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IWCS 2016 Wrap-Up!

Thank you  for making the
 2016 International Cable & Connectivity Symposium 
so successful!

The topics for IWCS 2016, the 65th annual conference, included the Internet of Things (IoT), Power over Communications Cables, Global FTTX & Installation, Materials for Cable & Connectivity Applications, Fiber Optic Connectors for Harsh Environments, Copper Cable Performance & Design, and many more! We've included some highlights of the conference here.

Executive Track and Technical Symposium
The executive track and the technical symposium offered a high caliber program containing 99 technical papers and presentations in 16 sessions that attracted presenters and attendees from across the U.S., Asia, and Europe. The conference also included 22 poster papers, 11 new product presentations, 7 professional development courses led by industry experts, and a 2 day supplier exhibition.

Professional Development Courses

For the eleventh year, IWCS presented the core courses of Copper 101, Fiber 101 and Materials 101. New this year was a UL Introduction and the Codes & Standards Making Process.

Some Interesting Statistics
Where did Attendees come from?
Attendees came from 25 countries, spanning 6 continents, with 31% from outside the USA. Attendees from Europe accounted for 13%, while 14% came from Asia. 11% of the Attendees were from Japan and China. Overall attendance increased 24% over the prior year.

Plenary Session
Announcement of a New Premier China Event!
A formal announcement of a collaboration between IWCS and UL to produce a regional conference in Shanghai, China next year was made at the plenary session. Robert Wessels, Jr. of CommScope and chairman of IWCS, signed the collaboration agreement with L.F. Lai, VP and general manager of UL's Wire and Cable division. 

The new event, called UL and IWCS China 2017 Cable & Connectivity Symposium will be held April 25-27, 2017 at the Marriott Shanghai City Centre and will be based on the IWCS conference format of a technical symposium, plenary session with keynote speaker, executive track, and a professional development program. Simultaneous translations will be provided for each presentation. Selection of presentations will be made with a Call for Papers and peer review. A website for the conference will be available soon.

Best Papers and Presentations Award Recipients!
 A highlight of the plenary session was the recognition for the best papers and presenters of the prior year. The Jack Spergel Memorial Award for Outstanding Technical Paper for "Characterization of Modal Dependence of MMF Chromatic Dispersion for Wideband MMF" was presented to co-authors Bulent Kose, Jose Castro, Ph.D., Rick Pimpinella, Ph.D., Yu Huang, Ph.D., Alexander Berian, Asher Novick and Brett Lane, Ph.D., all of Panduit Corporation, Tinley Park, IL, USA.

The Outstanding Poster Paper for "Development of 2000-Fiber Ultra-High Density Underground Optical Cable" was presented to co-authors Tomohiro Ishimura, Masayoshi Tsukamoto and Yutaka Hoshino of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Mie, Japan.

The Kitts-Kingsley Award for Best Presentation was given to David Mazzarese, Ph.D. of
OFS, Norcross, GA, USA, for "Splice Loss Criteria for Outside Plant Cable".

Student Scholarships!
Recipients of the student scholarship awards for the 2016/2017 academic year were also acknowledged at the plenary session. Contributions came from Cable Components Group, the Wire & Cable Industry Suppliers Association (WCISA), The Christopher Kenneth Eoll Memorial Endowment, and the Wire Association International (WAI).

Supplier Exhibition
Supplier Exhibition
The two day supplier exhibition, the poster session, and new product presentations were each well attended. Over 100 suppliers exhibited exciting new innovations to support the growth and advancements in the cable and connectivity industry. 

Coming in 2017