of Ontario (DBNO). Current Co-Chair to the ISHRS Steering Committee, Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks has been appointed as Chair of this new DBNO standing committee to help support sustainability.   
Don't miss our next edition, when we officially announce the DBNO ISHRS Committee membership!
The ISHRS count down continues...only 3 months left!
With the strategy ending March 31, 2018, the final resources developed by the ISHRS will be accessible on the new DBNO website set to launch in the spring. 
This website will also serve as the single point of access for consumers and families for intervenor services in Ontario.
The DBNO will also start the new year with a new look and logo! 
Part of the new logo includes the colour purple,  acknowledging the ISHRS contributions to the future of intervenor services.
We encourage you to stay tuned for the final edition of the ISHRS newsletter - what a journey we have had!

Members of the Behavioural Competencies Sub-Committee are putting the final touches together for the guide. This Coaching Resources for Behavioural Competencies guide will support managers and supervisors in coaching intervenors in the development of behavioural competencies. Intervenors will also have access to this guide as it is intended to support their professional goals. The future is in your hands!

As part of implementation, the Behavioural Competencies Sub-Committee is piloting the paper_people_chain.jpg behavioural competencies at developmental services agencies who also support individuals who are deafblind.   A project committee, comprised of members of the Steering Committee and two ISHRS Behavioural Competencies Trainers delivered training on the Behavioural Competencies to employees at South East Grey Support Services (SEGSS) and Community Living South Muskoka (CL SM).
We encourage all agencies to implement the Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services! Senior management at agencies are asked to check out the Behavioural Competencies Implementation Guide that was developed to support training.
The ISHRS Behavioural Competencies Trainers are available to support agencies with their implementation activities. Trainers include:
Allan Wareham (CHS)
Alyssa Young (DBOS)
Holly Floyd (CDBA ON)
Jessica White (CNIB)
Jenn Kapin (CDBA ON)
Leah Cameron (CDBA ON)
Lee Simpson (CHKC)
Marta Zaharia (CHKC)
Melanie Gauthier (CHKC)
Melinda Allen (CNIB)
Renée Toninger (CHKC)
Sue Hall (CDBA ON)
Tammy Taylor (CNIB)
Theresa Merrifield (DBOS).

To support a smooth transition as the strategy concludes, the trainers will be meeting in February 2018 to discuss lessons learned and agency strategies for implementation, to review current resources, and to share real-life examples of competencies in action and agency training timelines before and beyond March 2018. As of September 2017, 285 intervenors across the province received introductory training on the Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services! Tune into ISHRS social media for an update, as of December 31st.  

In a previous edition of the newsletter, we shared the Build Bonds competency cluster. As you continue familiarizing yourself with the Behavioural Competencies, you might find the following resources helpful by:

  • Checking out the Description of Cluster listed below (including definitions of competencies within that cluster)
  • Completing the Word Jumble

    The focus this quarter is on the "Deliver Excellence" cluster of behavioural competencies for intervenor services.

    Demonstrate Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
    The ability to come up with creative ideas and solutions to solve problems and make decisions. It involves understanding the situation, gathering information, weighing alternatives, and choosing the most appropriate solution or course of action. It incudes "thinking outside of the box" and going beyond the conventional, exploring creative ideas and approaches.
    Demonstrate Financial Acumen
    The ability to manage finances and resources to maximize results. It includes understanding financial management principles and reporting requirements, and effectively managing the agency's funding through careful planning and monitoring of resources (e.g. financial and other).
    Plan and Coordinate
    The ability to plan and coordinate work and execute individual and team activities in a way that ensures achievement of individual, agency and consumer objectives.
    Show Passion, Enthusiasm and Dedication
    The belief in, and passion for, enhancing the lives of individuals who are deafblind, and being a champion for them, enabling them to live rich, meaningful lives. It is about demonstrating through words and actions a true commitment to supporting and promoting the interests and priorities of individuals who are deafblind, the agency and the sector as a whole.
    Word Jumble

    Best Practices in Human Resources Sub-Committee
    binary_code.jpgThe HR Toolkit is almost complete and will be available in the final ISHRS package, slated for completion by March 31, 2018. The committee for HR professionals have been creating an HR Metrics tool for Intervenor Services, as well as sample intervenor job descriptions, postings and professional development plan templates for agencies to use.
    These resources will be made available to HR professionals through the new DBNO website.
    The Education and Training Sub-Committee hassmartphone_notebook.jpg been steadfast in their goal in providing a resource to support consistent training of intervenors in the technical competencies across the sector.
    The technical competencies will be available to the sector in the final package.
    The work of this committee will transfer to the DBNO ISHRS committee.
     Marketing and Communications
    This year, we've been creating awareness videos to help promote the profession of movie-items-lg.jpgintervenors as a career choice. Look out for these videos at future community events, career fairs, partner social media channels and on the DBNO website.
    Behind the scenes, the Marketing and Communication Sub-Committee has been working on updates like this newsletter to increase awareness of the role of the intervenor and the field of Intervenor Services. We've also been supporting ongoing communication across all the sub-committees and with our key partners.
    We will be focusing this quarter on completion of current work across the sub-committees and its use beyond the strategy to ensure that vital resources like the best practices in human resources can further raise the profile of Intervenor Services. We will also be working on promoting these resources in support of continued development of the skill set of intervenors, and the sustaining goal of professionalizing Intervenor Services in Ontario - to recruit new talent to the sector!

    SAVE THE DATE! Intervenor Services Symposium June 6 & 7, 2018 in Mississauga. 
    For more information, check us out on the  Spirit of Intervenors Facebook page.
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