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Imagine That . . . September  2017 
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Abra, Julianna, and Sam at Rio del Mar beach.

Ashely, Jordan, and Amanda supporting their housemate, Simone at the Human Race awards.

Abra and Crystal relaxing in the back yard.

Ian and his sister, Katie celebrating his birthday in July.

Julian and his buddy, officer Sarah Ryan at a coffee shop.
Cindy and Diamond just being brilliant.


Brian Navarro
Daniel Barraza
Hannah Berezin
Janet Duran
Peggy Siegel
Robert Dunbar
Tanya Waltrip
Terri Nelson
Susy Bermudez

Adrian Esparza - 1 year!
Barry Holtzclaw  - 1 year!
Bernt Barbera  - 1 year!
Daisy Rosales  - 1 year!
Robert Bruce  - 1 year!
Sonia Limas  - 1 year!
Vanessa Cowans  - 1 year!
Stephanie Silva  - 1 year!
Elizabeth Ponce  - 1 year!

Miranda Barzee  - 2 years!
Kristy Welsh  - 2 years!
Veronica Leonor  - 2 years!
Joseph Stickel  - 2 years!

Sam Siegel  - 5 years!
Brian Edgar  - 5 years!

James Thomas  - 12 years!

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About August

 Greetings, friends and family of Imagine.

The life of Imagine was sombered this month by the loss of Stan Parry, father of Chris and an important member of the Imagine family.  Stan passed away August 19 and will be missed.   See below for our appreciation of his life with Imagine.

In September we welcome Eliot to our family. He will be making family with Cissi, a consultant and caregiver with Imagine and the founder of one of our partner agencies.

We are thrilled to have four applicants for seats on Imagine's Board of Directors .  The board hopes to add two new members in October and two in the year following.  If you or someone you know might be interested in joining the board, please see below.

And we are now past the submission deadline for films for our film festival, which is to say, we are now in that period where most of the submissions come in.  If you have made a film you'd like to submit, please contact Patty toot sweet!  Tickets will go on sale in September and we'll let you know when they do.

For those few of you who come into the office, you will, I expect, notice a change in front.  Alexis will be ending an epic run as a caregiver, leader, organizer, artist and prolific office supply procurer.  Lili Chavez is our new Administrative Assistant.  We're sorry to lose Alexis' physical manifestation but we're enjoying Lili being here. The previous sentence includes links if you'd like to wish Alexis well and/or welcome Lili.

As ever, if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, I'll be glad to hear from you.  You can write me here.

Warm regards,


Appreciating Stan Parry

The Imagine family lost a friend and a parent when Stan Parry passed away on August 19. First, and most importantly, as the father to our friend, Chris, about whom he careddeeply. Second, he was a real advocate for people with developmental disabilities having worked with, helped to start and supported a variety of agencies on both sides of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  

He, with his wife, Melinda, have also been great supporters of Imagine- generous in many ways with time, thought and financial support.  Most of my conversations with Stan began with an email "please call." I learned that the phone call might be very focused on a new plan for his son's welfare or on the long-term impact of some new policy on Imagine's business model and what we planned to do about it. Stan's counsel was as solid and appreciated as all the other ways he supported Imagine. We're less wise without him, but we've learned a lot through him.

Many important things have been made possible by Stan and Melinda's generosity including the low-cost high-quality meals at the annual Gathering of Extraordinary People, holiday and birthday celebrations at no cost for people with developmental disabilities, trips and activities that made life more meaningful for the people we serve. It's fair to say that Stan and Melinda's gifts to Imagine have been foundational to the generosity our culture.

We bid a sad and grateful farewell to our friend and commit ourselves to caring for his sons, his son's peers and our community as Stan always encouraged us to do. 

-Submitted by Doug

Imagine's Film Festival -
Submit your films!

