If the Super Bowl is not for you, here's an alternative that's sure to affirm your unique masculinity....

Connecting with the Erotic Masculine
An afternoon workshop with Sexologist Jallen Rix

San Francisco - February 5th

Does "masculinity" sometimes sound like a bad word?

The public has had an eye-full of masculinity gone wrong. It's hard to feel good about the gender of the "great oppressor." Even though there are lots of versions of manhood that have been negatively and horribly distorted, there are, at the same time, amazing, sexy, important, and positively spiritual aspects that deserve attention, especially today. Join Sexologist, Jallen Rix (offering this workshop for the first time in SF) for an afternoon of exploring and affirming the masculine sexuality you really want to emulate.

Most civilizations have rituals for women to be affirmed of their feminine sexuality by other women. Men have the same need. There's just something absolutely unique about being affirmed of your masculinity BY OTHER MEN, but in our culture these rituals have been upstaged by competition, performance, humiliation, fear of failure, bullying, hazing, and violence, to name a few. It doesn't sound all that affirming or fun, does it?

Here is an opportunity to identify and feel great about the positive aspects of your masculinity in the accepting and nurturing presence of other straight/bi/gay male-identified guys, without competition, comparison or shame. 

Together, let's shed our fears and create the deep nurturing peace that comes from an accepting group of men intent on using our powerful, sexy masculinity to offer positive experiences in our world! There is great healing in store for you! Gift yourself an afternoon to further free yourself and develop greater bonds with your awesome, masculine brothers.

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