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September 2016
Welcome to the Round Lake News
Welcome to the first edition of the monthly Round Lake News e-newsletter. It is our goal to provide you with one source for community information, news and events so you can stayed informed. If you have any comments, questions or ideas you would like to see included in the e-newsletter, please email me at

Dan MacGillis
Community Videos Promote Village
Take a visual trip around the Village of Round Lake by watching community videos on the Village website. Learn about the community, the economic development plan and the recreational opportunities. Click here to view videos.
Metra Parking Lot Repairs

The Metra parking lot located on the northwest corner of N. Cedar Lake Road and Route 134 is scheduled to be completely closed beginning September 19. The pavement in the parking lot will be removed and the lot will be repaved and striped. The work will take approximately three weeks. 

During this time, commuters will be asked to park in the other Metra parking lots located on the east side of N. Cedar Lake Road. Permit parking is also available for the lot at the northwest corner of Goodnow Boulevard and Avilon Avenue. Please contact the Village Hall if you would like to purchase a permit for that lot.  Handicap parking will be made available in the lot northeast corner of N. Cedar Lake Road and Route 134 adjacent to the War Memorial.
Tree Removal Program

Tree removal work has been contracted out and is set to begin in early September. The contractor will mainly be removing dead parkway trees. Once a tree is removed, the stump will be ground out and the area will be covered with topsoil and grass seed. Tree replacements will be considered once the removal work has been completed.

The Village is planning to remove approximately 600 trees, or 60% of the infested trees this fall.
Sidewalk and Curb Repair

The Village will continue the annual sidewalk and curb repair and replacement program in early September. Each year the Village allocates funds to fix broken or potentially dangerous areas. Staff generally tries to complete all repairs in a neighborhood before moving on to the next.

This year the focus of the repairs will be the Bright Meadows neighborhood and the original part of town. If you have any questions or see a potentially unsafe condition in the sidewalk, please contact the Public Works Department.  
Peddlers and Solicitors Must have a Village Permit
Chapter 5.40 of the Round Lake Municipal Code requires peddlers and solicitors to obtain a permit from the Village Clerk before venturing out into the community to sell wares or solicit funds of any sort. Political, Religious, and Charitable Organizations that are not seeking funds are not required to obtain a permit from the Village though it can help avoid problems if they do.

The permitted individual must have the Village issued permit on their person while conducting business in the Village and the permit must be displayed upon request. A property owner can request to sign a complaint against a peddler or solicitor if they alarm or disturb the homeowner. The Village recommends homeowners that do not wish to be disturbed, to post a sign on their door informing the solicitor that they are not invited. These signs can be homemade or can be obtained at any Village building.
Lost Bicycles and Dogs - Call the Police Department

The Round Lake Police Department recovers many bicycles and pet dogs each year that go unclaimed. If you have a missing bicycle or a missing pet, especially a dog, try calling the Police Department. There is a very good likelihood that we have recovered your pet and are waiting to hear from you. The Police Department attempts to put photographs of all the dogs we recover on the departments Facebook page. Keep an eye there for your pet as well. Click here for Facebook page. 

Bridge Completed
The MacGillis Drive Bridge is now completely open to traffic. There is some landscaping work that still needs to be done before the project is finished. We thank our residents for their patience during construction. 

Sewer Televising
Pipe View America has been contracted to clean and televise select sanitary sewers throughout the Village. Please watch out for their trucks in the streets as they work. This project will help minimize potential sewer backups and identify areas that need repairs. Nearly 50% of all sanitary sewers will be completed in the upcoming months.
News and Notes
Dominick Ross (pictured at right with Mayor Dan MacGillis and Village Clerk Patti Blauvelt) just celebrated his 15 year anniversary as a Maintenance Worker II with the Public Works Department. Congratulations to Dominick and we thank him for his service and dedication!

School’s Open: Drive Safely
Please be aware of pedestrian traffic while driving in and around school zones. Drivers are reminded to obey school speed zones, refrain from texting or using cell phones while driving. 

Wild Animals & Wasps
With fall coming wild animals may begin looking for places to spend the winter. If you have an animal problem please contact the Lake County Animal Department at 847-949-9925.

Have you noticed a bee or wasp nest in a parkway tree? Let Public Works know by calling 847-546-0962 and we will come out to remove it.

Other News
Round Lake High School Homecoming Parade is October 1.

Mayor Dan MacGillis, Dominick Ross and Village Clerk Patti Blauvelt
Village of Round Lake
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Village Officials
Dan MacGillis, Mayor
Patricia Blauvelt, Clerk
Charlie Foy, Henry Frye Jr., Russell Kraly,
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