Imagine will be hosting our 6th annual Film Festival on Thursday, October 5th. This year, our Film Festival is co-sponsored by Premiere Healthcare Services and Sutter Health Palo Alto Medical Foundation.  We're also being supported by Embertec, Bay Photo, Aptos Printsmith and a collection of Imagine staff and families. We're very excited to have these partners and we're putting out all the stops to make this a fine and fun and accessible event.  

The deadline for submittals was August 15, but are real fond of our favorite film-makers and understand how things go.  How's September 15?  You can do it!

Tickets will be on sale mid-September and we'll write you again that day.  $25 will include the whole event including food and drinks.  If that price looks out of your range, just get in touch with us.  Thanks to our sponsors, we can make arrangements.  We want your presence more than your money.

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone that might be interested in submitting a film or attending the event. If you have any questions, please email  Patty or call her at 831-464-8355 ext. 2

-Submitted by  Patty & Alexis
Self-Determination Learning Community

The next meeting of the Self-Determination Learning community will be off our usual schedule, on September 11 at 1. We meet at the State Council on Developmental Disabilities office in San Jose, 2580 First Street suite 240. There has recently been some progress in the submission of the federal waiver necessary for the statewide program to begin.  So now's a good time to stir your hopeful heart in preparation for the next disappointment.

-Submitted by Doug
Imagine's Board of Directors accepting applications.

If you've thought about supporting Imagine with time and energy and thoughtfulness, please consider applying to join our board. The qualifications are fairly basic and the board is particularly interested in new members who add to the skills and diversity available and who have a history of community involvement.  If you are interested, you can start by contacting   Lili or  me. Don't be shy, either.  We'd like to hear from you.

-Submitted by Doug

Bowling League?

This is a note to individuals and providers and anyone who would like to bowl.  We are looking into developing or joining a bowling league and we're interested in who might be interested in rolling thunder with us.  I'd love to hear from anyone who thinks this sounds like something they'd like to participate in.  Please email me with your interest, questions and ideas.

This was actually a suggestion from Stan Parry so we'd really like to find a way to make it happen if there's interest.  (Stan was much too practical to want it to happen anyway if there isn't.)

-Submitted by Doug

Services Incubator

Our Person-Centered Services Incubator Project has been a program of Imagine's for almost two years, but thanks to a grant from Monterey Peninsula Foundation, host of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and the PURE Insurance Championship, we will soon start promoting the project in hope of helping two or three individuals or groups found new programs.

The principle behind this project is to improve access to needed services by sharing resources and mentoring people to start their own agencies or programs. The state has noted substantial disparities in service usage among people with developmental disabilities, especially along ethnic, language and geographical lines.  Our goal is to help individuals, families and groups who know what they need, but can't find it, to confidently pass the barriers to establishing their own services.

If you know of anyone who is not receiving needed supports or not receiving the support they need in a fully inclusive manner, and who might want to take the initiative, please forward them this newsletter or invite them to write to me at

Submitted by Doug

Advocacy Corner

The California Museum in Sacramento features " Art & Advocacy: To Be Developmentally Disabled (TBD)" through September 17.  This inspiring installation tells the story of life as an individual with developmental disabilities through the perspective of statewide artists.  A stone's throw from the state capitol, the message is that the strongest advocacy derives from the humanity of our people.

This event was developed by the California Disability Community Action Network (CDCAN) and the Person-Centered Advocacy Partnership. Imagine played a small role in assisting and our friends at Claraty Arts played a larger role.  Even with our humble contribution, we're really proud to have been involved and strongly recommend it if you will be in Sacramento or would consider the trip.  

To those of you who noticed this section has the same text as last month, we just really want everyone who can to see this exhibit.

-Submitted by  Doug
Employee Referral Bonus

If you work at Imagine, you have probably wondered how you can get just a little more income and cheer up management at the same time.  I'm sure I do.

So be aware of our Employee Referral Bonus which is a great way to do both.  In the best of times, Imagine typically has a few part-time positions open and full-time staff stretching themselves to fill those hours.  In rougher times, like every August, we may have a lot of open positions and irritable facilitators and extra stress for staff.  In all times, we have a program to give bonuses to our coworkers who bring their circle of friends and family into ours.

