Important Information for VPK Providers with VPK Programs that Ended in May 2017
Good Morning VPK Providers,

Please read the verification form carefully and please follow all of the instructions completely based on your individual site's situation whether there are no discrepancies.  
  1. You should have received an email notification that the Program Year End Verification Form and the CC070 Report for the 16/17 VPK Program Year for programs that ended in May 2017 was uploaded to your document library folder REIMB_VPK End of Program Verification.
  2. You should also see that, for your convenience, we completed the mass upload for the VPK payment details for May 2017, so that you can see what your reimbursement is for each child for May 2017.  Please be advised that the dollars will NOT be deposited to your bank accounts until June 30, 2017 and you have completed the VPK Program Year End Verification process.  The Program Year End Verification Form must be uploaded to the REIMB_VPK End of Program Verification Folder no later than June 23, 2017, in order for your May 2017 VPK reimbursement to be released to your bank account on June 30, 2017. We will NOT be able to release the reimbursement unless we have received this form in the provider portal folder.
  3. If you have discrepancies, the Program Year End Verification Form and the Verification Discrepancy Form must be received at the same time along with the required supporting documentation by June 23, 2017 in order for your reimbursement to be released.
  4. No exceptions can be made to this process nor can the deadline be extended due to time constraints.
  5. If you have a general question, please email Rhonda at or call 727-400-4475. If you have an individual site question, please call Karen at 727-400-4476 for site names #1 through K plus LSF and please call Cathy at 727-400-4421 for site names L - Z.
NOTE: If you are a VPK Summer provider that receives Provider Advance Payment, please be advised that the deposit on June 30, 2017 will not include the Provider Advance Payment for July 2017. This reimbursement cannot be released until the State of Florida releases the dollars to the ELC for the new fiscal year.
For more information, please contact Rhonda Collier or your individual site reimbursement specialist listed above

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