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Addressing Food Safety
Nonthermal Technologies
Cape Town Declaration
Latin America and natural ingredients
Radioactive Fallout subject of new SIB
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IUFoST welcomes the Armenian Society of Food Science and Technology as new member of IUFoST


The Almond Board of California joins IUFoST as a Corporate Associate Member


The IUFoST Textbook,

Food Science and Technology, has been translated into three languages and a second edition is planned   


IUFoST Event


IUFoST joins with CIFST at


EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES FOR PRESENT AND FUTURE FOODS - Visionary Tactics for the ingredients market place  


presented by the global experts at the June 21, 22 conference in Shanghai, held alongside the Fi/Hi/Ni Exhibition.

Among the distinguished speakers are Paul Singh, US Academy of Engineering; Michael Knowles, Vice President Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Coca Cola; Li Hong, Technical Manager, Cargill; Rickey Yada, Canada Research Chair in Food Protein Research; and Cao Min, Quality and Regulatory Director for General Mills.  The complete programme is available at (http://fiasiachina.ingredientsnetwork.com/iufost-conference).   

We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai.

IUFoST Regional Group Events



12th ASEAN Food Conference and FIFSTA Meeting, June 16-18, Bangkok, Thailand,




  III Convencion international alimentacion saludable para la comunidad y el turismo, Havana Cuba, 26 - 30 September 2011, miguelgarcia@infomed.sld.cu for more information



2011 Annual Meeting,  

November 9 - 11, 2011, Berlin, Germany, www.effostconference.com/

IUFoST Adhering Body Events


Philippines - 50th Anniversary PAFT Convention and IUFoST Governing Council Meetings, Pasay City, Metro Manila Philippines, Conference and Fi Exhibition, 6 - 8 July, SMX Convention Centre.  Further details of the programme:  



Australia - 44th Annual AIFST Convention, July 10-13 2011, Sydney, Australia  www.aifst.asn.au/annualconvention/


Uruguay - INNOVA 2011, Fifth International Symposium on Food, October 11-13 , 2011, Montevideo, Uruguay,  



Argentina - XIII Argentine Congress on Food Science and Technology, October  19-21, 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina, www.alimentos.org.ar


Taipei - International Conference on Food Factors (ICoFF 2011), November 20-23, 2011, Taipei,  



Visiting Professor Programme


The IUFoST Visiting Professor Programme, an initiative proposed by VAFoST (Vietnam Assocation of Food Science and Technology) at the IUFoST 15th World Congress in Cape Town, was officially launched in December 2010 at Saigon Technology University. Members of the IUFoST Governing Council kicked off this programme with VAFoST and representatives from Vietnam universities' food technology faculties, by giving lectures to more than 800 students at Saigon Technology University, HCMC University of Industry, HCMC University of Technology, and University of Food Technology.


Bringing international expertise to developing countries, thereby making a difference in the education and training of food scientists and technologists worldwide, is an IUFoST mandate that VAFoST shares. This volunteer professorship programme allows scientists to have new experiences and the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference to the future of food science and technology. For information on how you can join this programme and share the rewards, please contact us through the IUFoST Education Committee,


 subject: Professor Programme


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IUFoST Conversations

Addressing Food Safety 


With the recent E.coli crisis in Europe, issues surrounding food safety have never been more prevalent. At the request of its Adhering Body in China, IUFoST established an Expert Panel on Food Safety to help address the issue facing China and its trading partners.

In April, the second in a series of high level workshops and symposia organized by IUFoST in conjunction with the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health as well as other ministries was held in Beijing.

As part of these meetings, Joseph Jen, Co-Chair of the IUFoST Expert Panel, former Deputy Minister, US Department of Agriculture and Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology talks with IUFoST President Geoffrey Campbell-Platt about what sets IUFoST's efforts apart from the many other programmes and projects currently underway in China and how the Union's work has gained the attention of the highest levels of government.

 IUFoST Conversation - Joseph Jen  


It was a food safety crisis in Europe that led to the creation of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). EFSA is effectively demonstrating the importance of a science based regulatory body that can respond quickly and effectively to issues affecting the food supply.

Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, IUFoST President, talks with Dr. Diana Banati, Chair of EFSA, Fellow of the International Academy and speaker at the Beijing Food Safety Forum about risk communication and risk assessment, and the challenges of regulating food safety in 27 members states in the European Union.

 IUFoST Conversation - Diana Banati   


Through these and other IUFoST Conversations, we present the experts from IUFoST from across the globe. It is our intention that these videos provide the audience with the latest information and opinions on cutting edge topics in food science and technology.   

 Nonthermal Technologies in World of Food Science
This issue of The World of Food Science provides an overview of the current

status of the technology, safety, commercial application and future of four of the nonthermal technologies (high pressure, pulsed electric fields, ozone and pulsed light) developed or being developed for the processing and preservation of modern foods and beverages.

