Dear Senior Families,

As we look forward to the spring season and the many events leading to graduation, on behalf of the administration and faculty, we offer you our congratulations upon this achievement in the life of your son or daughter.  

Following are the many wonderful events and deadlines your senior will be fulfilling.
We have one change to this year's annual series of events. Baccalaureate mass is an integral aspect of your student's Catholic education and their matriculation process. We expect all students and their parents to be in attendance. After mass, we will be distributing tickets to both the baccalaureate dinner and the graduation day seating from a table in the church courtyard. 

We wish to thank you for your continued cooperation and trust,
and express our prayer that your family will be continually blessed.

Patrick W. Daly, Principal

MARCH: Additional Graduation Ticket Requests
Requesting Additional Graduation Tickets: March 21-23
Graduation takes place at St. Vincent de Paul church. Because it is a small church, each graduating senior receives eight tickets for their family and friends. Graduates do not need a ticket. Guests without tickets are invited to enter the church after the graduates have processed. At that time, they can sit in any open seats or stand in the back of the church for the ceremony. Between March 21 and 23 only, families can request extra tickets which are on a first come, first served basis through Ms. Lisa Jepsen. 707-763-1032 ext.148 or ljepsen @svhs-pet.org

AP Test Payment Due: March 26, 3 pm
Students are to bring checks or cash for their AP tests by 3 pm.

Project Grad Planning Begins: March 27
Project Graduation is an all-night alcohol and drug free party for St. Vincent de Paul graduating seniors. It includes unlimited access to all of Scandia's facilities, a D.J., food, drinks, casino, live entertainment, raffle prizes and much more! All graduates are encouraged to attend. Hours are 9:30 p.m. until 3:30 a.m.
During tutorial on the 27th, Project Graduation will be introduced and all paperwork will be handed out. A contract MUST be completed by every graduate who wishes to attend. The cost for is $125.00. Reservation and payment is due April 16. A signed contract with transportation details is due May 15. Contact Carrie Pierson 707-338- 0747 or cpierson49@comcast.net if you have any questions pertaining to the contract or reservations.
APRIL: Baccalaureate Photos, Senior Disneyland Trip
Baccalaureate DVD Photos Due: April 1
It is a St. Vincent de Paul tradition to view our senior video at the end of the Baccalaureate dinner. We would like to have all students included. Two photographs were due in the fall, however if you have not turned them in, please do so by April 1. One baby or toddler photograph and one photograph of the student with family or friends. The video will include up to three photographs of your student: senior portrait, baby/toddler and family/friend. Deliveries are sent to Mrs. Kristi Kavanaugh at the front desk, who is also available for any questions, 707- 763-1032 ext. 112 or kkavanaugh@svhs-pet.org

Disneyland trip: April 13 and 14
All seniors charter a bus and take an overnight trip to Disneyland along with faculty chaperones: Ms. Waud- - Reiter , Mr. O'Toole, Mr. Reynolds and pirate and lover of all things Disney: film teacher Mr. Hoffman. Seniors arrive at SVHS at 3:45 a.m., sleep on the bus ride south and arrive at Disneyland in the early morning. After a great day, they return to the school in the evening to be picked up by parents or drive themselves home. There is not an exact return time as it depends upon traffic, but it's a long and fun day!
Project Grad Sign-up and Payment Due: April 16
Project Graduation details are in the March calendar. The cost for is $125.00. Reservation and payment is due April 16. Signed contract with transportation details is due May 15.
MAY: Academic Awards, Prom, Tailgating, Service Presentations
AP Testing: May 7-18
Students are to have paid fees for their AP tests by March 26 at 3 pm.

Project Grad Contract Deadline: May 15
Contracts are handed out on March 17 and remain available at the front office. The contract MUST be completed by every graduate.

Senior College Day Tailgate Celebration: May 17
Kicking off the final month of high school, seniors only enjoy a tailgate party and barbecue during lunch in the SVHS parking lot. The event is planned by the Leadership Class honoring the senior class.

College Scholarship Information due for the Baccalaureate Program: May 1 7
Congratulations on your scholarships! All scholarship awards MUST be submitted to Ms. Atkinson by May 17 in order to be included in the Baccalaureate program. katkinson@svhs-pet.org or 707-763-1032 ext.141.

Senior Prom: Sunday, May 20
This year the junior and senior prom will take place  at Santa Rosa Golf and Country Club from 6:30-10:30 pm. The theme is " Midnight in Paris ." Photography will be available to capture portraits at the event. 
Prom and guest contracts need to be signed by BOTH students and parents. Students will be able to pick up contracts in the front office or from Mrs. Waud-Reiter. Contracts need to be returned before tickets can be purchased. Tickets are 70.00 per person. They will be on sale on April 30 through May 9th in the Art Room.

