NJPGA e-Regulator 2018 -- Issue 1
From left, Tom Tarantin, Ed Mulcahey, Scott Fitzgerald, Bill Curcio, Mike Merrill, Jerry Stocker, JD Stem. 
NJPGA Celebrates 70 Years!
On April 24, seven past & present NJPGA presidents were among those who celebrated the Association's 70th Anniversary at the 
Spring Board Meeting & Critical Issues Seminar in Monroe, NJ. 

Thanks to our Special Guests & Speakers
Rick Roldan - President & CEO, NPGA
Frank Taylor - Director, District 9
Chris Rotondo - US DOT FMCSA - New Jersey
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 Ask Your Member of Congress to Co-Sponsor HR 5988  to
Exempt Propane Tank Deliveries/Retrievals
from OSHA’s Crane Rule

Breaking News !
Congressman Drew Ferguson of Georgia on June 1 introduced HR 5988, the Common Sense Certification Reform Act, which would exempt the propane industry from the third-party certification requirement in OSHA’s Crane & Derricks in Construction Rule.

We need as many propane industry members as possible to send emails to urge their member of Congress to co-sponsor
Congressman Drew Ferguson's bill, HR 5988.

Unless Congress exempts our industry, the third-party certification requirement in OSHA’s Crane & Derricks in Construction Rule, which takes effect on November 10, effectively requires every propane technician to get third-party certification to operate a truck crane for propane tank deliveries and retrievals at a cost to the industry of over $150 million every 5 years. 

To send an email asking your member of Congress
to co-sponsor,  CLICK HERE

If you have any questions, please contact   Lesley Garland .
Critical Issues Seminar:
Summary of April 24, 2018 Presentations
Rick Roldan, President & CEO, NPGA
All three branches of government are currently pro-business. The export capacity for propane is doubling. With congress greenlighting oil and natural gas exports, and there is a policy objective to "electrify everything." As it does not require internal combustion engines, propane is a key bridge fuel as the country moves towards producing renewable energy, and zero net energy.
Click here to read more about NPGA's strategic plan.
Key Features of the New Strategic Plan
Enhanced State Engagement Program:
  • NPGA has hired two additional subject matter experts who can be deployed as back-up to the states' lobbyists.
  • If there are bills that are playing out across several states, NPGA can track those bills.
  • NPGA can also help train states in advocacy, and help to onboard new state managers.

Thought Leader Campaign & Better Member Communications
  • NPGA is working on a thought-leader campaign -- identify 2,000 - 3,000 thought leaders to dispel myths around our industry.

Create a Better Business Environment
  • This year we had the first regional HOS (Hours of Service) exemption, facilitated by regulatory rollback.
  • Supply, logistics, fairness, transparency, and workforce development are all issues.
  • The average age of drivers is 55. Recruiting and on-boarding with state and city workforce boards is increasingly important, as are partnerships with trade schools.

Strengthen Relationships with PERC, the States and International Companies
  • NPGA is working on creating and strengthening relationships, and working cooperatively with 38 state and regional Associations and PERC. NPGA & PERC will be having quarterly joint officer meetings.
 Frank Taylor, Director, District 9
As the Director of NPGA's District 9, Frank Taylor is a conduit on State issues to the NPGA from the District 9 States which include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Those issues could range from Natural Gas Expansion to Workforce Development and anything in between.

Frank works to stay in touch with the State Directors leading up to the NPGA Board Meetings and ask what are the "Hot Button" issues in their state. He sets aside some time at the State Marketer's committee meeting held prior to the Board Meeting to conduct a breakout session and meet as a district to have a discussion about those state issues.