Volume 12: Nonthermal Technologies 

Volume 12: World of Food Science  

Cape Town Declaration

ALACCTA members have unanimously endorsed the IUFoST Cape Town Declaration and its plan of work for the global food science community and pledge to develop activities in accordance to its principles.  GEFFoST, the German Federation of Food Science and Technology, has translated the Declaration into German to distribute to its members.  The Spanish and German versions are also available on the IUFoST website at:  


IUFoST Dispatch

"The trends in ingredients for the food industry are strongly marked by what   consumers want. Recent market research reports refer to well-being as a priority. The term "natural" comes into play, and claims like "no additives" or IFI Journal
no preservatives" take greater strength. Likewise, foods with functional ingredients that are already participating in the market for several years, but targeted, for example, to elderly people with special expectations and needs on quality of life."


Ana Lucia Cort�s. Delegate of the Colombian Association of Food Science and Technology (ACTA) to the Food and Alcoholic Beverages Committee, National Institute of Medicaments and Foods Surveillance (INVIMA). Colombia talks about what Latin America has to offer in natural ingredients in this IUFoST Dispatch in the IFI Journal.

Scientific Information Bulletins (SIBS)

Radioactive Fallout from the 2011 Japan Nuclear Plant Accident and Food Composition Databases are the subjects of two new IUFoST SIBs


"Radioactive isotopes are naturally present in the environment including those found in our bodies, food and water. However, potentially large amounts of radioisotopes may be discharged into the environment as a result of nuclear power plant failures/accidents.""The recent event in Japan in March 2011 exposed the fragility of the food supply to radiation contamination."

An examination of the potential, accidental contamination of people, air, water, crops or animals by uncontrolled amounts and types of radioactive materials arising from nuclear reactor accidents and recommended countermeasures is the subject of this IUFoST SIB on Radioactive Fallout from the 2011 Japan Nuclear Plant Accident and Some Recommended Precautions and Countermeasures.

The second new IUFoST SIB examines Food Composition Databases (FCDBs) -  what they are, how the data is compiled, quality assurances, sustainability and where the databases can be found.


They are available online at:  


The IUFoST Scientific Council acknowledges, with thanks, the work of authors James Moy, Professor Emeritus of Food Engineering, University of Hawaii and Monique Lacroix, Professor at INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier,  for the SIB on Radioactive Fallout; and Simone Bell, EuroFIR AISBL, Paolo C Colombani, SwissFIR Consumer Behavior,and Paul M Finglas,Institute of Food Research for the SIB on Food Composition Databases.


Subjects and Authors  of other recent IUFoST SIBS include:

Chemical Hazards in Food (January 2011) - Tim Hutton, Julian South and Mike Edwards of Campden BRI

Dietary Sodium and Health (November 2010) - J. Ralph Blanchfield, IAFoST Past President

Regulation of Natural Health Products, (September 2010) Rickey Yada, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Food Protein Structure, Univ. of Guelph and Michael Smith, Michael J. Smith Associates 

Nanotechnology and Food, (August 2010) Victor Morris, Institute of Food Research

Acrylamide in Foods, David Lineback,  JiFSAN (July 2010)

June 2011

The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is the global scientific organisation representing over 200,000 food scientists and technologists from more than 70 countries. IUFoST has four regional groupings, ALACCTA representing Central and South America, EFFoST representing Europe, FIFSTA representing the ASEAN countries and WAAFoST representing West Africa. IUFoST is a full scientific member of ICSU (International Council for Science) and it represents food science and technology to international organisations such as WHO, FAO, UNDP and others.

IUFoST organises world food congresses, among many other activities, to stimulate the ongoing exchange of knowledge in those scientific disciplines and technologies relating to the expansion, improvement, distribution and conservation of the world's food supply.

La Uni�n Internacional de Ciencia y Tecnolog�a de Alimentos (IUFoST) es la organizaci�n cient�fica global que representa m�s de 200.000 cient�ficos y tecn�logos de alimentos de m�s de 70 pa�ses. IUFoST tiene cuatro grupos regionales, ALACCTA, representante de Centro y Suram�rica y el Caribe; EEFoST representante de Europa; FIFSTA, representante de los pa�ses del sudeste asi�tico y WAAFoST, representante de �frica Occidental. IUFoST es miembro activo del Consejo Internacional para la Ciencia (ICSU) y representa la ciencia y la tecnolog�a de alimentos en organizaciones internacionales como OMS, FAO, PNUD y otras

IUFoST organiza, entre otras muchas actividades, el Congreso Mundial de Alimentos para estimular el intercambio activo de conocimiento en las disciplinas cient�ficas y tecnolog�as que se relacionan con la expansi�n, el mejoramiento, la distribuci�n y la conservaci�n del suministro mundial de alimentos.
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