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Alert! Watch Tim Kaine-George Allen Debate Tonight; Volunteer for Kaine

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Tim Kaine and George Allen will debate tonight at 7 pm.  Tune in to C-SPAN on your television or on your computer at


National NOW PAC has endorsed former Governor Kaine and encourages you to volunteer in his campaign in these last weeks before this very close election.  Sign up online at or stop by one of his campaign offices. To find the nearest Kaine campaign office, go to Click get involved and then office locations.   

For more information about NOW's endorsement of Tim Kaine, contact


What's at Stake!


Virginia women have a lot at stake in the election on Nov. 6th. Paycheck fairness, health care safeguards,an economy that works for every Virginia family, and a Supreme Court that protects our rights are all on the table. 


In the U.S. Senate race, NOW PAC-endorsed former governor Tim Kaine believes women's economic and health care rights are essential to a healthy and growing economy. His opponent, George Allen, has refused to support fair pay legislation, voted against the Family and Medical Leave Act and even wants to pass dangerous "Personhood" legislation at the federal level. 

Help spread the word about the key differences between Kaine - who wants to expand our rights and equality -  and Allen - who wants to roll them back. 


Virginia women and their families have too much at stake to sit on the sidelines. Vote Nov. 6th (or vote early in person if you qualify) and be sure your family and friends vote. 


PS Please be sure your NOW membership is current. WE NEED A STRONG ORGANIZATION TO FIGHT THIS WAR ON WOMEN.  If you're not sure if your membership is current, please email