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Newsletter: July 2016

Building a strong PI (Primary Immunodeficiency) community is vital to improved diagnostics, treatments, and support for individuals living with PI. If you are a physician or business professional, follow us on LinkedIn for scientific updates. If you are an individual living with PI, family member, or friend, join our community on Facebook to meet others and share. Everyone can follow us on Twitter or on our Youtube channel.

Social media is a cost-effective way to reach more and more people with our message and vital information, especially for those still undiagnosed.  Be proactive - a simple click can make a difference to someone's life.
Eye on Science
LymphoSign Journal

LymphoSign Journal is an international journal that publishes novel clinical, translational, and basic research on immune disorders and their therapies. The journal is published quarterly and is of particular interest to clinicians and scientists in the fields of immunology, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, infectious diseases, rheumatology, and hematology. More information about the journal can be found online at .

The newest LymphoSign Journal Issue was released June 2016!

If you are a clinician working in immunology in Canada and are interested in a free subscription to the journal, please contact  

PI Webcast Series 2016
The PI Webcast Series, previously called PI Video Conference Series, created in 2008, has
proven to be a highly valuable medium to discuss difficult cases among expert physicians across the country. Immunologists across Canada rotate hosting video presentations in which two complex cases are presented and discussed virtually. The video conferences are a self-accredited event by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, for 1.5 hours per seminar. You can attend by using one of the Network Sites or Affiliated Members, or observe through webcasting.

The PI network would like to thank Dr. Roxanne Labrosse and Dr. Guilhem Cros from CHU - Sainte Justine for presenting two interesting cases for the June 6th PI Webcast.

Special thanks to our guest Dr. Ilan Dalal from Edith Wolfson Medical Centre, Israel for joining us at Immunodeficiency Canada for the June 2016 PI Webcast!    

Next PI Webcast: Monday September 12th, 2016

To find out more about the PI Webcast series and stay-up-to date on upcoming presentations, please contact

Immunodeficiency Canada Satellite Symposium - 4th sCID Symposium
Held at Annual Meeting - Canadian Society for Allergists and Clinical Immunologists (CSACI)
September 29th, 2016 - The Westin Hotel, Montreal, QC

Immunodeficiency Canada Satellite Symposium - 4th sCID Symposium will be held at the Annual Scientific Meeting, CSACI in Montreal. Immunodeficiency Canada would like to announce that there is a Call for Abstracts for the Lightening talks at the Symposium.

**Attention Program Directors and Fellows:
Call for Abstracts - Lightening Talks: Interested Fellows, please advise now!

For more information, click here.

Attention Program Trainees: Immunodeficiency Canada-Grifols Fellow Training Program

The Immunodeficiency Canada-Grifols Fellow Training Program provides financial aid
to trainees in Canadian Allergy and Clinical Immunology training programs who wish to
expand their education in immunodeficiency disorders.

For more information, please visit  Fellow Training Program at our website.

Upcoming Conferences 

September 2016
Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, ASCIA
27th Annual Conference of ASCIA, September 14-17, 2016, Queensland, Australia
ASCIA Website
Immunoglobulin National Society, IgNS
5th Annual IgNS National Conference, September 15 - 18, 2016, Miami, Florida
European Society for Immunodeficiencies, ESID
17th Biennial Meeting of ESID, September 21-24, 2016, Barcelona, Spain
Canadian Society of Allergist and Clinical Immunologist, CSACI
Annual Meeting, September 29- October 02, 2016, Montreal, QC
For more conferences, please visit upcoming events at our website.

Funding Opportunities
For Young Investigators

The Chaim Roifman Scholar Award for Young Investigators
Call for Research Proposal - Letter of Intent ACCEPTED ALL YEAR ROUND!

For Senior Investigators

The Chaim Roifman Scholar Award for Young Investigators
Call for Research Proposal -Letter of Intent DEADLINE: Friday September 23, 2016.

PI Community
World PI Week, April 22 - 29, 2016
This year, Immunodeficiency Canada focused on raising awareness by announcing the release of the 10 Warning Signs video, produced by The Blend, featuring individuals with PI relating their symptoms to each of one of the 10 warning signs of PI. A screening reception of the 10 warning signs video for the families involved was held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dundas Square, Toronto. As part of the screening, everyone stepped outside to see clips of the video and the 10 warning signs on a large digital screen in Dundas Square thanks to the sponsorship of Cieslok Media.
During this week,  JMF World PI Week awareness balloons traveled to Toronto major attractions with a photo journey posted to Immunodeficiency Canada's Facebook page.
In addition to the video release and balloon journey, Immunodeficiency Canada placed an editorial on "Ensuring patients with Primary Immunodeficiency have access to optimum care throughout the world: what remains to be done" within   LymphoSign Journal's April issue Volume 3, Number 1, 2016, reaching physicians across Canada, the United States, and Israel.
"This has been the best year yet for Immunodeficiency Canada in raising awareness," says Richard Thompson, CEO. "We thank everyone who participated and supported our efforts."
To learn more about World PI Week visit here.

PSA Launch Day Photos

Kids' activity: decorating bird houses.
The Hard Rock Cafe reception.

Waiting outside in Dundas Square.
The 10 Warning Signs video members.

