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Auto Financing Is Easy with PCCU!
Rebates or Low Rates?Choose Both @PCCU!

Shopping for a new car? If you're in the market and have decided to purchase rather than lease, you'll find several financing options. These days, more and more dealers are offering low-rate loans or cash-back rebates.

While it's nice to have choices, they can be downright confusing. And expensive. In the final analysis, you may be better off with conventional auto financing from PCCU. Find out why at   our website .
Meet Emily:
New MSR at New Castle

Emily is one of two new MSRs at the New Castle branch. She recently graduated from New Castle High School and intends to study Business Administration at IU East in the Fall. In addition to trips to the race track, Emily enjoys showing cattle, including her heifers Gracie, Annie and Claire. She also has two dogs named Whiskey, a Chihuahua, and RoeLynn, a Boxer, as well as a pig named Chubbs.

Emily's favorite book is, "The Longest Ride", by Nicholas Sparks. "I love this book because it teaches a very good lesson. Doing good for someone else can always result in good for yourself."
Great Rates: Another Benefit
of Membership
New Auto Loan Preapproval:
Get a great rate & $50

Apply for an auto loan preapproval on a new vehicle, online or in person, then meet with one of our loan officers. They'll go over the loan terms and rates you qualify for, and help you decide how much you can afford while staying within your budget. Plus they'll help you determine the value of your trade-in vehicle so you can avoid lowball offers.

Our Loan Officer will also analyze your credit report and offer advice on tuning up your credit score. They'll even do a comparison to see if you could save money by refinancing your other loans to PCCU. Then we'll deposit $50 in your PCCU account. You'll be ready to find the perfect new car, truck, or motorcycle with PCCU on your side to help you get a great deal!

Ready to make your appointment? Email or call your Credit Union Concierge Dava Dale today at 765-969-8675. She'll answer your questions and get you started today. Find details and restrictions on our website.
Meet Becky :
New MSR at New Castle

Becky is the other new addition to the New Castle team. She is a lifelong resident of New Castle and a graduate of New Castle High School. She and her husband Rick have been married for forty-five years and have two children and six grandchildren together. Her family also includes Nautia, a Boxer, and Sophia, a Chihuahua.

Becky enjoys shopping for antiques, as well as exploring flea markets. She and her husband also enjoy travel and have visited such far-away places as Hawaii and Scotland. Currently her sights are set a little closer, as she plans to journey to Arizona to visit family.
Share the Legacy & Strengthen the Circle
Share the Legacy
& Refer A New Member

Perfect Circle is a cooperative. So people cooperate, what does that mean? It means that some people save and invest their money with Perfect Circle, and other people borrow that money from Perfect Circle so they can buy homes and cars and build their lives. The profit from that borrowing goes back to the savers, forming a virtuous or "Perfect" circle. 

So we need members from all walks of life to join the cooperative. Without the borrowers there is no interest to pay the savers. Without the savers there is no money to fund cars and homes. Most people will play both roles in their lives at different times. Whether you're buying your first car or your first home with a credit union loan at a favorable rate, or you've retired from a lifetime of work and you're using the interest from your savings at the credit union to enjoy a more comfortable retirement, everyone benefits from membership. Additional members broaden the cooperative circle and benefit us all.

Who do you know that would benefit from a lower rate on a loan? Who do you know that would enjoy more interest paid on their savings? Refer them to PCCU, and you could both earn $25. Stop in today to get your Referral Cards and bring more people into the "perfect" circle of cooperative membership. Visit
our website for details and restrictions.
Dava Dale
NMLS# 932401
Dava Dale:  Your Credit Union Concierge

Have a question about your finances, but you're not
sure where to start looking for an answer? From HSAs to Mortgages, Dava is your guide to the many products and services that PCCU offers. She'll listen to your needs and answer your questions, or introduce you to the perfect person to help.

Email or call her today at 
Skip-A-Payment, Not Your Vacation
Tired of Hitting Pause on Your Summer Plans?

Instead of hitting pause, get your vacation plans back on track with a Skip-A-Pay! If you have an auto or personal loan with PCCU and you'd like to stretch your budget, consider skipping a payment. 

If you qualify for the Skip-A-Pay program, you can sign a form and pay the $25 fee at your closest PCCU branch. Then you skip one month's payment on your loan. Your loan must be up to date, you may not use the program more than six times per loan (no more than 2 skipped payments are allowed in any 12 month period), and the interest rate on the loan may not exceed 18%.

If you have questions about whether you qualify, email or call Dava Dale, your Credit Union Concierge today at 765-969-8675. She'll review your loan and let you know whether you qualify.
Your Security is Our Goal
Stepping Up EMV Debit Card Security

To increase the security of your new PCCU EMV Debit Cards we will no longer offer direct PIN changes after Friday, June 30th. After that date you will still be able to change your PIN at most ATMs, including PCCU's own machines. If you're unsure of your PIN you may request a new one either in person, or by logging in to Online or Mobile Banking and send us a secure message requesting one. We'll then have a new computer generated PIN mailed directly to you. This insures that no human being will have access to your PIN until it arrives in your mailbox.

Questions about the new EMV Debit Cards? Check out our site.
Financial Education at Your Fingertips: PCCU's Financial Resource Center

Part of PCCU's Mission Statement is, "Committing ourselves to continuing financial education for everyone's success". In other words, we want to help our members better control their lives and futures by helping them educate themselves to better manage their financial lives. Your life is busy and we want this opportunity to be accessible to you when and where you have time. So PCCU is now offering our Financial Resource Center, available online when you want it, 24/7/365. 

If you have more questions, or want help getting started, you can contact your Credit Union Concierge, Dava Dale by email at ddale@pccu.com or by phone at 765-969-8675. She can either answer your question or connect you with an expert.
We're Available 24/7

You can always visit us online at PCCU All Ways: Home Banking or from the browser on your mobile device at  www.pccu.mobi, or via our Android and iOS apps. They're all available 24/7 to make PCCU available to  you on  YOUR  schedule!
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