The Silly American Fear of Sharia Law...
The Silly American Fear 
 of Sharia Law

"Contrary to the right-wing caricature, sharia does not presume to replace American law. It agrees with its underlying values and promotes them. "   
- Imam Feisal
Dear Friends,

This weekend, some 28 cities across the country will play host to the "March Against Sharia." According to organizers, the event is meant to stand against the use of Sharia law in American courts and to promote human rights, which - they assert - Sharia law compromises.
These upcoming rallies, the numerous interviews and opinion pieces on the dangers of Sharia that frequently appear in conservative media, and the fact that other nations - such as Israel - have successfully incorporated Sharia law into their own legal systems have prompted me to consider a simple question: What are Americans so afraid of?
I explore this question, and others, in an op-ed in the New York Daily News. I invite you to read this piece and to begin a discussion about this crucial topic. 
With Warm Salaams,

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

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