Cap & Gown Distribution: May 22
Students will be able to pick up their cap & gown in the front office starting May 22.

Graduation Tickets are Distributed after the Baccalaureate Mass on June 2
Students may not pick up their tickets. If these tickets are misplaced, they cannot be reissued. Please contact Kristi Kavanaugh at 707- 763-1032 ext.112 or kkavanaugh@svhs-pet.org should you have any questions regarding graduation tickets.

Senior Service Presentations: May 24 
Culminating each senior's four years of service work, students give an inspiring and visually professional presentation to the school. Students must be in liturgy attire and check in with their faculty adviser to review their presentation prior. We will have a modified schedule for the day with presentations are held in the morning. Parents are invited to attend.

Tim Shea Day and Senior Sunset: May 25 
On this day, we honor Tim Shea, a graduate of SVHS who lost his life in Iraq. A scholarship is given to a senior who most exemplifies the qualities of Tim Shea; a barbecue lunch is provided; yearbooks are handed out; senior boys perform a Back-Street Boys dance and a powder puff football game ensues between the junior and senior girls. In the evening Leadership Class provides a dinner for the senior class at a private home. The dinner location will be confirmed later.

Finals: May 30, 31 & June 1
All accounts must be clear and balances paid by May 30, 2018 for senior finals to be taken.
May 30:   Periods 7, 6 & 0 from 8:30-1:15
May 31: Periods 5, 4 & 3 from 8:30- 1:15 
June 1: Periods 2 & 1 from 8:30-11:30

Graduation Practice: May 29, 1:00-3:00 and May 31, 2:00-4:00
Graduation Practice is MANDATORY and is held at St. Vincent de Paul Church. Students transport themselves. These are considered regular school days and attendance at all scheduled events is required. We would appreciate if no appointments were made for students during these times. Students who miss graduation practice risk losing their spot in the graduation ceremony.
June: Baccalaureate, Graduation, Project Graduation Night
Baccalaureate Mass, Dinner and Awards: June 2
Graduation Ticket Distribution will be outside the Mass at its conclusion.
Baccalaureate takes place the evening before graduation. All scholarship awards MUST be submitted to your college counselor by May 17 to be included in the Baccalaureate program. Mass is held at St. Vincent de Paul Church at 5:00 p.m. followed by a 6:00 p.m. catered dinner, senior scholarships, awards; and a presentation of the senior class DVD in Tillman Hall. The evening is MANDATORY. Because of space limitations, the graduates may bring no more than two guests. Each graduate will receive three tickets for Baccalaureate dinner. Saint Vincent de Paul High School hosts the evening and there is no charge.

Graduation: Flower Lei's
Seniors have the option to wear fresh floral leis at graduation (real flowers only). The school does not sell leis, however there are many options available from local florists to Costco, Safeway and Raley's. We suggest that you check availability and order early to meet their deadlines.

Graduation: June 3
Graduation takes place at St. Vincent de Paul Church at 3:00 p.m. Graduates must report to the parish hall directly behind the church by 2:30 pm. Seating in the church begins at 2:00 pm and admission is by ticket only. Each graduating senior receives eight tickets for family and friends. They do not need a ticket. After the graduates enter, guests without tickets are invited into the church to stand at the back for the ceremony, which lasts approximately one hour.

Project Graduation Night: June 3, 9:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m.
Following graduation, students meet at Scandia in Rohnert Park for Project Graduation. Please contact Carrie Pierson 707-338- 0747 or cpierson49@comcast.net if you have any questions about the evening.
Memories: Plan Ahead to Have These Forever
Baccalaureate DVD:
A DVD is created for each senior class which includes a compilation of all senior portraits, a baby photograph and a photograph of your student with their family or friends set to music. The DVD is shown at the dinner and available for a pre-event price $20.00. Order forms will be in the front office or order your Baccalaureate and Graduation videos here: http://visualstorymedia.com/product-category/st-vincent-de-paul-high/  

Commencement DVD:
This is a DVD of the actual graduation ceremony. It features behind the scenes activities and the graduation ceremony. This will be available for purchase for $33.00 (standard definition) or $43.00 (Blu-ray HD).

Senior Combo:
Senior Combo (both videos on a single DVD): $48.00 (standard definition) or $58.00 (Blu-ray HD.) All prices include 8.125% sales tax and First-Class shipping.

Transcripts will be completed as soon as grades are submitted by teachers. Your student's official transcript will be sent directly to their college or university. Two additional transcripts will be mailed to your home.