As Frank says, "I encourage everyone attending the State Marketer's meeting from those states in the district to attend the breakout session. At the conclusion of the breakout session, the State Marketer's meeting will reconvene and I then report on those issues to the larger group so the other districts and NPGA staff can get a sense of what's happening in the various states." 
Chris Rotondo, US DOT FMCSA - New Jersey
For the propane industry to survive and thrive, continuous improvement is paramount. Efficiency, safety and speed will all be critical. Electronic Logging Devices and Software Packages are able to track in real time; if problems arise with vehicles, the electronic data can help mechanics diagnose issues and repair trucks and get them back on the road quickly.  
Autonomous commercial vehicles are coming. The government is figuring out how to regulate. Chris' direct line is 609-275-4380. 
David Smith, Princeton Public Affairs Group
David covered several important legislative items on April 24, and others arose after the meeting. HIghlights include:
  • On May 2, 2018 Governor Murphy signed the earned sick leave bill into law. It will take effect in 180 days.
  • Please click here to review the sick leave bill to see if your current sick leave benefit meets the new law.
  • Once the energy master plan committee is reestablished, David Smith of PPAG will reintroduce our information and look for ways for NJPGA to present before them in a meeting or public forum, regarding:
  • Propane benefits over oil for heating and 
  • Propane auto gas over diesel, gasoline and natural gas.
  • Regarding Sales & Use Tax Exemption, please click here to review ASSEMBLY, No. 2963, which through the efforts of David Smith of PPAG, has been amended to include:
"b.   Receipts from the purchase or use of the following are exempt from the tax imposed under the "Sales and Use Tax Act," P.L.1966, c.30 (C.54:32B-1 et seq.): . . .
(5) Propane that is used as a fuel in a fuel cell device or system that is designed to provide heating or cooling, or electrical or mechanical power by converting the chemical energy of a fuel and an oxidant into electricity through a non-combustive electrochemical process 1 ."
  • The Hearth Bill is up on June 11.  NJPGA will request an exemption from Hearth License citing:
  • LP Gas Marketers are Licensed to supply Propane Gas. See LP Gas licensing at § 5:18-10.1 Licenses required
  • Employees performing appliance installations are Certified by NJ Dept Community Affairs. 
  • Propane professionals are exempted from the HVAC licensing because we have our own licensing – similar to the Utility’s exemption.
Dan Waters of Premier Safety Services highlighted NJPGA's upcoming CETP offerings.
  • 4.2 is the most misunderstood of the CETP classes. It is essential for those who are swapping out tanks, examining the system.
  • 4.5, a new, 5-day, hands-on class, and is the most intensive CETP course including electrical, mechanical and compliance issues.
  • The Bobtail/Cylinder Delivery Combined class allows bobtail drivers to advance, and train up a step to cylinder delivery.

Placing VDS & Appliances into Operation,
July 24-26 - Piscataway

Propane Appliance Service & Troubleshooting, Aug. 6-10 - Freehold

Bobtail/Cylinder Delivery Combined, October 2-4 - Freehold
Tri-State Summer Propane Conference

June 20 -22 in Bethlehem, PA!

Interested in Sponsoring or Exhibiting at the Tri-State Conference?

June 22 will be the NJPGA Annual Meeting,
including 2018-19 Board of Directors election.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Welcome to NJPGA's newest members
confirmed at the Board Meeting on April 24, 2018

* Premier Safety Services, Dan Waters – Associate A Member
* Tankfarm, LLC, Andrew Heaney – Associate A Member
* Thomas Towzey, Amerigas -- Individual Member
* Vertrax, Inc., Vincent Mullineaux & Pat Halpin – Associate A Member
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NJPGA Officers & Board of Directors 2017-18
Scott Fitzgerald
Michael G. Merrill
JEM Mechanical Services
Marco Perez
Amerigreen Propane, Inc.
Immediate Past President
J.D. Stem
Stem Brothers Inc.
National/State Director
William P. Curcio
Eastern Propane Corporation
Peter Gilman
LP Transportation, Inc.
Beth Karr
Chris Mohler
Chesmont Engineering Company, Inc.

Jack Neff
Woodruff Energy
Henry S. Papiano
C Three Logistics
Jayson Schneider
Victor Division of F.W. Webb Co.
Thomas A. Tarantin
Tarantin Industries, Inc.

Jim Wiltshire
Ray Murray, Inc.
Director of Public Affairs
David Smith
Princeton Public Affairs Group
NJPERF Officers & Board of Trustees
Thomas A. Tarantin
Tarantin Industries
Vice President
Scott Fitzgerald

Michael G. Merrill
JEM Mechanical Services

Corrine Walker
Suburban Propane
William P. Curcio
Eastern Propane Corporation

J.D. Stem
Stem Brothers, Inc.
NJPGA and NJPERF Headquarters
Katina Pearl-Blando
Managing Director
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