Major Regulation Changes for 2018

4.03 Invalid Matches

4.03A Match Default . A match consisting of 5 lines MUST have 3 lines played to be valid. If defaults lead to only 2 lines being played, the entire match is considered to be in default. A match consisting of 3 lines MUST have 2 lines played to be valid.

4.03B Excessive Defaults in a Season . If a team defaults an entire match or defaults a number of matches greater than or equal to the number of scheduled matches in a season the team, based on the USTA Georgia Adult League Committee’s decision, may be removed from competition immediately. Should this occur in a two team league where only 3 team matches are scheduled the team will immediately be removed from competition.

4.03C Under either of the scenarios in 4.03B, if removed, all matches that the team has played or matches to be played shall be null and void and a grievance may be filed. The defaulting team may also be placed on probationary watch or not permitted to play as a team the following season.

4.03D If all teams in contention for the playoffs have already played the defaulting team in good faith, the matches stand as played. In the event a team is playing a Modified Schedule and defaults all lines of the season, the team matches that the defaulting team has played during the season will stand as played.

5 . 0 Scorecards, Order of Play and Substitutions

5.01B Generally the home team captain will enter the scores in TennisLink, however; either Captain may enter the scores. The opposing Captain will verify the match scores in TennisLink.
5.01C Match scores MUST be reported within 48 hours of the completed team match. Failure to comply may subject teams to grievance and/or double default.

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