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iChurch and PFITR Have Joined ITEN EIR Program
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Featured Event: 

2nd Thursday 


ITEN 2nd Thursday Speaker Series May 08 2014
ITEN 2nd Thursday Speaker Series May 08 2014

On May 12, 2014, ITEN hosted its annual 2nd Thursday event at the Tavern of Fire Arts. This month's speaker was Chris Dornfield, co-founder and President of the social media platform Bonfyre. Created in 2012, Bonfyre allows users to create their own private social networks for specific events, groups, organizations, and companies. Dornfield felt that social media was becoming irrelevant and unfocused, and set out to create something that users could customize to reflect what they really cared about and wanted to see, as opposed to blindly scrolling past posts that they did not really care about The app that Dornfeld and his partners lets users personalize their own social network to what they want to see and share, as well as who they want to share it with, thus making social media more relevant. 

Dornfeld's work with Bonfyre began with Off Campus Media at Washington University in St. Louis with co-founder Mark Sawyier. What sets Bonfyre apart from other social networks or media is that it organizes content around events and experiences, rather than person-to-person connection and who you know. 

He credits his successes to the genuine interest and passion in helping and supporting others in the St. Louis area. 
Our June 2nd Thursday will be June 12th, 4:00pm.  Our guest speakers on June 12th will address the key issues confronting our social fabric from the threat of cyber criminals. Moderated by syndicated blogger David Strom, our panelists include Skip Foss, Lee Lammert and Chuck Renner. Skip is a co-founder of Norse and is an expert in fraud detection. Lee Lammert is Chief Scientist at Omnitec and expert in open source languages and development. Chuck Renner teaches Application Security at Washington University's Center for the Advancement of Information Technology (CAIT).

 Startups News


Pixel Press, one of Mock Angel Graduates is one of only 12 companies accepted into Silicon Valley investor community via an SV Forum event. open registration for the next Investor Forum on June 18. Information about the event here:






Time To Cater billboards are on: 


#480-A I(i-370 in St. Charles)


#3-A: I-55/70 in Illinois (eastbound before you get to the I-64 split)


#59-B: I-70 in St. Charles just West of 5th St (westbound)


#513-A: I-70 just East of Goodfellow (eastbound)




What's in Your Pantry!  FoodEssentials is trying to launch a local campaign to collect every label in STL. Let's help them reach their goal of collecting 75,000 products by the end of June! . Now Share! Share! SHARE to help spread the word!



Sparo Labs wins opportunity to pitch at Oxford University .


 Aisle411 names Cannarozzi as its new CTO 



aisle411 logo


The recipients of the 2014 class of St. Louis' Arch Grants competition was announced at a press conference at the offices of  Polsinelli . 


Arch Fiber providing gigabit Internet to T-REx.  



 Women Entrepreneurs of St. Louis (WEST) is having a picnic. Learn more about the event here






 ITEN Women in STEM and Minorities in TECH 

Special Interest Groups(SIG)Tickoff Meeting


Last week, ITEN held the first Women and Minorities SIGs meeting for a discussion on women and minorities in tech in St. Louis. What resulted was an agreement that these minority tech startups need more publicity and focus. 


SIGs provide opportunities for startups, corporations, entrepreneurs, universities, governments, civic organizations, and anyone interested to come together in an ecumenical forum around common interest. SIGs encourage sharing ideas, insights and opportunities for collaboration. 


The Women in STEM and Minorities in Tech SIGs focus on the issues and opportunities unique to women, minorities and immigrants in technology professions and tech entrepreneurship.  These SIG groups will not only strengthens the inclusion of women and minorities in tech, it will also strengthen the St. Louis tech startup scene, giving it more diversity and in turn, integrity. WEST is co-sponsoring the Women in STEM SIG. 


If you are interested in one or more SIGs, you can get involved with one or more SIGs by signing up here.


