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Holidays & Closures
Monday, May 29th -- Memorial Day

Attend the Annual Meeting
Thursday, May 4th -- PCCU's Annual Meeting of the Membership
EMV Cards Keep Your Account Safer
EMV Debit Cards at PCCU

If you've received a new PCCU EMV (or Chip) Visa Debit Card, please activate and begin using it at your earliest convenience. We'll be happy to destroy and dispose of your old Non-EMV card for you in our offices. 

Please remember that we will be deactivating your old Non-EMV debit card on Thursday, May 25th at 10:00 am. So if you haven't received a new card or the new PIN that should come separately by Friday, May 5th, please contact us so we can find out why. If you've moved and not given us your new address the USPS will not forward, your new card. Instead it will come back to us at the credit union.

For more information about the switch to EMV or Chip Debit Cards you can check out our website. Or give us a call today, we're happy to help!
Richmond    866-472-1038
New Castle  866-829-5060
Hagerstown 800-582-7228
Attend the Annual Meeting at Reid Hospital

Join us on Thursday, May 4th for the Annual Meeting of the PCCU Membership. Come out to Reid Hospital in Richmond, where we'll gather on the lower level in the Lingle Auditorium. We'll be serving appetizers and desserts, along with iced tea, lemonade, and coffee, all from the top-notch Reid Catering team. We'll start serving at 6:00 pm to give you plenty of time to dine and mingle with your fellow members.

Then at 6:45 pm we'll move into the Auditorium proper for a great show presented by WonderLab, the Museum of Science, Health & Technology in Bloomington. Their "Stranger Than Fiction" interactive science show will explore the science from children's books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Wizard
of Oz, and others; proving that science is anything but boring! 

After the show, we'll have our business meeting and review the standing of the
Credit Union with your Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and the
Management Team. We'll recognize staff who have served you for five or more
years. You'll also be able to vote on Members of the Board and the Supervisory
Committee, and check out PCCU's Annual Report for 2016.

Finally, we'll end the evening by drawing for over $1,000 in door prizes! We'll have separate prizes for both kids and adults, and everyone will have a chance to win. It's a great evening filled with food, fun, and prizes. Not to mention the chance to learn more about the Credit Union and help decide it's future direction. So bring your children and/or your grandchildren and enjoy a great night out with Perfect Circle Credit Union!
Refer A New Member to PCCU

We take pride in giving working men and women a place where they will be treated with courtesy and respect,  and in being an institution that's always willing to offer a hand up with financial education, counseling, and the right  financial products at fair prices. 

If you feel that PCCU has been a help to you, please consider referring us to a friend, family member, or co-worker. There is no higher compliment you can give. 
So in the co-operative spirit, rather than spend money on radio or billboards, we'd like to give that money to our members. So for every new member that you refer to us, we'll pay you $25!

For all the details visit our website .
Skip-A-Pay for SummerVacation

With Summer just around the corner many people are thinking about vacation. If you have an auto or personal loan with PCCU and you'd like to stretch your budget, you may want to consider skipping a payment. 

If you qualify for the Skip-A-Pay program, you can sign a form and pay the $25 fee at your closest PCCU branch. Then you skip one month's payment on your loan. Your loan must be up to date, you may not use the program more than six times per loan (no more than 2 skipped payments are allowed in any 12 month period), and the interest rate on the loan may not exceed 18%.

If you have questions about whether you qualify, call or email your loan officer today.
Ready to Hit the Road in a New Ride?
PCCU Auto Loan 
Pre-Approvals Avoid the Financing Headaches

Considering buying a new car, truck, or motorcycle? It's exciting thinking about driving off the lot in your brand new ride! Wouldn't it be nice to skip one of the least fun parts of the process, dealing with the financing in the dealership? It's hard to tell if you're getting a good deal, whether you're getting the best rate you qualify for, what kind of options you have for GAP, Life and Disability Insurance; not to mention not knowing who you're going to have to make payments to and work with for the next five or six years. So now PCCU is offering an extra incentive to skip the dealership's finance department.

You can apply for an auto loan pre-approval on a new vehicle, whether online or in person, then meet with one of our loan officers. They'll go over the loan options and rates you qualify for, and help you decide how much you can afford while staying within your budget. Plus they'll help you determine the value of
any vehicle you're trading in using the National Auto Dealers Association (or NADA) guide, so you can avoid lowball offers.

Our Loan Officers will also analyze your credit report and offer advice on tuning up your credit score. They'll even do a comparison to see if you could save money by refinancing your other loans to PCCU.

We'll sweeten the deal by depositing $50* in your PCCU account. You'll be ready to find the perfect car, truck, or motorcycle without having to worry about whether you can make the payments, if you can get the best rate, and get a
good deal on GAP insurance. 

Ready to make your appointment? Call or email your Member Relationship Manager, Dava Dale at 765-969-8675, or email her at ddale@pccu.com. She'll answer your questions and get you started today. You can check it out on our website.

*Must have an Experian Credit Score of 640 and qualify for a new auto loan to receive the $50 incentive.
Now's the Time to
Refi & Save
It's Not Too Late to Refi & Save!

If you've held off from a home loan refinance during the last few years there may still be time to lower your interest rate and save yourself some money. L earn more by  visiting our website . Or you can make an appointment with our Home Loan Expert, Amy Clark, today by calling her at 765-489-4571, ext 255, or by emailing her at aclark@pccu.com .
Get Started Today By Calling or Emailing Amy
First Time Home Buyers, 
Amy Clark is Your Ally

You've been waiting to get into the home buying market. Maybe you've been trying to save up for a down payment. Or you've been trying to pay down your student loans. Or you just haven't felt real sure about the market. Well the time is good for getting off of the sidelines and into your first home.

You can check out our website to learn more; or you can c all or email Amy for an appointment today at 765-489-4571 ext.255 or at aclark@pccu.com . She's ready to help you take your first step towards home-owner status.
Financial Education at Your Fingertips: PCCU's Financial Resource Center

Part of PCCU's Mission Statement is, "Committing ourselves to continuing financial education for everyone's success". In other words, we want to help our members better control their lives and futures by helping them educate themselves to better manage their financial lives. Your life is busy and we want this opportunity to be accessible to you when and where you have time. So PCCU is now offering our Financial Resource Center, available online when you want it, 24/7/365. 

If you have more questions, or want help getting started, you can contact your Member Relationship Manager, Dava Dale by email at ddale@pccu.com or by phone at 765-969-8675. She can either answer your question or connect you with an expert.
We're Available 24/7

You can always visit us online at PCCU All Ways: Home Banking or from the browser on your mobile device at  www.pccu.mobi, or via our Android and iOS apps. They're all available 24/7 to make PCCU available to  you on  YOUR  schedule!
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