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From the city to the country, everyone is  welcome!  We are the  original website for single horse lovers!

"Happy Anniversary ES!   We applaud you for being a pioneer in the business, and wish you continued success in your 17th year."

         -  Jim Campbell Horsemans Radio Weekly




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Do you remember when we sprung into action and brought a semi load of hay to the victims of Katrina?
We will be starting a
nationwide task force
to be of service for natural disasters, search & rescue, and other situations where we can make a real difference.

ES is called the website with heart for a reason!
More details coming soon on how you can help make a difference in the lives of others!   

NEW!  Coming Soon!  Live Webcasts 

How would you like to visit your favorite 
horse clinician, ask questions, and hear
their personal tips on training?  Meet some of the legends in the horse world.  Equestrian Singles will be offering live webcasts where you can login for free and ask questions to some of the greatest figures in the horse world.  Stay tuned for details!

Email Us the names of your favorite clinicians or notable you'd like to see!
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WIN WIN  - Help build our community!   The more members, the more fun. Forward this email to just one person, or click the link to download and print a flyer and post it in your local feed and tack stores to attract more members in your area!
17th Year Celebrations and Gatherings: 

Starting September, we are planning a host of Official ES activities and gatherings around the country to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

Do you have an event coming up in your local area where you'd like to schedule a get together? 

Let us know and we'll advertise in your local horse publication found at feed and tack stores.

You should know:

ES is doing a huge outreach to tens of thousand of equestrians starting September 1st. 

Don't miss this opportunity to purchase a Premium Membership Now before current specials end and prices go up.
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Post a trail ride, party, or dance on our message board.

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Happy Trails and safe riding!
The staff,

Equestrian Singles was the first online community for horse enthusiasts since 2001.  Now entering our 17th year, we are the only website for ALL horse enthusiasts. Whether you are from the country or city, love to trail ride, rope, or play polo, everyone is always welcome!