If not us, then who?
At a recent Habitat for Humanity conference, Habitat for Humanity International CEO Jonathan Reckford asked local Habitat's to stop asking ourselves if we can help and start asking, "if not us, then WHO?".
From what happened in Paris to the devastation in Miami to some of the disturbing rhetoric we've heard even in our own Sacramento backyard, division and fear grows.  At Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento, we know a community is strongest when we build TOGETHER.  We believe in the power of bringing people together because we have seen what that power can do.  It can build hope, build homes, build community, and it most certainly can change lives.
So we asked ourselves, when it comes to bringing people together to show the power of unity against the power of division and fear ...if not us, then who?
In the video below taken at our most recent Habitat home dedication, Mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg asked us to remember what this community's values are all about - working together, supporting each other, standing up for each other, and building together. 
Over the past few months, Habitat has been working to bring people together under the #BuildforUnity movement - a massive interfaith build that will build two Habitat homes side by side and show our community what we can do when we build TOGETHER.  In addition to raising funds to build homes, Build for Unity faith partners host monthly events to share traditions and build new relationships.
The project has already received over 104 donations totaling over $127,260 to build the two homes.  These donations have come from a variety of faiths including Lutherans, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, nondenominationals, and nonbelievers alike.  The needed fundraising goal is $176,000 - meaning we have just another $48,740 to raise before we can start building FOR UNITY and truly make a statement.
Visit https://fundly.com/build-for-unity for the full list of contributors to the project.
The homes will be built with 90% volunteer labor provided by the contributors to the project and community members.  Construction is set to begin on the two homes this fall.

For more information on the Build for Unity project or to contribute, visit www.HabitatGreaterSac.org/BuildforUnity

Save the date for our next Build for Unity Event - Dessert Havdalah at the Congregation B'Nai Israel - September 17th. 


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