Important from Fr. Brad
Important from Fr. Brad
November 1, 2017

My Dear Friends

We all experience a number of different paths in our life journeys.  For some time, now, I have felt that my ministry at St. Francis may be reaching its natural conclusion.  And I do feel that it has.

I feel that God is calling me to a new life in secular work in my native New Orleans.  It is my hope to continue my ordained ministry doing supply work from time to time.

Following my own path with each of you has been a distinct privilege, as we have done so much in building God's Kingdom in these past more than six years.  Thanks in large part to Deacon Tamara's ministry, we have expanded our outreach efforts.  The campus and the nave are so beautiful and welcoming, now, with the resurrection of the Garden Chapel, the installation of lovely gardens, and refurbished pews and sound system.  The school enrollment has grown from 35 students to over 100, making the school financially self-sufficient and now able to pay a fair share of the costs shared with the church.  Although still faced with challenges, the Gift Shop was turned around and avoided what seemed to be imminent closure several years ago, and Tuesday Solace continues to be a shining light to those to whom it ministers.

My final Sunday at St. Francis will be November 12.  The vestry will be working with Canon Ryan's office to begin the process of transition of new leadership for St. Francis.

I am so grateful that God has brought us together during this season of our lives and the life of St. Francis Episcopal Church.

Fr. Brad

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