February 3, 2017 

Spiritual Gifts Retreat
From  February 4-5,  Ignite will be putting on the Spiritual Gifts Retreat. This will be a traditional Overnight Retreat, but this time it will be in our new building! The subject will be Spiritual Gifts and how we can use them for the glory of God. The retreat will start at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 4 and will end on Sunday, February 5, right before the church service. The cost of the retreat is $10, and includes dinner, snacks, and breakfast.
Early Bird Mission Trip Special
So it is that time of year again - mission trip sign up has begun! For the fourth year in a row, we will be joining Soul in the City, along with other churches in our diocese. It will be at St. Timothy's from July 16-22 and will cost $275. If you want to save money on the trip, a $50 deposit per person will take $50 off the total price, making the total cost of the trip $225! To take advantage of this savings, you can write a check (payable to Grace Anglican Community) or give me cash by Sunday, March 5.
Shrove Tuesday
On  February 28th , Grace will have its first ever Shrove Tuesday Pancake Diner. It will take place from 6-7:30 pm. It will cost $5 per single or $7 per family. We will serve pancakes, bacon, and sausage along with orange juice and coffee. Everyone is welcome and feel free to stop by anytime between 6-7:30 to get your fill of fellowship and grub.

Now the best part of Shrove Tuesday is that the youth get to help out. The youth will be serving the individuals and families that come to Shrove Tuesday. Helping serve will count towards any service hours the kids need. They will need to be there at 5:30 and will be fed.

Parents Meeting

On February 19 right after the service, we will be having our very first parent meeting. It will last until 1:00 while the kids are eating lunch and worshiping with Mayo. The meetings will cover: 

  • What is going on with the youth program allowing you to have incite on your kids spiritual growth. 
  • Also a main topic will be discussed during the meeting, with the first meeting being over "The Dangers of Social Media and What you should know".
  • And will allow you to ask questions from anything from logistics to questions on the Spiritual side.
After the meeting y'all are free to go then your kids will be ready for pick up at 2:30.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
February  4-5, 2017  Spiritual Gifts Overnight Retreat @ Grace

February 5, 2017       No Youth Group

February  12, 2017      Ignite Youth Group 3-5 pm  @ Grace
(it is pushed back due to Ministry Leaders meeting after church)
                               Topic: Job Week 3

February 19, 2017      Ignite Youth Group 12-2:30 @ Grace
                               Topic: Job Week 4
Parents Meeting 12-1

February 26, 2017    Ignite Youth Group 12-2:30 @  Grace
                                    Topic: Job Week 5

February 28, 2017    Shrove Tuesday 6-7:30 @  Grace
                                    5:30- 8:00 if you are helping out

March 15-18, 2017  Spring Break Activities

Here is a copy of the  Calendar

Have a blessed day!


Henry Covert

Youth Minister

Grace Anglican Community






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