The 10 Warning Signs on Cieslok Media's screen.

Kids' Day Picnic

Paul, Joanne, and Baden Klein playing at Kids' Day.
Written by: Wendy Shama 

Saturday June 4th was an amazing day of fun and an opportunity for families with children diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency syndrome, as well as other Primary Immunodeficiencies, to connect with one another and with staff from SickKids.  

Families with children who underwent bone marrow transplants over 10 years ago, as well as those who are just being admitted now for transplants, had an opportunity to connect with one another in a relaxed and fun-filled environment. Our thanks to Immunodeficiency Canada for their ongoing support of this incredible afternoon.

Bidding for Health Auction
The 2016 Bidding for Health online auction was another success at raising funds for important programs and services. This was due to the participation of individuals like you and generous contributors who provided a range of exciting items from Montreal to Vancouver. 

Be sure to patronize these companies as they support our PI Community. We sincerely thank them for their support.
Get Involved!
2016 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Time to join the Immunodeficiency Canada team! Immunodeficiency Canada has been participating in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge since 2012 and has raised funds that have helped families living with PI. The Scotiabank Charity Challenge is a special event for the organization, because it brings together staff, patients, families, and healthcare professionals for one day as they walk/run together to raise money to help PI patients and families.

Join the 2016 Immunodeficiency Canada team today! Thanks to our generous corporate sponsor covering our administration cost, 100% of your donation will go to help families living with PI.

For free registration contact Shirley at
To sign up via the Scotiabank website, go  here
To donate to the team, go  here .

Baden's Cup  2016
Baden Klein and his sister, Lucy, shaking hands with players at last year's event.
The 14th Annual Baden Klein Cup is happening October 1st, 2016. The Annual Charity Soccer game will be hosted by the Guelph Gryphons at the Gryphon Soccer Complex in Guelph. Both the men's and ladies' team will play against a rival team, which will be announced soon.

The Klein family will also be hosting a barbeque and raffle on the day of the event, where the proceeds will generously be donated to Immunodeficiency Canada. 

2016 CVID Baseball Tournament
On August 20, 2016, the IBEW Local 120 will be hosting their annual baseball tournament.  This year, thanks to Nancy Le Goff, a baseball coach who is helping run the tournament, the event will be a platform to raise awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency.

A couple of years ago, one of Nancy's players was diagnosed with CVID, but his love for baseball hasn't stopped him from playing. Seeing his determination to not let CVID prevent him from doing what he loves, she decided to approach the IBEW Local 120 this year and asked them to help raise awareness for CVID with their tournament.  

Proceeds raised will be generously donated to Immunodeficiency Canada, to help families living with PI. The tournament will be held at Veuxhall Park, London, Ontario (on Price Street). Registration will start at 9:00am and games will start at 9:30am. Players from ages 9 to 15 are welcome to sign up. The registration fee will be $10, which will include playing in the tournament, a hot dog, pop and chips.

Other festivities include a barbeque, raffle table, silent auction table, as well as a concession booth with pop, chips, and candy running from 10:00am - 3:00pm.

For more details contact Shirley at
PI Social Work Network

Written by: Wendy Shama 
The Primary Immunodeficiency Social Work Network is a group of social workers across Canada who work with patients diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency. The focus of the network is on support programs, education, and research. The network explores patient support programs including funding, programs, and grants available. They have also worked to develop resource materials specific to the care and treatment of patients and families both nationally and provincially.  

The Social Work Network has members from all across Canada including: Alberta Children's Hospital, BC Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, CHU Sainte-Justine, IWK Health Centre, Montreal Children's Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children, Winnipeg Health Sciences Center, and now McMaster Children's Hospital!  Welcome to Jennifer Thomas from McMaster! The network connects by teleconference several times a year to look at ensuring ongoing support for families of children with PI across Canada.

We have recently added a list of resources to our website for the PI community. Our Social Workers Network gathered information about resources for individuals and families affected by PI, based on what province they call home. So far, our website has resource packages for the following provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec.  To see the resources, please click here .

Family Funds

Our website has a new page for our family funds. We have listed our five major family funds: the Alastair Fund, the Brooklyn Peters Memorial Fund, the Henri McKinney Fund, Japreet's Art Scholarship, and Julian's Journey Fund. We have descriptions of all of the funds, along with their stories and links for donations.  To see our family funds, please click here .
A Celebration of Lives

The Celebration of Lives is a new permanent part of the Immunodeficiency Canada website dedicated to individuals born with PI. Richard Thompson, CEO has personally sponsored its development: "While we strive to improve the lives of individuals living with Primary Immunodeficiency through improved diagnostics, treatments and support, we cannot forget the stories of individuals who are no longer with us. I'm honoured to support this memorial to their stories."  To submit someone for inclusion, click here .
Social Media

We are making some exciting connections with social media! We are using Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to send our followers regular updates on the PI community. We have made connections with many supportive individuals, and it looks like our numbers just keep growing! Recently we reached the milestone of 300 Twitter followers!  Support us on social media by adding us on LinkedIn , following us on Twitter , and liking our Facebook page .

Newsletter Editor: Dana Ewachow

Contributors: Richard Thompson, Shirley Lau, Karthika Yoganathan, Wendy Shama

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