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Most of us want to have a positive impact at home and at work, with friends and in the community. We want to spread happiness and be encouraging. And yet, sometimes that is not what happens. We say something that we later regret. We let our ego, insecurities, need to be right or in control get in the way of a true connection.

It is at these times that we forget to listen - to ourselves and others. Perhaps during your Thanksgiving holiday with family or friends you noticed this. What you had hoped would be a time of uplifting conversation and celebration took a turn that you did not expect.

This does not need to happen. We can all learn to communicate more effectively so that our impact is positive. I see this shift in my coaching practice. Clients learn to say what they mean, build stronger relationships, communicate clearly at home and at work, and listen to themselves and others with an open heart.

Working with a coach is life-changing.

Please contact me to learn more about how you too can be a positive impact in the lives of others and spread joy each and every day.

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Would you like to feel greater satisfaction in your work life but are not sure how to make that happen?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything on your plate?

Would you like a partner to help you develop practices to live a healthy, creative, and vibrant life?

How about someone to listen to you deeply, with compassion, and with questions that will break open understanding and new perspectives?


Perhaps you want to kick it up a notch in your role as a leader?

Contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation to learn how we might work together for your success and happiness.


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