The rules go like this, if you are an employee of Imagine's and you refer someone for employment, they are hired and you and they remain in our employ three months later, you are eligible for a bonus.  If at the end of those three months they are part-time employees the bonus to you is $50 and if they are scheduled at least 30 hours per week, 100 smackeroos.  That's pretty nice and you get a friend for a coworker too.

This all should work automatically if the applicant lets HR know on the application that they were referred by you, but we can fix it later if they don't.  We really love paying these bonuses and will put the full force of our bureaucratic process into making it happen.

If you have any questions, you can write to Patty or to me.  If you think you know someone who might like to work at Imagine, you can direct them here.  If you think you should have received one of those bonuses but didn't't and you're still an employee, write to Patty.  We really do love to pay these bonuses.

-Submitted by Doug
Transparency at Imagine

The next meeting of Imagine's Board of Directors for Imagine will be Tuesday, October 24 from 11:30-1-ish.

Our IRS filing (Form 990) for the fiscal year that ended June of last year is now available on our website. You can also read the independent auditor's report for the same year.  

-Submitted by  Doug
Spotlight on Ryan!

clockwise from top left: We are very different heights, so selfies can be like this -  a special treat here as he just clucked at the camera; feelin good and lookin for a five during a favorite movie; sitting on his favorite bench, sorting leaves in the sunshine.

Ryan has been an unexpected joy in my life, and I know he is well loved throughout Imagine. It's been inspiring getting to know him over the last few months while I've been blessed to be his housemate in Aptos. I've never known anyone more ready to giggle, generous with hi-fives, happier about pajamas, or as immediately thrilled to greet the morning. And I'm not exaggerating at all! In fact, he was recently awarded "Happiest Morning Person" at Camp Harmon summer camp and I can tell you, that was probably clear by a mile. 

Ryan is a dedicated fan of the Harry Potter movies, enjoys long car rides, walks in the woods, and outings for pizza and beer. He also has a really incredible team, and I'm sure Heather, Julianna, and Elizabeth will agree that Ryan's lovely personality really rewards anyone who gets to spend time with him (one-on-one and and in pleasant silence, that is). (And welcome, Patrick, Ry's new housemate). If you see Ryan around, lucky you, and keep your eyes out for a hi-five opportunity.

-Submitted by Alexis
Staff Corner:

Alexis with Ryan

Alexis has excelled in applying our mission statement within every aspect of their work here at Imagine since the day they came on board. Alexis has been a blessing in many clients' lives by maintaining a strong, committed support foundation for services and by providing thoughtful feedback on how to improve specific client programs. Additionally, in a broader sense, Alexis has been a passionate advocate for this population and other marginalized groups by raising awareness and challenging people's perspectives on certain topics that often go unnoticed. I have personally worked alongside Alexis for many years and they truly made my daily work experience more enriching and colorful. At one point I had the pleasure of supervising them and let me tell you, they are the true definition of going above and beyond. So much though went into Alexis' work here, both in the office and in client programs, and it is seriously so inspiring. I have never met anyone in this field with as much compassion and understanding as Alexis, and I know that will shine through for all their future endeavors. With that said, we will certainly miss Alexis in the office and at many of the houses Alexis has graced with their kind attitude and immense dedication.

-Submitted by Cherice

When I was first introduced to the staff at Imagine, I took questions from my new coworkers.  My answer to one question included the word "consensus" and the next question, from Alexis, was what conditions are necessary for an authentic consensus to occur.  From that day, before my first paid day, to the present, Alexis has been not only a dedicated contributor, and a joy to be around, but also a source of accountability, consideration and, intellectual challenge. I dedicate the Oxford comma in the previous sentence to Alexis and wish them good fortune and flying biscuits in their new life in Atlanta.  Alexis, it's been great working with you.

`-Submitted by Doug

P.S.: Imagine's Calendar and some other graphic design products will continue to be Alexis productions.
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