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New Auto Loan Rates 
Sliding at PCCU

New Auto Loan Rates are sliding at PCCU!

New Auto Loan rates are down at PCCU! Right now you can lock in a  rate  as low as 2.14% APR on a 60 month loan on a new car, truck, or motorcycle, depending on your credit. You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.  

Plus you can put an extra $50 in your pocket by getting preapproved for your new auto loan at PCCU before you go shopping. Just fill out an application online or in person, m eet with our loan officer to see how much we can save you, and we'll put $50 in your account.

Have questions? Email or call Dava Dale, your 
Credit Union
Dava Dale
NMLS# 932401
Concierge today at 765-969-8675. She'll answer your questions 
and help you get started. These rates won't last long, so act now!

Referral Worth $1,000

Betty Knipp & Dava
They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. At PCCU referring a new member can be worth $1,000. We've been rewarding our current members for referring new members this year and as part of that program we did a drawing from all of the members who made referrals between January and June. 

Betty Knipp, a long-time member, referred a new member to us earlier this year. When Credit Union Concierge Dava Dale called her to tell her that she had won our drawing Betty was surprised. When she met with Dava on August 3rd to receive her check she still hadn't made any plans on how to spend it, she was still getting over the shock!

And we're going to draw a $1,000 winner each quarter through at least the end of the year, so you still have time to make referrals and qualify for the Third Quarter drawing that will be held at the end of October. 

Who do you know that would benefit from a lower rate on a loan? Who do you know that would enjoy more interest paid on their savings? Refer them to PCCU, and you could both earn $25, and you might also win $1,000. Stop in today to get your Referral Cards and bring more people into the "perfect" circle of cooperative membership. 

PCCU Partners with
H.E.L.P the Animals!

PCCU is proud to partner with the H.E.L.P. the Animals Shelter and sponsor a low cost pet vaccination clinic at the Wayne County Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 12, 2017. From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm you can bring your dogs and cats and have them vaccinated at a reduced cost.

Adult dogs may be vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo, while puppies under three months may receive Distemper and Parvo injections. Adult cats may be vaccinated against Rabies and Distemper, while kittens under three months may only receive the Distemper injection. Each inoculation is $10, so for example you could protect your adult dog from all three diseases for only $30.

Additionally, implantable ID microchips will be offered for $20. The clinic is open to the public, and all proceeds will benefit H.E.L.P. the Animals and their no-kill shelter in Richmond. It's a great way to protect your pets for at an affordable price and help homeless pets find their forever homes.

Member Surveys
Going Out

In August we'll be m ailing post cards with a member survey to members who didn't receive on in February. We'd like to get your opinion about what we're doing well, as well as where we need to improve. 

The postage is pre-paid, so all you need to do is separate the survey card, fill it out, and drop it in the mail.   Thank you in advance for your help, we appreciate your feedback as we work to make a better credit union for you!
Surcharge Free ATMs: Another Benefit of Membership

Did you know that your PCCU EMV Debit Card can be used without a surcharge at more than 30,000 ATMs across Indiana
and the United States? PCCU is a member of both the MoneyPass and AllianceOne ATM networks, and you can use your debit card at any of their machines without paying surcharges that would normally cost between $2.50 and $5.00, or even more in some places.  

Follow the links above to each network's site to search for the closest in-network ATM. Or download their apps to your smartphone to find an ATM on the go. 

If you use these network ATMs more than five times in a month you'll be charged a $2.00 fee for every withdrawal after the fifth. For example, if you made seven withdrawals in a month you would pay the fee on the last two transactions, for a total of $4.00. These fees are used to offset our cost of belonging to these networks, and are still usually less than you'd pay for most ATM surcharges, and they help extend your access to your money.
Dava Dale: 
Your Credit Union Concierge

Dava Dale 
NMLS# 932401

Have a question about your finances, but you're not  sure where to start looking for an answer? From HSAs to Mortgages, Dava is your guide to the many products and services that PCCU offers. She'll listen to your needs and answer your questions, or introduce you to the perfect person to help.
Financial Education at Your Fingertips: PCCU's Financial Resource Center

Part of PCCU's Mission Statement is, "Committing ourselves to continuing financial education for everyone's success". We want to help you have better control of your lives and futures by helping you educate yourself to better manage your finances. Your life is busy and we want this opportunity to be accessible to you when and where you have time. So PCCU is now offering our Financial Resource Center, available online when you want it, 24/7/365. 

If you have more questions, or want help getting started, you can contact your Credit Union Concierge, Dava Dale by email at ddale@pccu.com or by phone at 765-969-8675. She can either answer your question or connect you with an expert.
We're Available 24/7

You can always visit us online at PCCU All Ways: Home Banking or from the browser on your mobile device at  www.pccu.mobi, or via our Android and iOS apps. They're all available 24/7 to make PCCU available to  you on  YOUR  schedule!
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