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April 1, 2018 | #1077

Dear Assembly Members and Component Association Presidents: 

The ATAA has commenced the 2018 Elections process. This process is an important part of ensuring the ATAA's continued leadership and long-term viability.
On January 17, 2018, the ATAA Board of Directors elected the Nominating Committee (NC) to carry out the 2018 ATAA elections. The 2018 elections will be held in accordance with the ATAA Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. References to relevant sections of these documents can be found below for your reference.
The following positions on the Board of Directors are open for election. Each position will have a two-year term.
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President Mid Central Region
  • Vice President Southwest Region
  • Vice President Northwest Region
  • Vice President Western Region
Please note that both Component Associations and Individual Members are invited to provide suggestions for candidates to the Nominating Committee. However Component Associations and Affiliate Members (members of Component Associations) are not permitted to vote. Only ATAA Individual Members who have paid their dues as of April 25, 2018 are permitted to vote. If you have not yet paid your dues, please contact the ATAA Office at 202-483-9090 or you may pay on-line at www.ataa.org.
With this letter, we seek your suggestions for candidates for the above-named positions. Please note that your submission represents suggestions only. The Nominating Committee will review the submissions, and will consider, among other factors;

i) Demonstrated organizational experience and skills and service in the Turkish-American Community, and
ii) Geographical balance towards achieving nationwide representation. Candidates who meet the initial criteria may be contacted by the Nominating Committee for additional information and interviews. The Nominating Committee has the authority to determine the final slate of candidates.

Please participate in this democratic process by completing the Candidate Suggestion Form, and submitting it to the Nominating Committee no later than April 16, 2018.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
elections@ataa.org .
Thank you for your cooperation and anticipated participation.  

Respectfully yours,  

Nominating Committee Members:

Nurten Ural, Chairperson and Member, ATAA Board of Trustees   

Bulent Basol, Chairman, ATAA Board of Trustees

Kenan Caglar, President, ATAA

Kursad Dogru, Member, ATAA Board of Trustees 
Dr. Ulku Ulgur, Member, ATAA Board of Trustees 

For further information about the election process, please refer to Article V Section 3 of ATAA Bylaws and Part VI of ATAA Policies & Procedures Manual. Excerpts from the related portions of these documents are provided below for your reference.
Article V, Section 3 of ATAA Bylaws (Nominations and Elections)
(a) Nominations:
The Nominating Committee will consist of three past Presidents of the Assembly and two members elected by the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee shall seek candidates from each component association and from among the Assembly Members in preparing its slate of nominees. The slate may consist of one or more names for each office. In preparing its slate, the Nominating Committee shall consider:
* Demonstrated potential for component service at the national level;
* Geographical balance towards achieving nationwide representation.

(b) Elections:
1. President (if needed), President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Vice Presidents shall be elected by the Assembly Members in good standing through mail ballot.
2. The slate of candidates prepared by the nominating committee and the ballots shall be mailed to the Assembly Members at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting. Elections shall be completed thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting. The nominees with the highest number of votes shall be the Officers. In the event of a tie vote, the Assembly of Delegates shall elect by secret ballot the winner from among the candidates with equal votes.
Excerpt from PART VI of the ATAA Policies and Procedures Manual.
(Qualifications for nominees for BOD and BOT)
The nominees for the Board of Directors, the President and Board of Trustees should generally be outstanding members of the community and should possess the following specific attributes:

BOD Members:

 - Nominees for BOD membership must have the necessary communication skills to be able to perform their duties 
 - The nominees must have resided at least five (5) years in the USA
 - The nominees must have served in ATAA or local and regional organizations and must have demonstrated leadership skills
Excerpts from Article V, Section 5 of ATAA Bylaws (Duties of Officers)
The duties of the officers shall be those specified herein, or as ordered by the Assembly of Delegates, or as directed by the Board of Directors.
(d) The Regional Vice Presidents shall coordinate major functions of the Assembly with the component associations in their respective regions. They shall keep in constant communication with the component associations and assure an effective working relationship between the component association and the Assembly. They shall be the representatives of the Assembly Members in their regions.
(e) The Treasurer shall:
1) Have charge and custody of, and be responsible for, all funds of the Assembly and perform all duties incident to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as from time-to-time may be assigned to him by the Board of Directors or the Board of Trustees;
2) Keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Assembly;
3) Deposit all monies and other valuables to the credit of the Assembly in such depositories as may be designated by the Board of Directors or the Board of Trustees;
4) Attend the Board of Trustees meetings and provide liaison between the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees;
5) Serve as a voting member of the Central Fund Raising Committee.

ATAA, representing 60 local chapters and 500,000 Turkish Americans throughout the United States, serves locally in Washington metropolitan area to empower the Turkish American community through civic engagement, and to support strong U.S. - Turkey relations through education and advocacy. Recognizing the importance of enhanced U.S.- Turkey relations to regional peace and security, ATAA works on creating a better understanding about the U.S. - Turkey partnership and the potential and challenges Turkey faces, with programs directed at decision makers, opinion leaders and the general public.
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