 Funding & Applications


St. Louis Startup Challenge applications open on June 1st! $120,000 up for grabs : 




Applications are now open for the SixThirty Accelerator Program. Financial Technology startups check it out :   



Capital Innovators Applications for the next class are open! Apply here: 

august2011 -7


iChurch and PFITR Have Joined ITEN EIR Program 


PFITR and iChurch have joined the EIR program, both working with EIR Chuck Vallurupalli.  


iChurch is focused on developing mobile apps that are aimed at bringing churches closer to their congregation. iChurch is led by Keith Turner. 


PFITR offers software as a solution to bring transparency, policy compliance, accuracy, and efficiency to the public treasurers and financial officers managing public funds. PFITR is led by Jim Koetting.




Welcome New Mentors Joining ITEN
Aditya Eachempati
Aditya Eachempati,  ITEN Mentor

Principal at Everest Analytics; ITEN mentor


Aditya Eachempati has been interested in education and career counseling for a number of years, having set up a financial analyst group in India with young people mostly for their first full-time position, and more recently having volunteered with St Cecilia's School in St Louis, assisting parents to develop a program including aid and work to enable families of limited means to send their children to the private school. 


As a strategy and financial consultant for the past 20+ years in San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong/Asia, including with start-ups, Aditya's experience and skills in a number of areas could be useful to local firms. 


Jane Vancil

Jane Vancil, ITEN Mentor

ITEN mentor; Vice President - Business Incentives at Duff & Phelps  


Jane has a great deal of experience in setting up accounting (ERP) systems and preparing financial reports. She also has experience in setting up corporations, LLCs, partnerships and sole proprietorships and creating org charts and tracking ownership percentages and capital contributions. She has been involved in debt financing and board presentations. 
Jane has worked most of her career in St. Louis and and sincerely want to see St. Louis grow. She believes in giving back to the community and would be happy to share her start-up experience in accounting and corporate set-ups (articles of incorporation, EIN, state registrations, corporate minute books, etc.).
Jason Ashton 
Jason Ashton, ITEN Mentor
Alexander Open Systems; ITEN Mentor
Jason started multiple companies and 2 of which were started from a simple idea and grew to be highly successful. These companies were started with no outside investments: All Things Telecom, Inc.  and Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Jason has an extensive knowledge of technology, business and the processes that companies can/should use to be most effective. 
Jason is passionate about what he does. He is very interested in helping so feel free to reach to him anytime.
You can find all these three mentors through ITEN's Mentor Match Service on ITEN website. Mentor Match enables startups to quickly search all mentors and find the expertise or connections you need.
Welcome New Companies Joining ITEN

Chow Checker On-line resource to compare pet food using Food Essentials platform and connecting the pet parent with veterinarians for dietary needs.


Doug Devitre International :  helps companies use the technology and talent they already have.


CTY: is a civic technology company that creates data-driven products to imrpove the way that people interact with the physical world. Its flagship product, Pulse, is analytics for physical spaces.


Micro Affilliate Network : Provide users an opportunity recommend and earn commission on products using social media networks


Luca Financial Servicesis designing software that will provide individuals withdrawing money from retirement accounts with an optimized strategic plan to minimize taxes over an extended time horizon.


HIPAAtrekCustomizable HIPAA manual and training tool.


robbglowprojectors and hologram illusions



Featured Blog



Mary Louis Helbig, ITEN EIR


by Mary Louise Helbig



I have been working for technology product or service companies for over 25 years and I am still just as excited about this field (that has no industry boundaries) as I was at the beginning of my career. Technology makes a difference in all of our lives, in so many ways. FULL ARTICLE.  

Featured Job Openings



Radialogica is seeking software engineers for both Junior and Senior levels.  
Evtron is looking for a solidworks designer
Click with me now is looking for a sales executive to join their team. 
PushUpSocial is looking for a back end developer


Please check all other job openings at ITEN Jobs 




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